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Old 10-12-2013, 08:50 PM
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Default Australia: Australia: Scabs in the Building Industry and on the Docks

Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers .. http://www.theguardian.com/business/...rkers-watchdog

MartinTimothy 13 October 2013

Here they infiltrated scabs into the workforce and the unions .. by 1996 the Builders Laborers Federation, Australia's premier building union was well and truly under scab domination, indicting Union Secretary Simcoe, industrial Officer Moxham, and Union Organizer Puplett as class enemies.

Thus employed at Bell Scaffolding in Brisbane .. the week prior to October 1, 1996, two twin speaker ghetto blasters were on full bore causing excessive noise, before start that day one reminded all hands double speakers on the job were banned by the union.

A Maori dude a welder on site, said he had been driven nearly mad day after day, one Saal says he is the delegate and says he will ring the union and check, some time later during work one Moore turns his blaster on full bore.

Claimed he wanted to be able to hear the local DJ over the noise of a yard forklift that had a rooted muffler, checking back with Saal the bug delegate, he says he did not ring the union at all and had telephoned Yates the yard manager, who was on his way.

Ringing the union and speaking to scab organizer Kerr, who became abusive before hanging up the telephone, then driving into union premises to get the matter sorted out ..

There meeting career scab and full time dog Gary Howcroft, former President of the Painters & Dockers Union, whose work record remains tainted with the 1987 murders of P&D members Ron Chapman and Les Batkin.

And re his refusal to join the campaign to secure just prosecutions re numerous murders, rapes and killings that accompanied the 1993 de registration of the union, who had by then wormed his rotten way into the offices of the similarly scab Building Workers Industrial Union.

Reminding Howcroft the current campaign the Dockers Union was undertaking, requires him to testify re his relationship with Ron Chapman, re the last time he saw him alive and the company he was in.

And re the 1979 disappearance of Docker Norm Foorde, who fell afoul of the criminals "they" had infiltrated into the Union, who had taken the bait when two more career scabs and full time police informers, the Briggs brothers Keith and Ian, disclosed insiders knowledge re a multi million dollar bank hei, in the New South Wales provincial city of Murwillumbah.

Whereas Foorde reported their progress to the police, who turned him into the boys who killed him .. and re his hightailing it out of the P&D's at the time of the 1980 union election campaign, despite the fact he was then Union President, and was a candidate for election to the position of Secretary.

And was he in fact warned he would necessarily be running afoul of elements, who might kill him as they had killed before!

Howcroft sneered and almost got through turning his lip in contempt, when he had to beat a hasty retreat into the interior of a locked office complex, MT in pursuit.

Kerr arrived back on the scene, cluck clucked at the Howcroft chasing incident, listened to the account of what had happened at Bell Scaffolding and explained Ted Puplett was the organizer for that area, who arranged for him to be at the premises of Bell Scaffolding.

Which is where he was on arriving back, explaining the situation to him and being assured in return that double or multi speaker systems, were indeed banned from the workplace by the union.

Puplett's clear role then, was to upbraid the members for having this gear on the job, explain the concept of bodgey delegates who rang the boss instead of the union was as iffy as can be, endorse MT as new and fair dinkum delegate, and we all go back to work.

Instead of that Puplett tells MT to hear Yates out, who says he is sacked and that he had better get off the premises or he will have the coppers to him .. all the while Puplett and Saal are smirking and grinning to each other like vicar and choirboy.

Puplett, Kerr and Simcoe with Moore, Saal the entire roll call at the meeting on BLF premises on June 10, 1997, who remained mute in the face of it all, are regarded as scabs, whose presence should not be tolerated on any site in Australia or world wide!

Howcroft suffered two broken legs in late October 1996, maybe he approached someone to have M Timothy seen to, and got seen to himself ..

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