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Old 01-22-2008, 09:27 AM
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Default Order Out of Chaos by Paul Joseph Watson (pdf)


322 Pages.
AEJ Productions.


A New World Order is being created and it is the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. Moreover, it is a menace to each and every one of us individually. It is a danger to our family, our way of life and our children's future. You will learn what it is, who is behind it, what they are doing to achieve it and why, and finally how we can ensure its destruction.

The New World Order is not a 'conspiracy' in the strictest sense of the term - it is an agenda. The agenda is orchestrated by a power elite that thinks it has the divine right to commandeer total control of your life.

But who are 'they'? Who are the 'power elite'? The UN, the EU, The Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome. The list goes on and there have been many books written that cover the history of these groups and how they connect to each other. The intenion of this book is to highlight how their unified agenda manifests itself in modern day developments with aprticular attention paid to the Hegelian dialect. To research these groups and their unified agenda is to understand who really controls your destiny and where this planet is heading, unless we speak out against the agenda itself.

The widely used term amongst researchers today is 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' and the tactic is mainly used to oppress populations, advance the police state and further the geopolitical aims of the New World Order. It works like this

-the manipulating body covertly creates a problem and then directs the media to incessantly focus on it without recourse. Remember, you only need to control the top of the pyramid.

-most media coverage is an exercise in regurgitating what the big newspapers and T.V. stations are reporting. The problem could be anything - a war, a financial collapse, a rash of child abductions, or a terrorist attack. The power of the media can create the false perception that a big problem exists, even if it doesn't.

-once you have created this problem you make sure that an individual, or group or an aspect of society is blamed. This then rallies the population behind the desperate lunge for a solution to the problem. 'Something must be done!' they cry in unison. The people that created the problem then offer the solution that the people demand. The people screaming for a solution do not know that the problem was artificially created in the first place.

The solution to the problem is always a further curtailment of freedom and an advancement of one or more aspects of the New World Order agenda - whether that is geopolitical expansion, new laws or the implantation of worldview.

Understanding the Problem-Reaction-Solution paradigm and how it is being used to steer the world towards a prison planet is the basis of this book. Keep this system in mind as you digest each piece of information and the reality of modern day developments will be revealed before your eyes.

Paul Joseph Waston

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