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Old 04-14-2005, 05:02 AM
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Default Re: The real conspiracy is "Idol worship"

Peace Draken,

Ok, let's think about it in a more logical way:

1- First: what is religion? i believe it is mainly the concept of worshipping (one god/gods) + a statute book (law)

2- God states clearly in Quran that all the prophets and messengers along the history of mankind followed the same concept, which is Submission to God alone.

3- Now, about the law, it has been sent in stages, where different people at different times were given a specific law to follow. Quran states that all these books (ancient manuscripts or the bible) were actually the same scripture in different manifestations to suit the spiritual and mental level of the respective people and era.

4- God further clarifies that when a prophet comes with a book of prophecy (&law) it is but a test to see if the followers of the previous book are still aware of the message (underlying the laws) of one god or have they been blinded and lost the spirit!. Thus the Jews were required to believe in Jesus and the Gospel, because it confirms their book, however they had already long lost the message of the Torah (e.g: they prohibited doing anything on the Sabbath, even healing or rescuing the people!), and that's why God supported Jesus with miracles in order to reassure their hearts that the message is from God.

5- Quran comes in the end of this long list of revelations from God, it is the final book of law that should govern life on earth if humanity want to prosper. But because Muhammad didn't come with a miracle, God states that at his time the book itself was unmatched in its language and literal style, it was a miracle in itself.

6- But it is God's system to allow Satan to tamper with his word, in order to test the generations to come, but he always sends a new prophet with a new book confirming and superseding the previous one, this new book is mainly aimed at exposing the injections and falsehood added to the previous message, thus it restores the straying message back on track, to its original pristine Abrahamic form.

7- How about Quran? when God says that it is the final book, and no other book will come to confirm and purify it, how can we be sure that it is still intact? the divine answer was embedding a superhuman mathematical structure within the text, and revealing it 1400 years after the book's revelation.

8- This is a brilliant idea, since any attempt at tampering with the book can be easily exposed by means of the mathematical structure.

9- This leaves us with a final tetsament that is proven and that confirms and supresedes all the previous books (includin any divine book the Indians recieved), all humanity should follow that one book revealed through Muhammad.

10- The illusion of different religions is because of Satan, he divided the one religion. For example think of it as a long train formed of several cars, and the tracks represent a timeline, the train starts its journey with one car, the passengers start getting occupied with the journey itself and forget about the destination! gradually more and more people ask the driver for frequent stops to take rest, play and enjoy the journey! the driver eventually joins the crowd in the fun untill they all forget about the gaol!, at this point when the car is about to completely drift away from the original track..God sends a new prophet with a new car to pull the train forward and carry the few people still mindfull of the message and willing to complete the journey. Many drop out, however the train keeps moving forward.

What i want to say is that the religions of today are nothing but these groups of people who lost the main message, whose developement was arrested in the visible laws, to which they added more of their own man-made laws, thus the message got contaminated.

11- My message is to ask everybody to get on the train, some will accept the invitation, some will prefer their inherited religions. God knows that not 100% will get united again, that there will always be people who are still in the arrested development stage, therefore for these people we say, let us come to a logical agreement that we will not worship anybody besides God.

The bottom line is, to God is our ultimate destiny and we will all be returned to Him, to be informed of our deeds. If you don't want to follow our book of law, then at least worship the one god alone!

[3:64] Say, "O followers of the scripture, let us come to a logical agreement between us and you: that we shall not worship except GOD; that we never set up any idols besides Him, nor set up any human beings as lords beside GOD." If they turn away, say, "Bear witness that we are submitters."

God\'s alternative, USN

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[3:19] The only religion approved by GOD is \"Submission.\"...
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Old 06-21-2005, 11:23 AM
mikeenviro mikeenviro is offline
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Default Re: The real conspiracy is "Idol worship"

I believe Mircea Eliade is a favorite author of the Freemasons. The Italian Freemasons quote from his books ( http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/venzi3_en.html ). In the book "The Sacred and the Profane", Mr. Eliade writes (with flimsy detail) that man imitates the gods and that these are sacred acts even when man allows himself to be led into acts that verged on madness, depravity, and crime (p.104). There are unsavory elements of mankind (mafia, gangs, etc.) that continue to leverage mankind into further acts of crime when they have knowledge a person has committed crimes. Leverage is used by so many parties to get what they want for nothing. Mircea Eliade is one of those authors that enables the belief that the commission of crimes are sacred acts.

The Freemason organization is a criminal’s paradise. Where else can so many willing persons, or partners in crime, be found. Requirements to always assist a brother in need, always keep a brother’s secrets (or knowledge of crimes, fraud and corruption) and perjure yourself to protect a brother are prime examples of how people can be leveraged. Freemasons have offered themselves to organized crime from time immemorial. John Follain, in his book “A Dishonored Society”, writes of the link between the Italian Mafia and Freemasonry. Several other sources also document the manner in which the United States placed many mafioso within the Italian government during World War II as they were fighting the Nazis. This support proved valuable to the Mafia as it resuscitated the organization after years of battling the fascists. The similarities between the Mafia and Freemasonry, besides those described above, also include intimidation. There is considerable documentation regarding the vows Freemasons take where they state awful blood oaths identifying what would happen to themselves should they give up their organization’s secrets. The mafia and Freemasons main purpose is to operate to corrupt all before them in obeisance to the Devil.

The Freemasons give hints about whom they worship in different sources. Albert Pike, the most celebrated Sovereign Grand Commander in American Freemason history, has kind words for Lucifer in his book “Morals and Dogma”. Also, the book “Lexicon of Freemasonry” omits definitions for the Devil, Lucifer and Satan. The Freemasons have judged that profane eyes cannot handle their definitions so they leave them as esoteric knowledge to be obtained. As the Freemasons perpetrate crimes in order to corrupt one might question the origination of this mandate. In the Lexicon of Freemasonry it is written that an angel of the Lord spoke to Moses from the burning bush but yet in another location in the book it is identified to have been God. How can both terms have been used for the one event? In Freemasonry teachings for high degrees, Lucifer is taught to be God. Lucifer is also generally accepted to have been an angel of the Lord. Being disingenuous, Lucifer would have intended the stating of the ten commandments to be an exoteric front and that the recipient would know that they should be violated.

There is a word used by the Mafia; omerta, meaning silence. Heavily ingrained in American society is the term; code of silence. You hear of it amongst the police to protect rulebreaking policemen. Codes of silence are also prevalent amongst firefighters, freemasons, fraternity and sorority members, sports personages and hospital employees. Codes of silence corrupt many as people choose to remain silent when faced with knowledge of crimes, fraud or rulebreaking. We’ve been a society of accomplices in the face of wrongdoing for hundreds of years since the earliest days of this nation. The founding fathers imprinted the motto “Mind your business” upon legal tender of the United States. Mind your business has the esoteric meaning of keeping quiet in the face of wrongdoing or evil.

The masonic calendar identifies that 6000 years from the creation of the world transpired in 2000 CE. Adjusting the 6000 solar years for lunar years means that 6000 lunar years was attained on or about 1814. The freemasons amongst the founding fathers feverishly went about designing Washington DC as a Luciferian tribute with the street plan incorporating Luciferian symbols. The original plan for the Washington monument included a Greek temple at its base. The founding fathers exoterically raised the goddess Liberty as a symbol for the fledgling nation. Esoterically, these Freemasons acknowledged Liber (another name for Dionysus) as supreme. This relationship is allegorical for the eclipse of Liberty on several fronts. The citizens of the United States are currently seeing their liberties disappearing with the promulgation and extension of the Patriot Act. All this overt activity by the Freemasons led to a relatively short-lived anti-masonic backlash. This is a subject that is sorely absent from school textbooks.

Innumerable today are persons in industry that are masonic-minded, showing no moral restraint. The news often includes stories of CFOs and accountants falsifying company’s financial statements, natural gas traders gloating over screwing over California residents, insurance corporation employees rigging bids to steer business to companies giving them kickbacks, mutual fund companies allowing late trading and market timing and regulators looking the other way when crimes are committed. What you see in the news is only the tip of the iceberg. The powers that be only expose enough corruption to convince the public that they are doing something about the pervasive corruption. The number of people willingly going along with the shams vastly outnumbers those that come forward to put a stop to the shameful acts. Sigmund Freud in the book “The Future of an Illusion” said it best; “There are countless civilized people who would shrink from murder or incest but who do not deny themselves the satisfaction of their avarice, their aggressive urges or their sexual lusts, and who do not hesitate to injure other people by lies, fraud and calumny, so long as they can remain unpunished for it; and this, no doubt, has always been so through the ages of civilization”.

What the Freemasons and like-minded people have done is to sell human society downstream in order for personal success. What is especially offensive about the Freemasons and secret societies is that they spread their corruption behind the scenes while putting up a whitewashed front. The exoteric front of Freemasonry sounds harmless. Their books talk of coming to a brothers assistance, etc. but they base this on an evil interpretation of Mosaic Law. They have fallen to man’s basest desires. St. Cyril of Jerusalem said it best in his “Ten Points of Doctrine” when he esoterically warned of secret societies when he said “only the members are distinguished (inferred: not their methods)”. Freemasons and secret societies also use members with sterling reputations to do the dirty work of corrupting. This makes their intent unquestionable and enhances their chances of getting away with crimes. In Skull and Bones parlance “crooking” is only the start of the corruption. As persons become corrupted, corrupt persons additionally corrupt them with more dirty deeds. A term often used by Freemasons is “the end justifies the means”. Their end is a corrupt world that is blackmailed into silence in the face of evil and is beholden to the Devil. Freemasons also intentionally mislead persons. As Albert Pike says in “Morals and Dogma”; “Part of the symbols are displayed there to initiates, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them”. A strategem also used by Freemasons and Skull and Bones is disinformation. From the game Illuminati, enjoyed by tens of thousands nationwide, one finds the definition for the word disinformation. Illuminati defines it as to mix as much falsehood in with the facts to lead any researchers on a wild goose chase. The more convinced they are in the fabrication, the more embarrassed they will be when proven wrong. This tends to lower the credibility of the researchers. Certainly not all Freemasons and secret society members are of such mind. Many join without knowing the secrets of the organization and they are at risk.

Many noteworthy personages (Martin Luther and John Knox) throughout history have taken the position that the devil is Lord of the World. It also follows that either God is powerless, not concerned with earthly matters or is non-existent. This Lord has used drivers (one of which was Orpheus) in which to additionally corrupt mankind. Mankind has a hard time keeping free of corruption. Man takes on so many burdens (e.g., debt through acquisitions and keeping up with the Jones’, additional family members, etc.) where they have to abide by a corrupt society’s unwritten rules in order to pay their bills. This also leverages them into additional unethical acts as their controlling entity sees fit. A claim made against the Freemasons has been that they rewrite history, but this act has been undertaken by many leveraged persons. One can read Psalms, Romans 7, and Matthew 12 to see that the authors write that lawless persons can be forgiven but doing this just leads to the voracious committal of crimes. Diodorus Siculus writes that crime was written into the story of the parceling out of Osiris’ body parts in order to spread the crimes’ impact to additional partners. Unfortunately, this has been a lesson too well understood by humanity.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem’s Ten Points of Doctrine describes a two God system where the most powerful god sounds remarkably like Osiris-Dionysus, the god that taught man how to cultivate the vine. Osiris-Dionysus does not respect man’s efforts to gain knowledge, especially concerning the lesser god. It should also be said that Cyril was not a supporter of the book of Revelation (of St. John). Amongst the topics of the book Revelation, it lays out the battle between the Archangel Michael and the Devil (Dionysus as the dragon). There is also a key moment prior to the battle where white robes are handed out. The handing out of white robes is allegorical to the application of gypsum to the faces of the Titans before they killed Dionysus. Gypsum powder was also used during religious ceremonies for followers of the Dionysian mysteries. An attribute assumed by the Catholic faith is the wearing of white robes during religious ceremonies. Revelation does not conclude the battle between the Archangel Michael and Dionysus. The global elite that have bought into the salvation through crime story do not want to see Dionysus lose and would rather continue to dance to his tune of fraud, lies and crime. They are happy with the status quo, personal success at the cost of the health of humankind. The author Will Durant, in his book “The Life of Greece” describes Dionysus as the most troublesome god. Dionysus is also a master of role-reversals and wishes to be acknowledged as a god rather than the devil. It is the role reversal that the elite fear for they could lose their grip on power. It is better to understand the works of Dionysus as evil acts (crime, corruption, persecution and fraud) as millions of persons throughout history have been harmed for the enrichment of the few (society’s elite). Unfortunately, so many people have bought into his game in a trusting fashion without knowledge of what Dionysus has in mind. Dionysus’ occultic empire has been churning away for many millennia feeding on mankind’s poor behavior.
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