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Old 08-02-2011, 04:51 PM
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Default Area 51 - what is there?

There has been speculation in the media, on the internet and in social circles for the last fifty years about the paranormal and unexplainable activity at Air Force Flight Centre, Detachment 3, or as it is more commonly known Area 51.

Area 51 is located in the southern portion of Nevada on a base that covers 575 square miles with Groom Lake at the centre of the base. Groom Lake is the isolated site of a dry lakebed that is used to test top secret military air craft.

However Area 51 rose to fame, and the fore-front of the minds of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) and Extra-terrestrial believers when it was widely reported that on June 14 1947 J.B Foster and his eight year old son reportedly witnessed an alien-like space craft crash into their ranch.

On July 4 1947 after receiving the report from J.B. Foster W.W Brazil attended the reported location of alien craft crash with his wife and family and gathered up rubber strips, tinfoil, rough paper and sticks.

After reporting his find to the sherif, George Wilcox, the Roswell Army airfield was notified.

Major Jesse Marcel investigated the report and took pieces of the disk to his home to reconstruct it. At that point the Roswell case was closed - that was until September 24 1947 when President Truman sent a Top Secret Memo to Secretary of Defense James Forrestral.

The document reportedly authorized Forrestral to establish a group of qualified persons to investigate a "crashed saucer that had been recovered near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947".

Evidence as to the authenticity of the documents have to date been unable to be proven, however Majestic 12 papers and documents were released to the media on May 29 1987 which confirms the elite-officers team was formed in late 1947.

With the United States government repeatedly denying the existence of Area 51 it has added to the pure speculation of a government cover up, and fresh questions as to what they are hiding with the base.

The United States of America Air Force has verified the existence of Area 51 however, under it's official name of Air Force Flight Test Center, Detachment 3, as a testing facility however the Air Force refuses to discuss what is actually tested at this facility. This secrecy has led to speculation on the part of Ufologists who have done exhaustive research and documentation to attempt to prove the existence of a scam.

The Area 51 facility has been used to build and test a number of top secret government air craft, which has included the U-2 program, OXCART, F-117 Air craft, all at the time sparked numerous Unidentified Flying Object reports, with pilots and officials at the base ordered under top secrecy to deny any claims of their testing project.

However their newest, and most controversial top secret project is the Aurora air craft, a craft that has been built and tested since 1987 where an estimated $2.71Billion was spent on the air craft technology alone.

The air craft is rumored to be of a triangle, or possibly diamond, shaped space shit that can travel at approximately 4 400 miles per hour. It is highly rumored that the Aurora air craft flies from the Groom Lake base out into the Pacific Ocean (to an undisclosed location) before refuelling in the United Kingdom and returning back to Area 51.

In 1989 a number of witnesses contacted the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence to report seeing an unidentified black triangle like air craft flying over head as if it had just taken off before reportedly causing a sonic boom before disappearing.

The Aurora reportedly takes it's test flights on Thursday mornings between 4am-7am, this has been determined by seismologist Jim Moori who says that at the same time every week the US Geological Survey sensors in California has picked up the Sonic Boom.

The Aurora is claimed by many to explain numerous UFO sightings surrounding the Area 51 base, or is it a convenient excuse for the United States Government who allow private contractors to use deadly force on anyone who steps on the base to continue with their cover up story while continuing to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public?


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