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Old 11-13-2008, 01:11 AM
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Default I love Bruce Springsteens Lyrics. Do you?(+ lyrics I wrote for Bruce)

They are great.Some might suggest that he is an evil man, but after reading the Music Industry thread I have come to believe that some people are just jealouse that he has a wife, and a life. I think He deserves better than to be liabled at the CC forums. What right does this forum have to allow such defamation of Character without a shred of proof being made by the accuser? I feel that the CC forum is leaning toward Civil Liability, in that his Name was not censored in the Music Industry threads, yet the accusers name is not shown.

Some lyrics I wrote for Bruce:
'Crazy Like A Stalker'

I can't see beneath her veil...
She says that your the one that...
Put her through hell...
Why can't I see the proof of it?
I do not believe an ounce of it.

She can't decide where to go from here...
She thinks that it's all true ...
Won't you tell me why you dumped her here...
In the ghetto...
When she won't let go.
She will never let go because she is crazy...
Crazy like a stalker.

I don't see the reasoning...
That she would drink her own poison.
Is she addicted to her own fantasy?
Let down when she turns your noise on?
Now she is drowning in misery.
Crazy like a stalker

She can sure turn it around...
But she never blames her daddy...
He's the one that let her down.
brought her up on the wrong side of town.

Maybe she made you hate her,
Because she loves you.
Maybe she pretends...
That you love her too?

She can't decide where to go from here...
She thinks it's all true...
Won't you tell me why you dumped her here...
She puts your face...
in place of his stare...
And believes that it is you...
that is standing there.
She is crazy like a stalker...

Saw your photo on an album...
And knew you were the one.

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