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Old 11-08-2006, 03:32 AM
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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

:-? I agree with cuda as an Australian and not the typical redneck right leaning variety you usually find on these forums, from the outside looking in it looks to me like the USA is already the dreaded World Government and just about any US president could fit the role of the anti christ!.

Unlike the typical premill prodie bible prophocies i dont believe that mogog and gog is Russia and the Arabs and EU against isreal i am not sure i believe in this premill rapture they like to preach either I am an amill christian i dont believe in putting 144,000 yids on a pedestal they dont deserve in the tribulation.

The average christians are the real isrealis salvaged at armaggedon not the semitic kind theyll still be sacrificing sheep or goats mosiac covenent style in their newly rebuilt solomans temple!.

And the revelations say the mark of the beast will be placed on all so they can buy or sell and if they dont have it they wont buy or sell so clearly the mark of the beast has to be associated with capitalism for start not some imaginary commie boogie man which wouldnt even believe in buying or selling to begin with!.

You yanks should take a good hard look at yourselfs and ask if it isnt the mighty USA which is the new Babylon or Rome many other nations seem to think its you lot already not just me!. :-?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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