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Old 10-01-2008, 03:27 AM
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Default Economic Collapse Bail Out Martial Law Loss of Constitution

This once great Republic, founded on the basis of a Constitution that guaranteed freedom has been destroyed.

Our country has been sold out, we have been sold out. The passing of the massive bailout Bill to Wall Street at the expense of the taxpayer is nothing more than Treason and Theft by our Government. Our elected officials have heard the outrage fro m the people and are passing this bill by being blackmailed and strong armed that if they do not this economy will fall into Depression. These banks should be allowed to fail for their own bad decisions. We will rebuild, as we always do. Writing a blank check to the Treasury and Federal Reserve is not the answer.

This bailout will not improve the economy, it will only further line the pockets of the same people who created this mess, the very same people telling us we must pay them to fix it.

Our Liberties are being eroded in the name of terror, the Patriot Act and others, and now our Economy is being destroyed and Nationalized / Socialized using the very same tactics.

It is time for the American people to wake up and take a good look around. The time for peaceful civil disobedience is NOW. We the people run the wheels of the machine. We can bring it to its knees. To send a message of Resistance to a Government that has become corrupt beyond our wildest dreams.

The Constitution tells us, that if the Government becomes what it has, that we have a duty to rise up and root out the evils and restore it.

This is a crucial point in our history.

Will we continue to be silent good sheep or will we say ENOUGH?!

Starting October 1. The US Military is placing a full Active Duty Combat Brigade on U.S. Soil for "Homeland Scenarios" and civil unrest or a "terrorist attack", clearly this is not telling the whole story and is IL LEGAL under the U.S. Constitution
Economic Collapse Bail Out Martial Law Loss of Constitution

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