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Old 10-12-2013, 11:42 PM
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Default Australia: Scabs in the Mine Workforce & Unions Unto Management Level

Police colluded in secret plan to blacklist 3,200 building workers .. http://www.theguardian.com/business/...rkers-watchdog.

MartinTimothy 13 October 2013

Alcan Gove

Here they put scabs on the job and into the unions .. whereas you refuse to play their game, you don't work!

Benny Ratahi stuck his finger up his nose, produced a fair sized lump of black stuff then held it under my nose for about twenty seconds then asked "what do you think of that," I did not bash him senseless as I normally would have since it was at work, and I did not want to be sacked!

He is a dog a coward and a scab, with New Zealand Maori Tia Dargaville who told me in the crib room at lunch time, that he thought all Aussies were cowards and that I should "bring it on," brave in the company of his two scab brothers!

Its on alright sunshine .. I am gonna call you out in the mains street of Gladstone Queensland, with yr two brothers and if you have the courage to attend, I am gonna flog yr arse up and down the street.

And when you are rendered incapable of defending yrself, I am gonna repeat the dose to yr scab brother Peter and yr other scab brother .. Ratahi is getting the same treatment in Karratha in Western Australia.

Whence I will back myself for one hundred thousand dollar$ with any bookmaker who will take the bet, that I render this wretched cannibal c--- unconscious at my discretion, whereas I intend to continue to call you dogs, scabs and cowards by name, similarly when ever I feel like it .. the Keppas father & son no less!
Anyone who tolerates their presence on any industrial site world wide, or who tolerates the presence of Martin Csertu a filthy Hungarian scab, or of Irish American scab Armstrong will be regarded as scabs.

That day I had been working on the wharf at the Alcan facility in Gove in Australia's Northern Territory, there was a fishing reel and some bait lying unattended .. I threw in then checked back some time later, to find the hook was still baited and there was no fish!

A Maori dude comes up tells me that I am out there to work not to go fishing, "yeah righto mate" I say, next Tony Williams the team leader arrives with every sign he was right p*ssed off .. I knew I was among scabs, thugs and dogs.

In June 2005 I became one of the union delegates on site at Alcan Gove, and was requested to take action in the matter of smoking in the twin cab work vehicles we used on site!

George Dylstra the Dutch supervisor said smoking was ok provided there were no non smokers in the vehicle, I told him I told him it was against civil law, company policy, and site rules.

That any departure from site rules constituted a breach, thus anyone sacked, reprimanded, disciplined or served notice as a result of smoking in a non smoking area, had no case at all.

During this debate a black guy name Jim Mow from Mackay in Queensland, spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth on the ground in front of me, the next day I cornered him in one of the twin cab work trucks and whopped him 'till he howled!

Reminds of another black dog from Mackay, got sassy at Newlands Coal Mine in Central Queensland in 1996 .. http://www.dockersunion.net/vb/showt...&p=330#post330 .. 'nother story!

Someone else said it was only courtesy that you did not smoke when there are non smokers in the truck, I say that courtesy consisted of not farting in the truck, site rules on the other hand were concerned with smoking.

This debate raged until October 2003, when my two workmates at Kaefer Scaffolding Darryl Russell and Joe Guzara turned on me at work, Joe threatened me with a hammer then went berserk, frothing at the mouth and attacking a scaffolding wedge with the hammer!

The other turd said his mother in law was in an old peoples home in Port Augusta, a new wing was being built just where her bed was, and was he able to get leave .. I reckon he went and finished her off, this pr*ck like Joe a different personality every day.

The next day two dogs Rodney Welsh from the Gold Coast in Queensland, and Daniel Macintyre from Mackay both light up in the twin cab, I tell them smoking is not allowed, Macintyre said "says who."

I tell the Dutch supervisor his duty of care to provide me with a safe working place has not been met, in which case I will remain off site until someone in a responsible position can guarantee my safety.

That is still the case whereas of November 2005, Kaefer Scaffolding owes me the money I would have earned under normal working conditions, had the safety rules on site been met, where after I intend to return to work at Alcan Gove

The case includes a liability clause against Marina Williams, who as Mining Union representative in the Norther Territory, both disclaimed my case else I put it in writing, and told me the Union had no problem re smoking in work vehicles on site!

I reminded her that unlawful activity on the job is well and truly banned by the union, moreso after an incident that had occurred the day before, when another worker had gone home ill after breathing cigarette smoke all day!

The case will continue until work stops at every mine and industrial operation in Australia, naming the Dargaville boys, Mackintire and Welsh as scabs, with Ratahi who stuck his finger up his nose and Guzara, Dylstra & Williams, with Geoff Hoani and Dean Troughear two more Maori scabs.

With and the other team leaders on site, a treacherous Hungarian scab and a Nancy Boy from Cairns, with site Safety Officer who stormed out of a meeting on site, who hopped into a company vehicle, stuck a fag into his gob and drove off, after I had attempted to gain his support!

All I knew about him was his chortling and chuckling, when he showed photographs of deceased workmates, which are included in incident reports when a fatality occurs in the industry.

Luke Kepper is another scab from the New Zealand Maori tribe, who persisted lighting up against company rules day after day, if you are in his company you are in the company of a scab, if he has his papa with him, who was the dude caused trouble re the wharf fishing episode, you are in the company of two scabs.

Anyone works with these foul filth, or with Dana Petri another of the site delegates who lit up in the cab day after day, should still be regarded as scabs, no less that the wogs from Albania and the Greek Mother's boys, who rushed in to take Australian jobs, who stood by mute during the entire affair!

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