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Old 11-14-2016, 01:15 AM
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Smile Parallels between Donald Trump's Triumph and the Coming of the Kingdom of God

"Only those who work with the formidable forces of love, patience, perseverance and humility will enter the kingdom of God. Cosmic Intelligence is implacable and will never submit to those obstinate minds that don’t wish to learn or work with the great laws of life, giving proof of their faith, stability and love of good.

Simply because, a few months ago, they decided to make the effort to improve themselves, many imagine heaven must open up to them, the angels must come and take them in their arms! No, for that to happen you have to have worked for a very long time. Heaven is very slow to give great rewards, but when it does it’s for eternity. Once we have succeeded in entering paradise, no one can drive us out. But what an effort we have to make before the door is opened to us!"

"Some of Jesus' parables in the Gospels pertain to the relationship between one or several servants and their master. This is an image, among others, of the ties that unite human beings with God. These parables should make you understand that people who are not like servants working for the Kingdom of God will always be hungry, thirsty, weak and tormented. Why? Because they will receive no salary. People who have entered into the employ of the Kingdom of God, who want to be servants of Heaven, are like workers who receive a magnificent salary every day, every hour, and this salary comes in the form of strength, currents of light and love, a joy, a dilatation, a wonder. When you meet these people you are surprised at how happy they seem, and if you ask them what has happened to them, these servants will reply: 'It's because we work in the Lord's fields: we are rewarded straight away.'"

"By devoting themselves to all kinds of activities, people hope to find meaning in their lives. But they will only discover the meaning of life when they decide to participate in the realization of the Kingdom of God and his Justice. From then on, whatever happens, they are workers in the field of the Lord, and they feel supported and fulfilled because they are conscious of participating in an immense task. Above all, they know they will never be lonely or abandoned.
Every one of you can discover the meaning of life this very day, for this very day, instead of working only for the satisfaction of your own needs, you can say:‘ From now on I intend to work for the Kingdom of God and his Justice.’ And even if you are unknown on earth, your name will be inscribed in the Book of Life, and you will receive the blessings of heaven. You must always go further; your aspirations must become always greater, vaster. This truly gives meaning to your life."

"The astral body,1 which in human beings is the seat of emotions, of passions, first reveals itself at the beginning of puberty. Before this it is the etheric body that is active, and this ensures the growth and proper development of the child's physical body. The child continues to grow and develop during these years, thanks to the etheric body which has not yet been hampered by the manifestations of the astral body. We often hear parents refer to the ‘awkward age' or an ‘adolescent crisis' to explain the changes they see in their children. These changes are brought on by the awakening of the astral body, which is the source of all these chaotic emotional displays: flashes of anger, feelings of repulsion, mood swings, and so on. These are all exuberant expressions of the astral body which eclipse the activity of the etheric body, and soon the adolescent stops growing.

It is cosmic intelligence that desires the development of the astral body because, despite the troubles it may temporarily cause, it will prove to be a source of riches later in life. It is true, however, that the innocence and candour of childhood stem from the fact that the astral body is not yet developed in them. And this explains the words of Jesus: ‘If you do not become as children, you will not enter the kingdom of God.' Children may enter the kingdom of God because they do not yet possess an astral body agitated by passions. But Jesus did not object to human beings becoming adults; he simply wanted them to master their astral bodies, whose desires and demands block their entrance to the Kingdom of God – this world of purity, of crystalline clarity"

"How many men and women on this earth join forces to serve great ideas like the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Very few. You do, however, see great numbers of people waste their energies in defending all kinds of causes of lesser importance (crumbling monuments, old customs, a certain breed of dog, etc.), which in fact they then soon abandon for another, and another ... Some will say: 'But joining forces to help people who are the victims of a disaster or persecution is doing something, and at least we see results. Whereas the Kingdom of God is a utopia and will never be realized.' Well, that is of no concern to us. Jesus said: '... strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, ...' and what is our concern is that we must work for its realization, because this is the only ideal worth devoting your life to. What is certain, however, is that if no-one does anything, in the belief that all efforts in this direction are useless, then of course the Kingdom of God will never be realized."

'The time is fulfilled. The kingdom of God is near,' said Jesus. Many people will point out that two thousand years have gone by since he said these words, and the kingdom of God is still a long way off - the earth is still such a place of unhappiness, poverty, famine and war! So how are we to understand this prophecy? Through his teaching, Jesus was laying the foundations of the kingdom of God. For those who have understood him, it has already come. Yes, in the souls and hearts of those who were sufficiently prepared for the teaching to take a hold, who were able to accept and apply his teaching about love, it has already come. For others, it is close, it is coming. And for a third category, it will come, but who knows when! So, it has come, it is coming and it will come - all three statements are equally true.

‘My Father and I are one.’ Jesus was able to make such a claim because he had done a tremendous amount of work on himself, and we too must endeavour to do this work, following his example. God lives within us, and his kingdom also exists within us. Those who know they are inseparable from the Creator see more and more clearly how to resolve their problems and act for the good wherever they go. Whereas those who feel that God is outside them are abandoned to their own resources, which are very limited. We find this work of identification with the Divinity in the Hindu practice of Jnana yoga, the yoga of self-knowledge. The yogi learns to meditate on the formula: ‘I am He’ – ‘He’ referring to the divine Principle – and pronounces it until it becomes flesh and blood in him. At this point his limited, personal self no longer exists: only ‘He’, the Lord, exists in him, and from that moment on he is able to perform miracles.

It is essential that you meditate on the subject of unity. Every day, strive to unify your energies and direct them towards a single goal – the highest one possible – and to maintain this orientation. Let those with physical deficiencies work on unity for the recovery of their health. Let those who seek love or wisdom work to establish unity in their heart or mind, and so on. We discover the same phenomenon here that we find in an electric power station. Thanks to this power station, an entire region is supplied with energy, and in every house we can simply connect a circuit and everything works: lamps, radiators, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, radio, television, tape recorder and so on. The same thing happens when you create unity in yourself: all your organs receive the current, and your heart begins to love, your mind begins to think and your will begins to act.

Heaven needs the kind of workers Jesus spoke about in his parables, selfless workers who understand that they must use everything in their lives as a means to achieve a heavenly goal: the Kingdom of God. We must therefore devote all our faculties, talents, and material advantages to the service of a divine idea. Unfortunately, the opposite is usually the case: people who have gifts and opportunities put them at the service of their stomachs, their sex organs, their vanity, or their desire for power, and they even try to manipulate heaven into satisfying their whims. Yes, they think the angels, the archangels, and the Lord himself are there for just this purpose. Even if they do not want to admit it because they are unaware of it, this is what human beings endlessly do: they try to manipulate heaven. They must now become aware and dedicate all their faculties to the service of this one idea: the Kingdom of God on earth

Each one of us opts for darkness or for light by the way we behave, feel and think. We determine whether or not we will be received into the kingdom of God. No one can decide this for us. So if you feel you are straying, be aware that it depends entirely on you whether you find the right path again. And how do you find the right path? By asking the spirits of light to abide in you. Say to them, ‘Through my ignorance, I have been at the mercy of evil entities, and I feel bound hand and foot. So now, angels and archangels, come and settle in me; take possession of my thoughts, feelings, actions and words. Guide me, instruct me, so that I may be entirely at your service.’ This is the prayer the heavenly entities are waiting for to be able to help you. They see in you an awakened being, and they sing, ‘A soul is born to the light. Through this soul we will be able to make our power known.’ True freedom lies in becoming an instrument in the hands of the heavenly entities.

The Kingdom of God is first and foremost a state of consciousness, a way of living and working. That is why it cannot be realised on the physical plane until it is first realised in our thoughts. Once realised in our thoughts it will descend into the heart, into our feelings, and it is then that it can finally be expressed in our actions. For such is the order of manifestation in matter: thought – feeling – action. One day the Kingdom of God will manifest tangibly on earth, but first it must enter the thoughts and feelings of humanity. And we can see that the process has already begun. Thousands of people in the world – actually many more than you think – nourish within themselves the ideal and love of the Kingdom of God. And in some of them, in their conduct and their way of life, the Kingdom of God has in fact already been achieved.

In all the centuries that Christians have repeated after Jesus, ‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven’, how many men and women have prayed for the coming of the kingdom of God! And not only have they prayed, they have worked, they have devoted all their energies to it, and some, like Jesus, have shed their blood. Can all those sacrifices have been made in vain? In certain regions of the universe there exists somewhere a reservoir that is continually being filled with the forces and currents that those thousands of sincere, ardent beings have sent out into space. One day, this reservoir will be full; it will overflow and take everything with it like a huge tidal wave. We must think of this reservoir, so that we always feel supported in our work for the coming of the kingdom of God on earth.

‘Seek the kingdom of God and his justice,’ said Jesus, meaning that the kingdom of God has a special justice which is not of this earth. Here on earth, as soon as a man lodges a complaint, even if it is over the smallest matter (someone has trespassed on his land…, someone has not paid him the exact amount…, someone has insulted him…), the full force of the law is with him, and the other is convicted. But there is no human justice to reward those who are good and generous, who bring peace everywhere they go. Earthly justice usually serves to protect what is most selfish and petty in human beings. Man’s higher nature is not recognized and is even scorned and trampled underfoot. Someone who is honest and unselfish is a nuisance, and everyone tries to get rid of him so they can get on with their shady dealings in peace. Well, this is unacceptable in the kingdom of God!

Suppose you are a government employee, a civil servant: in this role you are protected by the government and cannot be attacked without being defended by this authority which watches over you. In the same way, those who put themselves at the service of heaven, who seek to work for the divine cause, become employees of this sublime organisation. Angels protect them, and souls throughout the world are obliged to help them and take care of them so, because they are members of the great universal family, their lives become magnificent. Well then, decide to enter into the service of heaven, to realize the Kingdom of God and its Justice on earth, and thus a veil of protection will be cast over you, and invisible beings will walk by your side, endowing you with their light and their blessings.

The Gospels contain certain phrases which we must return to again and again in our meditations. For example: ‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.’ And these: ‘Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect’, ‘My Father is still working, and I also am working’, ‘I am the resurrection and the life’, ‘I am the light of the world’ but also: ‘You are the light of the world.’ You must choose the passages in the Gospels that present the most sublime ideal attainable, and undertake a genuine work in yourself with them. Of course you can always turn to some of the commandments: do not kill, do not steal, do not covet your neighbour’s wife… But do we gain anything so extraordinary in the spiritual world because we have not killed or stolen? It is the perfection of the kingdom of God that we must desire, for in this all blessings are to be found.

Human beings are so influenced by the way things are in the world that if they were transported to the Kingdom of God, they would start criticising everything: ‘Oh, but it is so strange here; it is different at home… it is better…' Exactly like the story of the man who belonged to a tribe whose members had only one eye. He went travelling and one day came across a nation where everyone had two eyes. On his return home he said to his compatriots: ‘I saw monsters, awful people: they did not have one eye like us, but two. We must attack them and take out their second eye!' Well, this mentality can be found everywhere. As soon as people notice that someone has faculties or virtues that are a little different, they unite against him, saying: ‘This one is abnormal, we have to attack him'. Because the majority rule. This means that if most people behave like animals, we must descend to their level and be like animals. Observe this mentality, because sometimes it is your own.

To Nicodemus, the Israelite doctor who came one night to question him, Jesus responded: ‘Very truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.’ This verse corresponds to a verse in the beginning of Genesis: ‘And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.’ In both of these, it is the phenomenon of birth which is evoked: the birth of the universe and the spiritual birth of the human being. In both we find the same elements: fire (spirit) and water (matter). Just as the universe was born of fire and water, human beings must also be born of fire and water in order to enter into this higher state of consciousness called the Kingdom of God, because transposed onto the spiritual plane, fire represents wisdom and water represents love.

Jesus said, ‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness.’ Why does the kingdom of God come first? Because it represents a state of perfection, of fulfilment. Everything is contained in it – health, wealth, beauty, order, freedom, peace, wisdom, love, joy… This is why Jesus adds, ‘and all these things will be given to you as well’. The kingdom of God is the synthesis of everything else, of every blessing one could ask for. You say, ‘Oh, if I were powerful… If I were rich… If I were beautiful!’ But these are only particular aspects, attributes, of the kingdom of God, and as soon as you begin to wish for any one in particular, an imbalance sets in. The kingdom of God is above all a state of balance and harmony. If you insist on one point, something else is bound to suffer, and so you are already introducing the seed of disharmony. Everything our soul, spirit, heart, mind and body need is contained in the words ‘the kingdom of God’.

By concentrating the sun’s rays with a magnifying glass – a simple piece of glass will do – we can produce fire. Long before physicists had perfected its practical applications, initiates had discovered this power of concentration on the psychic plane and had made it the basis of their spiritual work. For thousands of years they have taught their disciples that, in order to progress on the path of light, they must gather all the scattered currents of their being and direct them toward a single point. This beneficial exercise of concentration can be done alone at home, but why not do it together? When enlightened, determined and conscious people gather in greater and greater numbers to call for the kingdom of God, they will become like the rays of the sun, concentrated on a single point and capable of melting even the most hardened hearts.

How many men and women on this earth join forces to serve great ideas like the Kingdom of God and His righteousness? Very few. You do, however, see great numbers of people waste their energies in defending all kinds of causes of lesser importance (crumbling monuments, old customs, a certain breed of dog, etc.), which in fact they then soon abandon for another, and another ... Some will say: 'But joining forces to help people who are the victims of a disaster or persecution is doing something, and at least we see results. Whereas the Kingdom of God is a utopia and will never be realized.' Well, that is of no concern to us. Jesus said: '... strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, ...' and what is our concern is that we must work for its realization, because this is the only ideal worth devoting your life to. What is certain, however, is that if no-one does anything, in the belief that all efforts in this direction are useless, then of course the Kingdom of God will never be realized.

"Instead of remaining idle and wasting your time and energy in worthless activities, you can significantly reinforce certain luminous entities within you through patient and intelligent work. You yourself may be weak, but these entities are powerful, and if you provide them with the conditions they need to manifest their power, everywhere you go, thanks to them, you will enlighten others and prepare the coming of the kingdom of God. How many of you are truly participating in this work right now? Honestly ask yourself this question. You are still indecisive, irresolute, and at the beck and call of blind forces. Once and for all, dedicate yourself to the service of a high ideal, to the coming of the kingdom of God, and do not be concerned with what will become of you. This ideal will bring you everything."

Spiritualists may marvel at and make use of all the material world has to offer. They never forget, however, that what is essential is found within themselves, and that the outer world must be placed at the service of their inner world. Light, truth, peace, the kingdom of God – all are within us, so this is where we must seek them. All objects outside us are like the husk of reality, the shadow of reality. In certain circumstances they can be useful and effective, but they are not absolutely real; they are only images which can disintegrate and disappear. Those who cling to them will find matter instead of spirit, illusion instead of truth.

The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

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