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Old 01-02-2008, 10:35 AM
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“God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth.”
John 4:24

"God is a Spirit." The word "God" in all the languages is not understood. It is not a simple notion. Man has to study it for a long time before he can understand it. As long as it remains incomprehensible, this word does not bring any benefit. Only the comprehended things can bring benefit to humans. God is a Spirit and the Spirit is God - it is one and the same. How a person will speak is not important – it is important that he should understand it. The words "God is a Spirit" comprise the reality of life. Whether man denies or admits this reality is not important. No matter how much he denies it, no matter how much he doubts it, no matter how much he philosophizes on its existence, anyway man feels that something confines him and he cannot do without this reality. Man cannot live without both this reality and air. No matter how much he denies air, no matter how much he insists that he cannot live without it, it is enough to stop receiving it, to see that he cannot live without air. The physical life of man is determined by breathing. As he stops breathing, his life stops as well. On the same grounds, I say: As soon as a man stops thinking about God, he dies. Sometimes, human life is being made senseless, because he seeks the reality in the shadows. He thinks that what surrounds him is real. What surrounds man is a relative reality, though, that is - shadows of reality. As long as he believes in the shadows of reality, man becomes superstitious and constantly loses something from his own self. As long as he believes in the absolute reality, he grows and increases, acquires knowledge, strength, and wealth. The one who lives in the shadows of the reality becomes poor. As soon as he enters the true reality, he starts to eat well and enters the abundance of life.

"God is a Spirit". In order to understand the deep meaning of these words, man needs mental Light. He has to enter the Light of life that reveals the presence of God. The one that has entered the Light of life is the only one who can see the wide world around him. Through this Light he sees life internally. Without it, he can perceive the world just by its reflection - not straight. The real world is wide, so man cannot grasp it. For instance, man can get what the Sun is by the Light that comes from it, but in fact he does not know what it is like. Scientists say that the Sun is a body burning with high temperature that - according to the various scientists - varies from 5000-45,000,000 degrees. But no scientist has been on the Sun, so that he might have absolute knowledge of it.

As soon as there is some talk about the Sun, this shows that both the common person and the scientists know something positive about it. All people know that the Sun is a bearer of light and warmth. According to the way the sunbeams reach the ground, according to what the angle is as they reach the ground, this heat is stronger or weaker. It is noticed, that various temperatures affect the bodies differently. For instance, at low temperatures the bodies freeze, at moderate temperatures the bodies grow, while at the high temperatures they melt. Low temperatures are for weak creatures, the moderate temperature is for common creatures and high temperatures are for strong and rational beings. Common creatures and the majority of humans live at a moderate temperature - we see this from the fact that the human body temperature is 37 degrees. As soon as this temperature is increased by three or four degrees, man goes to the next world. But there also exist microbes, that live at temperatures of more than 120 degrees and some of them even withstand 500 degrees.

These are scientific affirmations that need proof. According to contemporary scientists, the Sun is a burning body, while the Earth is a solid dark mass illuminated by the Sun. The interior of the Earth is a fiery melted mass, while its surface is hard, because of the pressure under which it stands. This means, that the solidity of some men is due to the same reason. They too, as the Earth, are under great pressure. Often there are great depressions and great pressures in Nature. Then the people feel great discomfort. As soon as its depression passes away, their discomfort immediately disappears. Depression exists in the mental life of a person as well. For instance, each unclear feeling causes depression in his heart, while each unclear thought causes depression in his mind. If man understands them, he feels great joy. Inner peace and calm set within him. Within the Divine World, the thoughts and feelings that are understood are fruits, which the human Spirit eats. If the human Spirit does not eat such thoughts and feelings, it gradually weakens and becomes feeble - like the body of a person, who does not eat well. Weak and skinny people cannot be beautiful. Beauty is not just an outer quality, but an internal one as well. If a man likes to be beautiful and to have a pleasant face to look at, he should know what food to give to his Spirit. If he feeds it with suitable food, a man acquires both spiritual and physical beauty. If he is not beautiful both in the spiritual and the physical sense, though, he cannot be considered a beautiful person.

Christ says: "I have food to eat that you know nothing about." (Verse 32) What is this food? Christ answers: "My food is to carry out the will of him who sent me and to finish his work." (Verse 34) Christ came to Earth to do God's will, to deliver clear thoughts to humans that can show them the right way and turn them to God. Those who have not adopted Christ’s thoughts, live outside God, as a result they die. If man wants to be immortal, he has to know God. Immortality is in the recognition of God. Therefore it was said: "This immortal life is to recognize you - the Only One True God." Why does a human have to have faith? So that he can live. If he does not have faith, he will die. Consequently, if you want to die – have no faith; if you want to live - have faith. If you want to suffer – have no faith; if you do not want to suffer - have faith. Sufferings are a result of unclear thoughts, feelings, and deeds. The difference between clear and unclear thoughts is like the difference between artificial fruit made by a man and natural fruit made by Nature. The difference between the clear and the unclear thoughts produces different results. The unclear thoughts, feelings, and deeds in human life lead to sorrow, difficulties, and finally – to death, while the clear thoughts lead to joy, fun, and life.

Talking about unclear thoughts, we mean the thoughts that have sprung from the Divine Light. The Spirit eats Divine thoughts only. At the same time, we say God is Love. Consequently, as the Spirit eats Divine thoughts, it gives birth to Love. The fruit of the Spirit is Love. On its side, Love gives birth to life. So, to enter the reality of Spirit, one should experience Love. To understand what Love is he should experience life.

"God is Spirit". The believers read this verse, yet they are seeking the way to believe in God and His Spirit. I am asking: is a man able to believe in the existence of the Sun before the sunlight illuminates him? Can a man believe in the existence of fire before he perceives its heat? Can a man believe in the existence of bread before he tastes the life this bread comprises? Can a man believe in someone's words before he tastes them? Much of what I talk might seem incomprehensible to you, or you might think you know it. Whatever you think, you should test the things. Because men do not taste the things and take a lot of them for granted, we may say they know few things. They have a lot of synthetic and analytical knowledge - they do not have mental knowledge, though. Little of their knowledge has become their flesh and blood. Until he analyses the matter of the body, the chemist decomposes it into its component parts. Until he synthesises the substances, the chemist forms more and more complex compounds. By breaking down the complex bodies and synthesizing the separate elements in complex compounds, he performs a series of processes that deserve examination. Combining two elements you may get some kind of gas - it can ignite and light, but it cannot explode. Using the gas wisely, you can get light, otherwise, combined with air, or oxygen - it might ignite and explode. Many chemists have been hurt due to such explosions.

One famous American professor was combining an explosive before his students; the explosive power was ten times bigger than the power of dynamite. So, he took one small amount of it and ignited it. Knowing the explosive power of this matter, he said to his students: Run! Instantly the audience ran outside - the professor and the students got out. Explosives are dangerous. Even the smallest particle of these substances comprises such an amount of explosive force that may bring great misfortunes. On dealing with such substances, man should know how to use them.

There are words in the human speech that bear great explosive force - they cause an explosion within man. As soon as the sweetheart of the maiden tells her, that he does not love her, she returns home broken hearted and crushed: her gaze becomes dull, her face reddens. Her life loses its meaning; she does not feel like living. Why? Because her sweetheart has told her that he does not love her. He voiced one word, set the air in motion, so she does not want to live. What should she do? She should learn the law of transformation. Instead of repeating, "he does not love me", she should transform these words and say, "he loves me". Or, if her sweetheart tells her, that he does not love her, she should put a comma after the negative particle "not". Then the meaning of the words will become positive: No, he loves me. Consequently, unless he wants to suffer excessively, man should learn to put commas next to all the negative thoughts. If someone says, that God does not love him, he should immediately put a comma after the particle "not". The only one who loves him is God. If someone thinks God does not love him, the reason lies in him. Due to his misunderstanding of the laws, he directs bad thoughts towards God. Then his own thoughts return to their creator again. Not realizing these bad thoughts are his own creation, man thinks they come from God. No, God does not occupy Himself with negative thoughts.

Now, as you know this law, never say, that you do not love this one or that one. Saying you do not love someone, you commit a crime regarding God. Something beautiful and great has been put within each man, for which you should love him. It has been said in the Scriptures: “He fell in love with the Truth within man." So, a particle of God exists within each man. Each man needs Love, so love each other. To love someone means to feed him. To love you means to feed you. The human Spirit eats clear thoughts. Send a bright, clear thought to the man and leave him alone. He will receive your thought, cultivate it, that is, he will “eat” it, and after a time he will send some other thought back to you, which you will eat. People start losing their Love the moment they have worked their way to it. They want to keep it for themselves only. It is known, that when two people love each other, they turn off all the taps within themselves in order that this Love does not come out. They want to use it by themselves. No, as soon as he finishes his meal, a man should give what was left to the other people – thus they also might make use of Love.

There are two kinds of Love in the world: love of the shadows and love of reality. The love of the shadows is Love of limitations and sufferings. We do not mean this Love. We mean the real Love, which neither limits the others, nor limits itself. Love described in the novels is the Love of the shadows. There are three kinds of this Love: dramatic, comic, and tragic. If their Love is dramatic, the characters suffer. They suffer mutually and faint before they marry. As soon as they marry, no one faints any longer. If their Love is tragic, the characters die. If their Love is comic, the characters remain alive and laugh everything off. They do not view life seriously. Tragedy is related to mind, and drama - to the heart. There is no suffering and death in real Love. There, the relation between the souls is increasing and never breaks. Real Love is characterized by growth and achievement.

So, have in mind, that human Love is Love of shadows. It is like a beautiful dress in which the heart dresses itself. As soon as it gets dressed in this garment, instead of rejoicing, the heart begins to suffer. Why? The garment is not suitable for it. Such Love constantly takes. It does not give anything to a man, so he is in constant discrepancy. What do we see in life? Two people fall in love with each other - due to lack of understanding the laws, though, they run across the Love of the shadows that constantly takes. Each one of them wants to take, till one day both of them begin to hate each other. To preserve their Love, they have to experience the real Love that differs in giving. If he does not give and take, the human cannot be loved. Man should know when he should accept God's Love and when he should give it. In Love, things should have their proper time.

When we talk about the Love of the shadows, one should not judge himself: a person should neither underestimate, nor overestimate himself. A man has to have a proper measure with which to measure the things, he should know, that he has two valuable things inside himself: Spirit and soul. As he knows this, he should neither underestimate his Spirit and his soul, nor overestimate them. The Spirit and the soul represent in man the mother and the father. Consequently, love your father - your Spirit, and your mother - your soul. Work in unity and harmony with them in order to develop your mind and your heart that are given to you as tools for the physical world.

"God is Spirit". Where does God manifest Himself? God manifests Himself within the mind - through light, within the heart - through heat, within the will - through power. God also manifests within the human soul and Spirit. If we cannot find God at these five places, we will not be able to find Him anywhere. All the noble and exalted feelings ripen within the human soul thanks to the Divine Heat and Light. Not only the human soul should give birth, but the mind and the heart should give birth too. What is the mind that does not give birth to thoughts? What is the heart that does not give birth to feelings? What is the will that does not give birth to force? Consequently, the mind should give birth to light thoughts and nurture them. The heart should give birth to warm feelings and nurture them. The will should give birth to power, which should constantly increase. If he cannot nurture his thoughts, feelings, and actions, man will spoil them spoiling also his own self. Human thoughts, feelings, and actions should be healthy, clear, because they are part of the composition of his body. At the same time, they are also part of the composition of the future world.

A new world is being created. It is designed in space as on a cloth. To understand it, man should become engrossed with himself. He can achieve this by examining the small quantities. Each thought, feeling, and action are such small quantities, that man should consciously examine them. As soon as a bright thought comes into your mind, examine how it was born, what was its origin, etc. As soon as a good feeling comes into your heart, find out its origin. Examine the origin of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, noting the minute, the hour, the day and the time they were born. Thoughts, born in spring, summer, or winter have different features.

As He stopped by the well to rest, Christ talked with the Samaritan woman. He was telling her about the life-giving water, but she thought He meant the ordinary water and was wandering how he can give her water when there was nothing to draw this water with. Likewise, now you do not understand the problem of thought, so you also might say as the Samaritan woman: “Give us from this water, so that we will not become thirsty.” At last, Christ told the Samaritan woman: "Go call your husband!" – “I have no husband.” Man implies the human mind. This means, the Samaritan woman did not have a mind; that is, her higher mind, perceiving things properly, was not awakened yet. Until he lives, man should develop his own self and his elevated mind. To manifest his elevated mind means to manifest the male principle within himself.
Today each man wants to be brave, to manifest character and power. Man cannot be brave, unless he has mind. Man cannot be stable unless he has heart. The mind develops bravery - the heart develops stability. Therefore, man differs from the woman in his power; woman differs from the man in her stability. Leave a woman in an empty house and see what happens. Several years later, the house will be full. What man does externally happens within him internally. Because one of the features of the heart is to gather, woman gathers and fills the house. Man does not need many things. Man needs few, but important things.

As disciples, you should strive to attain light thoughts that have a high price. These thoughts come from distant spaces. They are brought to Earth by rational beings that have a special mission. These creatures love people and come down to Earth especially to bring them light Divine thoughts and elevated Divine feelings. These thoughts and feelings are gifts for people. If they receive them on time, they should process them within themselves. Thus processed, they bring radical change in their lives. Each clear thought, feeling, and action is a great blessing for a man. That one, who appreciates them, becomes a great person.

Christ says: "I have food to eat that you know nothing about." This means: I have a task - to fulfil the will of my Father - not my own will. Each person was sent to Earth, so that he can fulfil the Divine Will. Therefore, each person was given a special mission. This mission consists in the reception and implementation of light thoughts and elevated feelings. If he fulfils his mission properly, a person will have attained something valuable, that he can carry with himself to the other world.

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on July 16, 5 a.m.


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