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Old 09-30-2007, 06:55 AM
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Default Faith as Law

Faith as Law

The good prayer ‘The Divine Spirit’
Read John: 1; 1-10.

Do you know what an object teaching is? I call an object teaching everything that studies what God created. While now you do not study what God created. This is not an object teaching. For instance the black board is not an object teaching. I call objects the living objects while this blackboard is an object inasmuch as an intelligent human being can write on it, so that it serves as a mirror for him.

What is this on the first drawing? – A window…
You are like little children and this is good. Until one becomes a little child, one cannot enter God’s Kingdom, i.e. one cannot study.
What is the purpose of a window?

The larger the window, the nicer and lighter the house becomes. Such a house is fully hygienic and one does not fall ill in it. The narrower this window gets, the less light penetrates, and the objects in the room become darker and vaguer. In the end it gets dark and you start bumping into one another. Can one study in a dark room?

Does the window stand for letting light come in? Its second function is to let air in. A house having a window, always has a door too; a house having a door, always has a window, too. The door should always be kept closed, while not only light but air as well should come through the window. And when it is stuffy inside, you open the door to let more air in.

A human being is a house – the best house that has ever been built. There is no better house on Earth than the human being. One has two windows and one entrance door, two ventilators, two head-phones to communicate with the external world, there is one inspector verifying things and one tongue checking whether what has come in is good or not. When it is not, this inspector does not allow it inside. There are also two servants in this house – these are the hands. When somebody from the outside comes in, the hands say, ‘Welcome.’ So, a human being has five senses. The five senses are alive. You have to know whether your senses are normal, whether your smell and eye-sight function normally.

There is eyesight in the world that can see a human being not only from the outside. A human being cannot be known from the outside only. You have to know a human being both internally and externally. One can put on a very beautiful mask and all the traits of an excellent and kind human being may be inscribed upon it. How will you know if a person is good or bad; how will you know if a person has a mask or not? You will tell the person who came to visit you wearing a mask, ‘There is a rule at home requiring that everybody visiting us should take a bath!’ This mask will melt in the water. One cannot take a bath in a mask. One will start sweating, and all the people who sweat, wear masks. There is some space between the mask and the body. Hence, if somebody comes, how will you know it? You will tell him that he has to wash, to take his mask off. He will say, ‘I’m all in sweat, I’m so hot inside, I tend to sweat.’ When does a person sweat? When one is sick. After sweating, one’s health improves and the person says, ‘Excuse me, I put on a mask when I was outside, I will take it off now.’ He will take his mask off and you will see him. This is an object teaching. You will ask, how can one be in a mask? When you pretend to be what you are not, what are you wearing then? If you present yourself for what you are not, then you are not free, you have a mask. So, you have to take this mask off!

People wearing masks are distinguished by two traits: they are either infinitely soft and good, or utterly rude. One who is infinitely soft wears a mask. You cannot count on him only, because he gives in: the Turks have a saying, ‘One makes peace with seven ends’.

Wherever such a person enters, he plays all the roles. Because his mask is big, when walking he tires easily and he says, ‘I’m at the end of my tether.’ His mask is heavy; this is why he is soft. While the mask of the one who is rude is rather light, therefore one is strong. You have to dispose of this softness and rudeness that result from your masks. I am not talking about you now. The animal and floral kingdoms are presented in this way in everybody. This is a rule and rarely will you meet a person whom you will like on seeing.

What can you see in the second drawing? – A cup. But it is such a big cup, which looks like a plate, is this possible? In a house,

you have to be a plate or a cup, which one is more important? One has to be a cup in a certain aspect, while one has to be a plate in another aspect. It resembles also a watering pot. A cup is a symbol. Do not get embarrassed, I do not want to upset your concepts, but I want to show you that symbols can transform. Thus the symbol (see Figure 3) can transform itself into the symbol (see Figure 4). It forms the letter ‘a’. So, if you draw a line across the root of the symbol (see Figure 3) or if you connect the two letters ‘?’ and ‘?’ at a place, the letter ‘a’ is formed. When these two letters cross, you have learnt the first letter. What do you have to do in order to learn the second letter?

The second letter ‘?’ means that you have to place a base, a foundation; there must be a place for you to find support. The first letter shows that you have a seed, and the second one that you have sown the seed and it has grown in the ground.

We deviated from the topic of the object teaching. So, the cup became a plate, it became a watering pot too. If we take the handle off the cup, it becomes a pot. What can the pot become? These are functions, offices that the pot can take; these are, certainly, high offices. What is the function of the cup? The function of the cup is to scoop up and to hold. You can hold it, you can fill your plate with it and you can pour out. So, a cup can have several functions: to scoop and retain hot water. With plates there is a certain progress; plates are meant for human beings only. And the watering pot’s function is to spread water to plants. Man made the cup; man takes it and fills it with water. Man always imitates God. Then, where are the plates in Nature?

Now, let’s go back to the idea about the house. For a house to be hygienic, its windows have to be large, its door has to be reliable and not to squeak; there must be sufficient light, sufficient air in the room. Well, where is the cup of man? This is his hand. God gave him a cup and if a man drinks only from his hand, he will never fall ill. A man going to a fountain should not place his mouth, but his hand, below the spout. If people do not use their Divine cup, if they place their mouths at the spout, a worm or a leech may enter them and they may suffer for years because of this. If a man uses one’s hand, he will first see whether the water in one’s cupped hand is clean and only then will he drink. The one doing things like this is a master. You must have the best window panes and the best doors.

In conclusion, the eyes of man are one’s windows through which one understands things. A man who makes his own house learns from it. You open and close the windows all year long – so, you have learnt how to. The windows are made to teach man and to serve man, and the window panes have to be clean. If the window panes are not clean inside or outside, very little light will come in. Do you invite light or does it come in uninvited? It comes to visit you without any invitation. The air that comes in through the window also comes in uninvited.

What can you then realistically learn from this object? Why does light come in uninvited? In case people can do you some harm, you will close the window. When a good man comes over, you have to open all the windows, and when an evil man comes in, you have to close all the windows.

I now talk about your conditions: each condition that holds back your abilities, feelings and actions through which you can manifest it, is not good. For example, you say, ‘I do not need much learning, much feeling!’ One does not suffer because of too much learning, from too many feelings or from too much good or from too much Love. I haven’t seen a person suffering from too much Love. From lovelessness I have seen people suffering; the whole world suffers from lovelessness, not from too much Love. And if at times there is suffering in the name of Love, this is something fictitious that is only labeled ‘Love’. What should you understand under Love? Love is the greatest power in the world that delivers to man what a man’s soul needs. Love is when you are given what you need in Life. Only Life delivered through Love can be called Life. This is Life, while the external manifestations and caresses are not Love. These are frills, these are red, blue and green embellishments, but this is not Love. Moreover when these embellishments are not present, Love does not change. Somebody may do something for you without loving you, while somebody else may speak to you in endearing terms, without doing anything for you. In the second case these are only labels. What is a lie then? Lies indicate that Love is absent.

A man must imitate God. And a man has one stove. It is the heart where certain energy develops. Only that this stove, in order to produce better flames, needs a blower. These are the lungs. They function constantly, and the stove burns, gives out warmth and the blood spreads all over the body. The heart has valves. If a person enters your home, brings in love and closes all the valves, what will happen? There is smoke in a house with clogged pipes and the stove cannot burn. As there is smoke, the valves of the heart are closed. First you will open the valves for ventilation! On becoming friends with somebody, you should watch out for him/her not to close the valves of your heart. Because only two persons live in the world – the one called Man, and the other one called Woman. There is nobody else apart from them. The thousands of women are a reflection of the One Woman. Sometimes they cooperate and form the big Woman. On the other hand this big woman has the capacity to radiate out of herself similar ones and thus the women in the world become many. Isn’t it a funny situation when you want to be the master of your Mother? As early as her birth the daughter starts ordering her mother, saying, ‘Our Mother is so well educated, but she is not modern, she belongs to the old type of women.’

I will explain to you why you came to the earth as women.
When you initially took over this service, what declaration did you make, were you made women against your will? A woman is distinguished on the earth by one characteristic feature; faith must be a law to her. If we believe only in what happened, this is not faith. Faith is to believe in everything that can happen, because what did not happen to you, happened to somebody else. Someone is rich, while someone else is not, but the One who made the first person rich, will make you so too. You are not educated, but you believe that you can become educated. Everybody can become educated. A woman has to believe that everything can happen. Someone will say that this is gullibility. You will believe in everything! Precisely the one who does not believe in everything is gullible. He believes what cannot be believed in.

For instance, you women, think that you have faith, don’t you? Many of you set up homes and believe that they will live happily with their spouses all their life long. Then you say, ‘It did not turn out the way we believed it would.’ You are not in a complete world on the earth, but in a world which is in progress, which is currently developing. You have entered a give-and-take relationship with your spouse; this person has capital somewhere, but it takes ten-fifteen years for him to gather this capital. Although he might be very rich, he does not have money at his disposal and you start doubting and you say, ‘I thought he was rich, but he isn’t.’ If the slightest obstacles can shake your faith, what will you believe in, then?

I want to tell you where women’s suffering comes from. The beginning of all the suffering of women is their present weak faith. For instance, a young maid is told by her father and mother, ‘You cannot live with this lad’, but she replies, ‘I cannot live without him, if I do not marry him, I will die!’ This is what she believes in. Having married him, after two years she says, ‘Life with him is like death!’ Why, she married him having faith and being completely aware [of his character], didn’t she? No, she was misguided by his mask - his pointed moustaches, his gloves, his patent leather shoes, his courteous bows. He tells her, ‘You are very cruel to me, I cannot be without you!’ When a woman is told that she is like a goddess, she opens up like a snail. When he tells her, ‘You are an angel, you are a goddess’, she opens up, but afterwards, after they get married, he tells her, ‘I thought you were an angel, but certain instances in your life show that you do not act like the angels do; I notice that some words of your vocabulary are not from the world of angels and started doubting a little bit whether you can speak the language of the angels.’

This is an object teaching. I show you the relations that are generated. When two persons unite in any relationship, they form two poles A and B (Fig. 5). A straight line is formed between two friends. As long as the minds of these two beings function properly, as long as they think properly, this ellipsis is very regular, it moves, it improves. As soon as some disharmony enters between these beings, this ellipsis loses its form (Fig. 6), until so much smoke is generated that they decide to make a chimney in order to get rid of these misfortunes. You say that a house cannot be without a chimney. As soon as a chimney gets into a house, the angelic life cannot go on and you already have an ordinary human life. You see that the inhabitants of this house are sick and how can they not be sick as there is smoke? The house of the quarrelsome people cannot be without smoke, while the house of the amiable people needs windows and doors, not chimneys. Factories also have chimneys.

Now, you feel a desire growing within you and you say, ‘What does the Master want to say?’ I do not want to say anything, I am simply talking about windows and doors, I want to know whether there is smoke in your house or not. You will say, ‘Our eyes are sore from a lot of smoke.’

What God created we have to place above everything else. One should not disturb one’s feelings, one’s thoughts, one’s actions and one’s physical body. For example you say, ‘I should not have trusted him so much!’ Nobody has suffered so far because of faith; one can suffer because of trust, because of believing, but not because of faith. Faith can be put in a man, believing in what God gave him. Believe that he has a soul and your faith should not be shaken! This person may talk evil or good, may be good or bad, but this should not guide your faith. Because if you are trustworthy, if you find some person unpleasant from your point of view and if this were actually correct, in such a case God would have eliminated him from the world. But since God has not eliminated him, this means you are not right. Somebody who is bad for one person is good for another. You have some knowledge by which you show your ignorance and instead of believing, you say, ‘This person is bad.’ This is not faith, this is knowledge. What do you base your knowledge on, why is he bad?

The first requirement to you as women is to have an absolute faith. Even when you are aware that you are being lied to, you have to be like the spring of water: not to get bewildered by whoever comes to drink, even if he is a rogue; even if a wolf, a bear, a serpent or a spider comes, you should say, ‘It’s all right’; even if your water goes to some thorn or to some impurity, you should say, ‘It’s all right’. You should not get bewildered that what goes out of you is soiled. If the water had the same line of reasoning like yours, if it gave up helping people, what would happen to the people then? Then all of you will be dead.

You have one aspiration – you all want to become happy. However, happiness rests on an internal spiritual law. It is impossible for the entire society to be happy, do not entertain illusions. Each one, when one has faith, can be happy. This is a specific law that is a function of one’s faith. If one has an absolute faith in God, one thinks that everything that happens in the world is meant for the better. Such a person says, ‘If God, who sent me in the world, had allowed certain suffering, these are meant for the better!’ Therefore one must believe in God and one’s faith should never be shaken. You want to manage your affairs properly. How can you manage your affairs? Can you manage the affairs of the Sun, can you manage the affairs of the water, can you manage the affairs of all the people? You can hardly manage your own affairs, and you want to manage everybody’s affairs. A man from the village of Nikolaevka used to wear a warm hat even in the hottest day. He used to explain, ‘I am ashamed to take my warm hat off, because a person came to do a hair-cut for me and he made me look funny; I am waiting for my hair to grow a little before I take off my hat…’ Similarly, you too want to manage people, but then you cut them so badly that they have to wear a hat for a whole year.

A sister wants to teach the other sisters and she says, ‘You should be very generous!’ You should set an example to her, as if you were a professor, how can you demonstrate in any other way to someone how to be generous? Then, generous people must possess another trait too: a generous person must be like that one who has been giving for twenty years, but still nobody knows that he has ever given something. You may be generous, but everybody knows about it. Well, this is good, it’s not a sin, it’s not a crime, but I ask, how will you teach the lesson of generosity? All of you should remember the following: you cannot teach any teaching, any virtue to anybody, if this virtue is not within you. This is a law. You cannot ever light a fire, though you might have a box of matches, if the latter is wet.

So, if you have one virtue, you can hand it over and I would do a piece of good in the following way: a beggar comes; I shall not give him money, but I will put him to test, and I will ask ten of my friends to give me one lev each, I will also contribute one lev and I will afterwards buy with this money some flour and salt. I will return and sieve the flour, I will knead it, I will make a fire and I will bake some bread. At the same time I will watch the beggar. Then I will tell him, ‘Chop some wood to get it done faster!’ I will then buy some beans and will cook them. In this way I will teach him patience and I will see whether he is poor. If he feels uneasy, he is not poor. If he stays and takes part, he learns with me and rejoices with me that I knead bread and cook beans for him. He too is involved and feels happy. He is poor, but if he suffers, he is not a poor man and then I know why God made him poor.

Consequently, when a poor man comes, collect ten leva, buy flour and knead some bread, make him wait. A man begging here and there is a trader; let him wait for three hours to have the bread baked, to have the beans cook and you will see if he will come to your place again. In this way you have an advertisement, because he will tell everybody in town that you wasted three hours of his time. Thus you will try at the same time both yourself and the poor person, and the work will be pleasing for God. Imagine that you live in the old times, when women used to take food to the saints: a woman would knead bread herself, and would take the pot and the warm bread to the saint. The saint is sitting and says, ‘God bless you!’ This beggar is a saint; all the saints are beggars in the woods. A woman would bake some bread and take it to them, because they are very busy, they pray. And the invisible world puts into a soul the thought to take something to them. A beggar does not have to be a stupid man. If the beggar is a saint, receive him at your home, and if a blockhead comes, give him the hoe to dig in the vineyard. I consider it humiliating to give somebody one lev. I haven’t worked for this lev, and by giving it to him, I am doing him no good. This is no good, this is no favour whatsoever. I give him one lev and he looks at it and says, ‘How little you spared from your heart, I’d rather you told me you did not have money.’ No, I prefer kneading some bread for him.

You want a method according to which to work for God. You want to work in the old way. You all know the old ways. The new Teaching is incompatible with the old habits. If, to a person coming to your home, you cannot do a good that you would do for your son or daughter whom you love, such a good is not accepted by God. And if the mother does not serve her children out of love, she is no mother and her good is no good before God. What a mother does must be agreeable before God. God lives in every human being, doesn’t He, as you argue and as you try to believe? You say that God lives in everyone and if a man, in whom God lives, comes to me and if I want to get rid of him, then do I believe in this One God who lives everywhere? So, I do not believe in the God who lives everywhere, but then I pray to Him, ‘God, show me Your Will?’ Another person, who is poor, comes to you and you give him one lev; how can you pray to God then?

If we change our views radically, we shall give an impulse then, a new understanding of the world. If we pity the poor people, as we do now, we cannot help them. If we pity our children, as we do now, we shall not achieve what we want. Because the home is a divine unit. Your son having departed for the other world, must be tied to your home and must help it. He has to write letters to his mother and father. When the father departs, he also has to write letters to his folks. As soon as you stop writing, you have no home. If it is a home, be it here on the earth, or in the other world, it is all the same – home is home. Home is based on Love.

So I was saying: I want you to form one big family. You are all sisters in a bigger family. You all come from one Father and one Mother, but you still do not know one another as sisters. So, you come from one father and your family started two thousand generations ago. If you allot ninety-five years to a generation, then a bond among you started forming at least fifty thousand years ago. You still do not know that you come from one family. You say that you are sisters, but you are not prepared to sacrifice something for one another. You are very good, but you haven’t come to the science to sacrifice for each other. You say, ‘Why should I sacrifice myself for this sister?’ If she is a Divine sister, you have to sacrifice yourself.

I shall deliver an interpretation on the difference between a young man and a young woman [in Bulgarian „??????” ? „????”]. The word „????” has four letters, and the word „??????” – six letters. Four plus six equals ten. A woman would always come back to her right senses at the end, while a young man would have a thought. A young woman, after finishing her work, learns; while a young man would add two more letters. Why should he add two more letters to the work? A young woman is supposed to make only two sacrifices: first she would have to leave her native home in the material world and the second one is to die. A young man too would have to leave his native home; therefore he makes a boat „?” in which they can settle in Heaven. The letter „?” is a boat, and the letter „?” is the steering wheel.

I will give a clarification now: I mean the human mind and the human heart when talking about the young man and the young woman. Such is the relationship between the human soul and the human spirit. And when talking about a man and a woman, this is the lowest level of comparison. The human heart is a young woman. When your Love is true, your heart functions properly; when your Love is not true, your heart pounds fast at times and slowly at other times.

Women must inevitably have faith; if you have no faith, you are not a woman. If you are a woman, you have the highest rank that God can give you in the world.
This is what being a woman is about.

.You do not want to Be a woman. Then what do you want to be? — A man. You become a man, but you do not want to be a man either. What do you have to become then? — A human being. A human being you have to become! This is the third option. Becoming a human being means to harmonise these poles in one. Both poles have to be identical – both the man and the woman.

All the disgrace for the last eight thousand years that man has been through is placed upon the shoulders of the woman. All this has to be cleaned, until we discover the woman as a precious stone. A lot of awful stuff has been written about women; all the authors have written all things bad about them, but this is fiction. According to them the woman is the worst and in spite of all this nothing in the world happens without her. The world cannot develop without women. What should be done? Someone will say, ‘There is no person more sinful than the woman.’ If this were true, the woman should not exist in the world, but she does exist. God assigned her a task – to correct the world, and you have to correct yourselves too. In order to correct yourselves, you have to have one basic law: you should not regret the fact that you are women. God, who has been so thoughtful, made you women; this is the greatest happiness for you. If a person did not have a heart and if a person did not have a soul, what would a person have looked like? Then there would have been no event in the world. A person without a heart or without a soul would be a cruel person.

Hence God gave you a task to develop your heart and to serve the soul. In this life you elevate and prepare not on the earth. You want to please your husband, to raise and please your daughter and your son. You won’t be able to please your husband, your daughter and your son. In order to please him, this man will ask a lot from you, while millions you do not have. Your husband will become poor tomorrow, he will start drinking, will take up indecent ways; what will you do? You will say, ‘I will divorce him!’ Then where has your faith gone; why did you get married now that you are going to get divorced? Divorces do not resolve any issues. Years ago a Bulgarian who was studying occult sciences came to visit me, displeased with his wife, and he said, ‘My wife is impossible to live with, I am already considering leaving her.’ I said to him, ‘You may leave her, but are you considering taking another one?’ – ‘Yes.’ – I replied to him, ‘Then, you cannot find a woman better than her. If you leave her you will be in the worst misfortune, but if you carry on, you will raise in your next incarnation.’ Similarly the woman, enduring all the troubles of her present husband, will be granted a high position by God in her next life. If you do something, that God does not want, you place an obstacle in your evolution.

There is a sort of fear from the decision about what you have to do. You are afraid of your husband; your husband is not apprehensive, but you are. You have to say, ‘Fear is a blessed feeling given by God!’ Human conscience is created upon human fear, human justice. If there was no fear, you would not have been just; justice takes its roots from fear. What are you most afraid of? You are robbed and you are afraid. You will say, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right!’ You will be generous and when you give away the fear will stop. Fear is not a misfortune, but when you think that you will die, that you can be killed, you beguile yourself and then you live without faith. Fear tells you, ‘Go get God’s Will implemented!’ And there is a danger if you do not implement God’s Will, you will have to go through a lot of trouble. This is the fear that you have to heed; you will tell yourself, ‘I will implement God’s Will!’ As soon as you implement God’s Will, you will feel no fear. You get scared from a bear in the woods and start running away; God is trying you whether you are trained in running and says, ‘My child is good at running.’ A man running away from a bear, will never make a scandal, while the one not running away from a bear, may make a scandal. The one not running away represents another danger.
Define what an old man is. If you call a sister old because she cannot walk and she needs somebody to accompany her, this is not right. She is an invalid or she is disabled. If she cannot think, she is stupid; if she cannot hear, she is deaf; if she cannot see, she is blind. Why do you call her old then? If a sister cannot walk, if her ears are where they should be; if her eyes are where they should be, why do you call her old? I want to free you now from the understanding that she is old.

I should have found you when you were young dancing horo ! But out of decorum I did not come, not to spoil your horo. It felt nice when you danced at the horo, didn’t it? There was stamping, leaping, you were clad in nice clothes! All of this was fine, excellent it was, while now you have to leave the horo. When at the horo you were told, ‘You cannot dance; we do not want you here!’ You have come to me now to learn how to dance at the horo. The wheel of horo is Life. One leaps and raises one’s feet, which means doing good. This is not only the good thought. You start with your right foot – you do one good; then with the left foot – you do another good. Then you move your hands. Each movement in you should be a pure thought. Why do you have to walk? In order to be shown how to do good. Why did God give you feet? To do good. You will say, ‘Blessed be my feet, God gave me feet for me to do good! Blessed be my hands, God gave me hands for me to do good! God loves the intelligent people, he has been waiting for them for so long. He has been watching you while you were dancing and leaping. He has been watching you and has been waiting for you while you were saying, ‘I found a spouse.’ – ‘Very well!’ – ‘We have a child!’ God says again, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are hungry.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ – ‘We are thirsty.’ He says, ‘Very well!’ God never says that it is bad. Both hunger and thirst and everything happening in the world, is good all the same. These are the conditions that create the future Culture to which man is aspiring.

All these thoughts and feelings that torment man, will be transformed for your personal good. Your entire future life, your strengths, your future depends on what you experience. Rejoice that you experience this suffering! Trees and animals do not have your experiences, but they whither and die fast. How many trees would have liked to be in your place, but they are not allowed to. If you are not pleased with Life, God will make you happy by giving you a form. If you feel that there is no happiness, he will place you in another form, but if you want to develop, he will make you a human being.
You will have to have faith in God! It need not be proved. If you believe in what you do not know, others know it. Wider windows you have to have. Purify your heart. You have to have more faith, to help each other as sisters. The sister is within. You cannot love a sister externally, if you do not love her internally. Each sister you have to find internally, in order to get to know her externally. If sisterhood is not born in the relations between the souls, you will die without learning anything, and the inscription on your tomb stone will be, ‘A sister lived and departed for the other world, but she is not prepared even there. This sister will inevitably have to return to the earth.’ Thus you will redo your first school year until you learn to pronounce the letter and when you learn it, you will be strong. Live, but allow absolutely no mistakes! Whatever the mistake is about, you will return to the earth, there are no exceptions for anybody. You say, ‘But I do not know.’ No, everybody has to be perfect! It is said, ‘Be perfect, the way Your Father is perfect.’

You have to have a powerful belief. For instance, one of the sisters among you is suffering, she cannot live, she does not get along with her husband; let all of you get together, send good thoughts to her and to her spouse. Tell her spouse, in your mind, ‘You are very good; we love you very much!’ When you keep sending these thoughts for five minutes everyday, you will see that the man will start thinking that she too is an angel. And you say, ‘She actually is just like this!’ You will send good thoughts to one another; to one sister, to two, to three, to four, to as many sisters as you want will you send such thoughts! It is experience you want, don’t you! First you pray for a home where there is no agreement, send good thoughts to it. Pray for God to send blessing to this home.

Did you learn the lines by heart? A line reads, ‘If you have Love for me, heed my commandments.’ The first commandment is to have absolute faith! As long as you have faith, the difficult issues will be resolved.

When you lift up the stone, the dead will come back to life. A person with whom you cannot get along with is dead. The dead will rise, which means that Love will come, the meaning of Life will come. The modern people live among the dead. The Scripture reads, ‘Without faith God cannot be pleased.’ You cannot serve God without faith. Serving is serving, only when offered in an absolutely complete faith. It is said, ‘God will take us over.’ Well, if God is taking you, He is with you. If you start alone, you won’t be a success. This is about the four lines.

The fifth line is about the Spirit. The Spirit is the Divine Light, the Powerful one. The spirit is the one that maintains the lives of all the living creatures, and not only that one that speaks to man. ‘The Spirit is the thing that gives life: the flesh is no use; the words I am saying to you are Spirit and Life.’
We shall apply the lines that I gave you. A number of small experiments shall have to be done in order for you to have faith. Someone will say, ‘We cannot make the poor people rich.’ It is not necessary to make the world rich. There is a lot of richness in the world. This is God’s richness, but richness is not evenly distributed. If everybody becomes rich, they will have a bad life. Under the current understanding not everybody can be rich. And those who are rich do not live according to God. Poverty is of more help, it has excellent features. There is a blessed poverty and blessed richness. There is unreasonable richness and unreasonable poverty. When the rich and the poor are pleased, then there is a blessed richness and blessed poverty, and when they grumble neither richness nor poverty is blessed. Nobody can be rich, if he has not been poor; and nobody can be poor, if he has not been rich. You will say, ‘How come?’ Never can a being love a man, who has not been a woman. Never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man. Because a woman cannot love a woman. If this is so let all the women gather then to live one human life on the earth! So, the law is: in order for a woman to be loved, she must be loved by a man; but never can a being love a woman, who has not been a man; hence, a being that is supposed to love a woman, must have been a man; and every being that is supposed to love a man must have been a woman.

You want to be loved. Who should love you? A man. What does man stand for? The reasonable, the Spirit. Only the Spirit can love a woman, only the Soul can love a man. Then, what you expect must be the Spirit. Do not expect your happiness to come where it won’t come from.

The present life is just a phase where you are given all the conditions only to elevate a step above. For each one of you, no matter under what circumstances you are placed, this is just one phase. Do not be sorry, do not say, ‘Why am I not like that sister?’ No, this sister has to be pleased and grateful for the situation she is placed in. Each one of you is given the conditions necessary for the elevation of one’s soul. And if any man can coax you, you are not a woman. One woman can love only one man. One woman cannot love two men; there is no such law in Nature. Neither can a man love two women. These are illusions and all sinful situations are born from them. Or put in other words, there exists only one Spirit in the world, who gives all the goods. A man is the image of the Divine Spirit. If the man who is coming carries the Divine Principle in order to help you, this is the man you have to love. If a man comes who wants to distance you from the purpose of Life, he is an enemy of yours. If you want to have one ideal, this is it, towards it you have to strive! Whatever the mistakes of the man you have may be, you will insist on this ideal, until he rectifies all his mistakes. A man has a number of mistakes made not under his will. These infirmities have come from somewhere both in men and in women. The Divine Spirit must come to liberate you from these infirmities. These are the habits, the practices. When one liberates oneself from all of these impurities and when one finds oneself in a world of Love, then one will say, ‘Blind was I, but now I can see.’

You want to know what the New Teaching rests upon. The way you have lived so far – you should put aside. So far you have not lived, you have been suffering so far. I call Life a condition under which the Kingdom of Love, Wisdom, Truth, where Life is manifested in its completeness, where Light is manifested in its completeness and, where Freedom is manifested in its completeness. You have a friend, a companion; you should have no doubts whatsoever in her! Whenever you look at her, you should always trust her; when you see her, your heart should tremble and you should be glad that you have a friend! This should be your ideal!

You say, ‘We do not live according to God now’; this is nonsense. Not that we have to live according to God, but God has to live within us. So far we keep living without God within us. Nobody lives outside God, but God has to live inside us, in order for us to acquire this understanding. Similarly the idea about the man should not be an external idea, but an internal one. The man has to be inside you, to carry him in your soul and wherever he might be, you should be glad for him. A woman, suspecting her husband in any crime, is not a woman. She must not suspect him of any crime, if she wants to be a woman. If you have some bitter stuff in a glass made of precious stones, worth millions, do you have to smash it against the ground in order to free it from the bitter stuff? Pour out the bitter stuff, wash the glass once, twice; it’s the fault of the glass, you will place something nice in it. Consider a man to be a precious glass; if something bitter is placed in it, pour out the bitter stuff, but do not smash your husband. No, the man is not the bitter contents, but the precious glass. He is the soul. And when this glass comes to life, it will say, ‘Thank you so much that you saved me from this poison that was going to kill me!’ „Our Lord"

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) held this lecture on 31 March 1932,
16 h, in Sofia, Izgreva


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Default Re: Faith as Law

This is interesting. I have often thought about the prevailing world view of western women. The darkness of the aeon has deceived them greatly. Instead of being helpers of mankind and servants of God, they have become to a great extent a male's worst enemy. And why? Because they have been trained that they are in competition with males for some subjective idealistic notion of 'equality'.

This is preposterous, however. Men and Women are not equal in any regard except latent spiritual value before God. In all other aspects they are not even comparable. And this is important to note, because two things that are comparable with one another might be put in competition with one another to see which one is better. But this is not so with men and women.

Men and women are polar opposites in most ways. If the man is a Hand, the woman is his leather glove. And this is a fitting word picture, for woman is the very flesh and bone of man. She is his clothing and he is her inner being.

Why is this so? Men are a point and the first projection of the being of God in the Microcosm. And what is woman? She is man's perimeter.

What does this imply? First, man and woman are not to be compared, but contrast in harmonious unipolarity. Woman must at last realize that a male will always be her intellectual superior. What does this mean 'intellectual superior'? One will say, surely a woman may have as much knowledge or more than a man! Yes, this is so. But the punctiliar genius, which is the spark of novelty and creation is not within the woman, but within the man. In point of fact, woman has the ability to do all things and anything but arrive, derive, and be at the point. For that point is in man. And this is why man is the authority over woman, and woman is his helper.

What woman is to man, so is Christ to both man and woman. It is absurd for a man or woman to compare himself or herself to Christ in some quest for equality. For Christ is the primordeal Son of God who was before the Heavens and Earth. It is Jesus by whom all things became. Jesus did not become the Son of God when he came to earth, for he was ever that very concept of Sonship toward God.

Therefore, women must come to an understanding of their latent power for good. I will say that when a man is in his power and his wife is in her true power, they are an indestructable force on earth. Yet if they try to compete with one another, disharmony sets in and they crumble and fall and are disolved.

Then is woman to simply be a kowtowing slave of man? Never! If this is what you think then you have not listened to what I said and have drawn your own biased unreasonable assumptions.

If this is so, then is the Church of Christ the slavegirl of Christ? No, not in any way. The Church is the Bride of Christ. Both his power and honor he bestows upon her. She is majestic in royalty, clothed with the Sun, wearing the crown of twelve stars. For she was taken out of Christ. And this is why Havah was taken from Adam. And this is a great Mysterion, writes Paul, but I speak of Christ and the Church.

And keep in mind this one thing concerning the woman in Christ, for that City is her prototype and essence:

"scriptum est enim laetare sterilis quae non paris erumpe et exclama quae non parturis quia multi filii desertae magis quam eius quae habet virum nos autem fratres secundum Isaac promissionis filii sumus sed quomodo tunc qui secundum carnem natus fuerat persequebatur eum qui secundum spiritum ita et nunc sed quid dicit scriptura eice ancillam et filium eius non enim heres erit filius ancillae cum filio liberae itaque fratres non sumus ancillae filii sed liberae qua libertate nos Christus liberavit."
And then they will know the secret to the Liberated Woman. For Hierusalem Novam is not named Liberae in vain.

And even in the tarotglyphs of Crowley this symbolism is shown. For how should Justice be led to Victory in Christ? It should be led to Victory even as Crowley knew it must in the Bycoming. And I would say to all the diviners practicing their craft, that not one in a million understands the true significance of this representation. And this is why I know that Babalon crumbles. For her slaves understand not even their own symbols. How could they possibly understand mine? They are in shadow and to obscurity they proceed to their own destruction unless they reprent and understand this -- they have exchanged Liberty for Bondage, and that in the misnomer of Liberty. How amazed they will be on that Day! How utterly ashamed they will be! For then they will know what they could not have imagined. But at that hour, it shall be too late. For indeed and truly, they are utterly Decieved. They are blind in their left eye and hoodwinked in their right.

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