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Old 04-12-2009, 05:10 PM
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Question Cooperation or Competition?

Cooperation or Competition?

Major economic crises had in the past, the outbreak of war encouraged, or at least they were usually preceded. It is not clear whether the war was followed by the crisis to the incompetence of those responsible, and deflect the anger of the victim to steer to the outside, or whether the crisis of the leaders was staged, with the war to make their political ideas forward. If the former, the opinion is widespread, the latter seems to me on closer inspection, the more likely to have been.

Against the backdrop of soothing, if the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov after talks with his U.S. counterpart on 9 April in an interview with the TV channel "Russia Today" and the Russian foreign broadcaster "voice of Russia", said: "I see no reasons why the current crisis on a war thing. After the Great Depression, the quest for economic and financial communication. That led eventually to the Second World War. Today, I see no requirement that that scenario is repeated. " He played so well on the collusion of the G20 on the financial crisis in London in early April and has responded to a report that over 50% of adult Russians fear from foreign military attack, and is a reason to.

Russia had on the eve of London's G20 summit on the IMF called for the introduction of a reserve currency, to consider no longer, as at present, the economy only one country unilaterally preferred. The Chinese central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan was on 24 March the Russian proposal, the U.S. Dollar by a new anchor to replace internationalized supports, and on the public website of the Central Bank said: "In the international financial system must be a supranational currency reserve will be established, not to individual states is bound," and "Special Drawing Rights have the potential of a supra-national reserve currency. "

Day, said U.S. President Barack Obama on a big press conference at the White House: "The dollar today is so strong because the U.S. investors as the strongest economy in the world and the American political system as the most stable world view." Therefore, he can see no need for a new world currency. Thus Russia and China were dispatched. It does the U.S. Dollar still "solid" and have the U.S. stock markets recovered - apparently, because short sales which continue to fall in shares of speculation had had time monoplane. And because, inter alia, for just this purpose, the dollar lock has been opened. But this only affects the financial casino and not the real economy.

The manufacturing economy in the U.S., namely from still miserable. "Private employers stressed" after a report by the Automatic Data Processing Inc., 8 April "in March, 742,000 jobs". The government speaks of 663,000 jobs. In February, according to official figures, 651,000 jobs disappeared, 655,000 in January, but the number had been corrected to 741,000. For further falling house prices, rapidly growing tent sites for those who had lost her house, then nothing that the real economy of the country soon rises from the deep.

It changed nothing of the London summit. To Russia and China abzuspeisen, the Special Drawing Rights in the International Monetary Fund slightly to 250 billion U.S. dollars, expanded. A new, relieving the dollar reserve currency world was not created. The other U.S. $ 500 billion for the IMF were mere eyewash. 250 billion U.S. dollars were already before the summit had been, and Japan in November 2008 had a further 100 billion, the EU further U.S. $ 80 billion pledged. Who for the remaining 70 billion in revenue, was not even in London set. Even the U.S. $ 100 billion for the development banks were already - up to a rest between them in the financial markets designed to - previously agreed. The rescue of the international financial system, announced summit was only posturing.

And the stricter controls of financial markets and financial products to restore confidence in the markets recover? Indeed, the balance sheet rules but loose. According to Manager Magazin, 2 March "to adopt the U.S. accounting for market value. Banks may be illiquid securities at its own discretion in evaluating their books. This is the downward spiral of depreciation, and price erosion Notverkäufen stop." Whether the loss of confidence in the papers is slowing? The relevant Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) was the insistence of the banks and politicians relented. In Europe also apply more flexible rules, they should also be further relaxed. To see Merkels "stricter controls" real.

The biggest joke was the decision against tax havens. On the blacklist of the OECD are Costa Rica, the Philippines, Malaysia, in 1997 with the exchange controls against the financial crisis in Southeast Asia staged Mafia had resisted, denounced and Uruguay. The actual tax havens, the Cayman Islands or the Channel Islands of Jersey, Isle of Man and Guernsey, are missing altogether. You are on British territory. Solo Jersey is home to 33,395 mailbox companies, the assets of 206 billion pounds to manage. Already during the election campaign had U.S. President Barack Obama geschimpft: "There is a building in the Cayman Islands, probably in the 12,000 businesses based in the U.S. are housed. That's either the biggest building in the world or the biggest tax fraud in the world .. .. " He promised by law each year about 100 billion U.S. tax dollars to prevent the escape. "What a hypocrite. The United States themselves are the largest tax in the world," says Dan Mitchell of the Cato Institute in Washington (Source). States such as Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada companies acknowledged widespread anonymity On. One can then by telephone customer advisers task in 48 hours to set up a company to raise money before the tax authorities to hide. Many of the year, over 100,000 newly-founded company in Delaware are shell companies. From the international financial summit is only the envy hypocritical campaign against the excessive "bonuses" of those responsible for the financial Mafia, the dirt work, their employees' top managers. "

Why then Lawrows complacency? U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was on the Defense Policy meeting in Munich in early February called for in dealing with Russia, the "reset button" to press. The statement is ambiguous. Is he from the neoconservative Scharfmacherei away under Bush II, or he wants to destructive economic policy for Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union left off? What he really wants?

Nine days after Bidens speech, NATO began its ten-Exercise "Cold Response 2009", in the north, just before Russia's coast. The newspaper "Barents Observer" wrote to maneuver Location: "A conflict arose as a country invaded and North Central occupied. After a ceasefire Nordland moved his troops back. It created a power vacuum that NATO had to be filled." Shortly before this, the NATO military exercise "Baltic Host 2009" instead. According to RIA Novosti were "a number of scenarios [through] the invasion and the deployment of NATO troops in a member country" activities.

Before the maneuver had the Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and his U.S. colleague, Hillary Clinton made and insisted that the new U.S. Patriot PAC-3 missiles will be stationed in Poland. And it was U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates with his Polish colleague Bogdan Klich a contract for the expansion of the Polish special forces and their integration into the command structure of NATO. At the same time, NATO announced that it wants troops from the NATO Response Force permanently stationed in Eastern Europe hold.

The supreme commander of the Ukrainian fleet, Ihor Tenyukh, announced shortly after the signing of the Strategic Partnership with the United States, that the annual Sea Breeze fleet maneuvers with NATO before the Crimea "according to the number of participating troops and their equipment will be greater than before." And Generalskretär NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer announced the media: "We are committed to the Strategic Partnership (this time with Georgia) continues to expand." From 3 May is the month in Georgia, NATO Cooperative Longbow maneuvers Cooperative Lancer-planned. They wrote the Georgian Times: "Georgia's participation in the NATO exercise will be the first serious step by the new NATO after the conflict in August and the establishment of a NATO-Georgian Military Commission in September viewed. Earlier, U.S. Defense Secretary Gates, "The continued security relationship with Georgia and by the Pentagon as evidenced by the NATO-Georgia Commission highlighted.

Also in the Black Sea, just off the coast of Russia was the 14-day maneuvers "Thracian Spring 2009" instead. The U.S. Air Force practiced together with the Bulgarian from the new U.S. military base in Bulgaria Bezmer. Between July and October is a series of training maneuvers of the U.S. military with Bulgarian and Romanian troops are planned. While the U.S. Central Command chief David Petraeus announced that Azerbaijan is a transit route for supplies to NATO troops in Afghanistan used thought the U.S. Missile Defense Agency, according to evidence at the present Russian observation post in Azerbaijan Garbala U.S. Abfangraketen up. Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski had to announce: "We should work with Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan to cooperate in order to not U.S.-Russian dialogue to sacrifice [...] we should do everything to defend this country." Just as in August 2008. There are other Mannöver and is running again one of the "colored revolutions", this time in Moldova.

As surprising Lawrows optimism. Or he trusts to the announced expansion of the strategic submarine fleet, the successful tests of the new intercontinental missile and the newly developed 5th Generation of aircraft. And China just bought for 16 billion U.S. Dollar weapons in Russia.

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