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Old 06-26-2006, 06:10 AM
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Default Scientology - Exposed !

When you read this testimony, remember that Hubbard was first and foremost, before being a con man, a Satanist, a representative of Crowley in the American Ordo Templis Orientis cult in California.

The text has been posted all around the net. Just notice that NeoCon Fox News president is a top dog Scientologist. Yes...it all ties together at the top.


If youíre reading this, youíre one of two people. Out of anything I have learned over the past several decades, it is that there are only, and ever will be, two kinds of people: People who believe in Scientology and want to learn more about, want to protect it at all costs, like a sick child, and people who only want to destroy it. Iím here to tell you all you would ever want to know, the blatant truth of the beliefs of the highest echelon of Scientologists, for I was one.

I still am, technically. Iím a working level OT VII, which is one lower than the highest current available level of the organization. Level VIII brings with it the real truth of the direction and philosophy of Scientology, a truth its beholders keep both to themselves at all costs, and over the heads of every other member. The truth, apparently, is that they are just plain better than everyone else.

First, a little background. I am 37 years old. I have a wife, children, and am a very successful stock broker. Scientology has never ruined my life or the life of my family, and if I have anything to say about it, never will. I live in Irvine, California, one of the most beautiful and affluent cities in all of America (and even the world). My life is ideal, and fairly routine. I spend 3 days a week at the PAC base of Hollywood, California. This was the first Scientology facility, and is by far the largest. I am a working Thetan, a certified Auditor. I will not explain what these mean, I suggest you read up on them yourself.

For the sake of my family I will not give my real name. If not for them, I wouldnít care. I will never go back, and their retribution for me spreading this document will be swift and decisive. They will know I betrayed them, and they act on that notion. But they are benevolent enough to not touch my family, so long as I am not linked to this article.

Tom Cruise frequents the PAC base almost every other day. I have shaken his hand, as we are the same OT level, but I doubt he remembers me. We donít talk. I digress.

No one of my level or higher has ever gone public about what truly goes on in the workings of Scientology. It takes years upon years of devotion to see my level of advancement. I have seen the records. We have scarily accurate records on ever member, past and present. We hire people, people whose sole job is to keep these records up to date. They make calls all day, make sure these people on record are still living where they say, doing what they do, and not slandering the name of Scientology. Thatís their job, day in and day out. The highest level of Scientologist to ever betray us (before me) has been level V, which might not seem so but is much lower than VII or VIII. V lets you Audit, but nothing new is really revealed to you at that level.

What I am about to tell you is essentially the ďsecretĒ behind becoming a level VIII. We are not supposed to know, but most of us VIIís do. You see, itís not about they knowing that gets you to level VIII, itís about the believing. Itís about the powers that be (other VIIIís) reviewing your life and judging you, making sure that youíre ready to take on the responsibility of running the entire religion. In order to do that, you have to not just know something about Scientology, you have to be willing to die for it.

To just tell you wouldnít do it justice. I have to illustrate it. I canít stop you impatient types from skimming ahead to find it, but youíll find youíll be disappointed by the simplicity of it. Please, I beg you to read every progressive word and to not skip ahead.

I have almost full access to the entire PAC base, and I wander its halls frequently, sticking my nose in what essentially has nothing to do with me. But this is the freedom of my level. Let me tell you that the members of level VI and lower truly believe in the Dianetics doctorine. This counts for roughly 99% of the population of Scientologists. The transcendence to level VII is doing away with all of that. Weíre not dumb, we realize fully the ludicrousness of Hubbards workings. We know who he was and what he did to this ďreligionĒ after creating it. The real test of becoming a level VII is the ability to resist the urge to spit on his portrait when you see it. He may be our creator, but he betrayed us in the end. He is in his own special level of Hell for that.

Yes, we level VIIís do believe in Hell. Not just any Hell, but the standard Christian levels of Hell, where the last level is saved for betrayers. We believe Hubbards screams are heard by Judas himself.

Does that mean Tom Cruise knows Dianetics is a lie? Yes. Although I have no idea how that effects him personally. It hits us all differently. Iíve seen but not met Katie Holmes around the PAC base. Sheís a level III, which means she doesnít know that everything her soul-mate teaches her is a lie. We all lie, itís part of the job. Itís part of the plan. There have been a total of 86 Level VIIís over the span of Scientology, and not a one before me has betrayed us upon learning the lie of it all. Thatís how careful the level VIIIís, how intelligent they are in choosing their pupils. We learn, we accept, and for one reason or another we stay.

When we learn that Auditing does nothing. That treating mentally or physically ill people with Audits instead of proper medication, essentially killing them, has been our doing. We stay.

When we learn that the term Thetan is used synonymously with ďsuckerĒ in countless ploys to scam helpless people of all types from their money. We stay.

When we learn that we actively ruin peoples lives for the sake of keeping our religion in a popular light, not for any greater good, but for the sake of keeping secret a lie. We stay.

We sue, prosecute, frame, intimidate, and even kill any journalist, politician, businessman, or individual who gets in our way. We have records for these things, and I have read them all.

I still do these things. I still perform Audits. Although for the sake of my family we have proper health care. Iíll be damned before I see my son take an Audit and some bullshit vitamins to treat his diabetes instead of insulin. But for everyone else, their fate is not my concern.

Iíve met some of our lawyers, all deeply intelligent and amoral people. They are our foundation, and they know it. Some of them arenít even members, but theyíre so good that we canít afford to let them go. They know our secrets, our big secret, but we pay them enough to have them take it to the grave. Most of them donít care.

There is one level VIII per major facility and 2 in the PAC base. I know them both intimately, as I have spent the majority of the past 3 years under their close supervision. One man is Roger Eugene Ailes, the president of Fox News. The other is Dick Ackerman, representative of Californiaís 33rd district. I donít see Roger as often, heís a very busy man. Dick Iíve spend the most time with.

They believe in what they do. They believe in the evil of it. Every dollar stolen, every schizophrenic child who stabs their mother because they opted for Audits instead of medication. They revel in it. If not for writing this article, I would be on the their path eventually.

They laugh secretly at the beliefs of their followers. They find endless novelty in putting on a mask of zealousness and prancing around in front of all the lower levels, spouting praise for all things Scientology. Then, as quickly as they came, they retreat back to their high floored offices and mansions, and spend their followers money of decadent, useless things.

Theyíve spent my money in the past. Up until level VI I had donated almost $400,000 to the cause, and Roger himself thanked me personally for it years ago. Back then, when I was but an idealistic hot shot level IV broker, donating my first $75,000 personally to Mr. Ailes, I could have swore I saw a tear in his eye. Maybe it was, in his vain attempt to hold back crying of laughter. I learned later that every dime of my money went to a trip to Taiwan, to taste in the special brand of young male prostitutes there. Enlightenment through material loss tends to lose its romanticism when you find out it was spent on fucking 14 year old boys.

In the five years of being a level VII, I have since made all of that money back, and then some, through Scientology. Iím not proud of it, Iím not proud of any part of my life dealing with Scientology, but it is a part of my life nonetheless. In my five years of being a level VII, I have almost made myself a millionaire. I will see my son and daughter go to college on that money. I will buy them cars, houses, what ever they need. I refuse to let them or my wife be a part of my madness. I donít let them near the PAC base anymore.

That is a long, predictable story of how a patriarch of a home forces his family to shun a religion he has sold them all on long ago. And then, in the bitter irony of it all, continues going to this religion for another five years. It hasnít been easy, but they love me, and Iíve been good to them.

I suppose I sound like one big contradiction. Selfish yet loving, sickened by Scientology yet still devoted to it. Iím sorry for that, for I feel very contradictory. Very torn. Iíve spent my whole life believing in a lie, learning to accept this lie for the benefit of an organization I still love, and then learning the truth behind the direction of that organization, and learning finally to believe that. To believe in that one last secret, that one final fact about Scientology.

Well I canít. That is where I draw the line. I am saddened to have come so far, and to consider myself too weak to go one step further. To take the leadership of this religion by the reigns, along with the other level VIIIís, towards itís inevitable direction. I just canít do it, and because of that and this article which I will try to spread to anyone and everyone who will listen, I will most likely be killed.

Dramatic, I know. Hard to believe, I know. Iíve signed up to every major internet message board, and have sent this to every major news outlet. However I feel I will have more success over the internet, seeing as how most news outlets are owned by several major broadcasting corporations, most of them friendly in some way towards Scientology.

The secret behind this cult, behind this evil organization, is in itís direction, itís goal. The goal of Scientology is not to become the major predominant religion of the world. That is something they have already secured. You will not see any end to Scientology over the years. Through mob tactics and the sheer weight of itís wealth and influence, Scientology will become the only way to pray in the world. The leaders are not in any way, being the realistic, pragmatic people that they are, doubtful of that. Itís not a belief on their part, but a fact. You would do well to remember that before the end.

What end? The end being the success of their main goal, which is to become the first true Illuminati of the world. So far, such a word has been a myth, an urban legend of politics. No real Illuminati has ever existed on this planet, but that is the goal of Scientology: Unlimited power. Power to decide the fate of all things, all people. They do it for their own interests, the endless interest of what it would feel like to have control over everything. They do it not for any betterment of mankind, or even in sustaining the tenuous harmony we as a species have now. I have met all level VIIIís at one time or another, and I know better than anyone that not a one of them would have a problem with infanticide, global cleansing of ďweakerĒ ethnicities, slavery, aristocracy, or vindictive torture of anyone they donít like.

In short, the true love of my life, the light which has guided my path since I was a snot-nose 17 year old punk, is nothing but a well greased machine of evil. Scientology, in whatever itís fate, will be remembered as the organization that meant the end of all things. Their buildings the Devilís playground, their leaders the Devilís puppets. I do believe in God, we all do from VII on up. Everyone but me at those levels has shunned Him, some of them believe that God is dead. They do what they do because they believe the Devil is the only dealer, and the house always wins, so bet on the house.

But I believe He is watching me, judging me as He does. I donít want to be remembered as the man who struck a blow to Scientology, I donít want to be remembered at all. I just want God to know that I tried, that I tried to atone, for the sake of seeing my family again at the pearly gates. These days, on the downhill slope of my life, that is all I want.

Thank you for reading. This may all be hard to read and believe. If you donít believe me then youíre well within your rights to. If anything about this article has taught you anything itís that to choose what you believe very carefully.

If you do believe, then for Godís sake spread the word. Have nothing to do with Scientology, and ward off anyone you know from it. Thereís nothing for you there, in those pristine buildings worshipping the ďprophetĒ Hubbard, nothing but a desecration of the soul. Nothing but a wasteland of morals.

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Old 06-26-2006, 08:15 AM
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Default Re: Scientology - Exposed !

join Scientology and become a mind controlled slave. The story of Michael.
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Old 06-26-2006, 02:55 PM
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Default Re: Scientology - Exposed !

So . . . they replaced the hooded robes and black candles with white labcoats and biofeedback?

I've seen a lot of "new" things that are just low-level hexes or other kinds of left-hand gimmickry. Been around as long as pen and ink. Honestly, there's little honor among commercial witches nowadays.

My own experience in the Pacific Northwestern US with Scientology is a kind of "bait & switch" manouver; someone will cold contact you while waiting for the "WALK" light, for instance, and just begin talking to you like you were old friends (just sizing you up to see what a sucker you are) . . .
\"Oops\" = A. Hitler upon hearing that the allied troops landed at Normandy instead of Pas-De-Calais as expected.
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