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Old 10-09-2005, 08:50 AM
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Default There are No Cases of Human Bird Flu


OCTOBER 8, 2005. The Bush administration is climbing on the bird-flu bandwagon with all hands and feet, suggesting a larger role for the military in the "inevitable" global pandemic that will lay the US low.

Quarantines are high on the list of strategies.

If you read The NY Times article below, you'll notice several things.

The GLOBAL toll for human bird flu now stands at about 100 cases, with 60 deaths. In other words, more people have died from being hit by phone books dropping out of 10th-story windows. To infer a global pandemic from these stats should earn any scientist a quick trip to a job washing dishes at Burger King.

The US Secretary of Health and Human Services states (far down in the Times piece) that the current avian flu strain is not likely to be the bug that does the job.

Massive production of vaccines is urged---despite the fact that such vaccine would not be able to target the eventual killer strain of the flu virus. (And of course, such vaccines aren't effective and safe anyway.)

The "debate" about who gets the vaccine first, the debate about which government agencies should lead the response to a pandemic that will kill millions, the debate about how extensive the quarantines should be---all of these sober deliberations put the PR cherry on the cake: "Well, if they're arguing about those factors, the pandemic itself is certainly a done deal, it's going to happen."

Yeah. That's the whole point of PR. Sell the core fantasy behind a welter of weighty and official statements.

The Times article doesn't mention that even these 100 cases of human bird flu and the 60 deaths have never been accorded the public scrutiny they deserve. What tests were run to find the virus in the patients? How accurate were the tests? Did they locate antibodies or the actual virus? If the actual virus, in what quantities did the virus reside in the bodies of the human beings?

These are all absolutely key questions, and they have not been answered.

It's quite possible that there are NO cases of human bird flu.

Further, what was the PRIOR condition of the patients before the supposed flu virus attacked? Were these people already suffering from weak immune systems? In that case, any old germ can sweep through and cause severe or lethal infections.

Beyond even these considerations, there is the background premise that animal germs can and do mutate to allow them to infect and kill humans. This is a shaky piece of science, and it can only be confirmed or denied by actually investigating every single presumptive human case in great depth. We have no evidence that this has been done. Then, on top of that, proof would have to be offered that the germ in question really did mutate from animal hosts.

Some time ago, I published official figures from both the CDC and the American Lung Association, which showed that the canned figure of 36,000 annual flu deaths in the US is a lie. The figure is more like 800-1000. And then, we would need that same in-depth study of the patients to confirm even such low numbers.

If evidence is any indicator, as opposed to PR and scare tactics, there is no reason to suspect that avian flu is going to cause human problems.

As for all the animals that have been killed worldwide, most of them of course have been slaughtered to PREVENT the spread the avian flu. They haven't died FROM the flu germ. And the real reason for epidemics among farm animals (there are ALWAYS such epidemics on the march) is: these animals are raised in the most desolate and repellent conditions imaginable: overcrowded pens; feces everywhere; huge dusting with toxic antibiotics...

In such conditions, any old germ can spread and finish off large numbers of animals.

Huge presence of the military; widespread quarantines; government commands to citizens; compulsory vaccines; all based on no facts. What does this sound like to you?

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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