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Old 12-16-2010, 06:24 AM
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Default Re: Why do Masons hang out in conspiracy forums ?

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
You are the proof that light can be corrupted.
How's that?

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
York rite, as in, I kiss the ass of British masters, oh yes I get it, they are not British either, they are Masons....
Either way, you kiss the ass of your nordic masters, so enjoy.
Oh, how little you know of the York Rite.

Originally Posted by Phantom Monkey View Post
Next time, look in the mirror and ask who is your controller.
I don't need to look in the mirror.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
It's been six hours since the Monkey responded to your post, K.

Where are you?

I'm certain you were alerted via email that someone responded to your comment.
Well, I don't have my phone anymore that makes noise when I get an email, plus I had gone to bed. I have also been at work all day, my hours are completely different now, and I'm not allowed to peruse personal sites at work.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Oh, you must be busy with all that mason stuff.

Charitible work, etc.

We await your reply,
Actually its nothing involving Masons. Only work for the better part of the next year. In March I do get to go to Europe and while there I'm visiting some of the Sir Knights and Brothers.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."

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