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Old 02-17-2008, 11:32 AM
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Sue Bradley
February, 2008

Many of us are old enough to recall the horror that followed the October, 1972 crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Weather conditions were most certainly the causative factor for the flight’s 45 travelers and crew which sustained a fatal impact at a then unnamed mountain peak, currently known as Cerro Seler, carrying members of the Stella Maris College’s Rugby Team from Montevideo to Chile. Of the 45 crew and passengers on Flight 571, twelve died instantly or shortly thereafter.

Of the survivors who had sustained significant non-life threatening injuries, including broken limbs from the impact in the remote and harsh Chilean mountains. Freezing mountains at a high altitude with thinly stretched provisions for enduring the upcoming 72 days of improvisational rations of the little food aboard, water warmth augmented not only the physical aspects of the hardship, but the harrowing emotional desperation was yet to be perceptible.

Finally, after an incredible 72 days on the inhospitable mountain, rescuers finally reached the significantly lower count of survivors, 16 in all, in various stages of dehydration, scurvy, malnutrition, dehydration frostbite and numerous other maladies.

The story of these survivors has been the feature of two books and four movie and documentary presentations since the ordeal. It was only until months later that revelations of just how these survivors lived were disclosed, and for much of the civilized world, the abhorrent details of human cannibalism were disclosed. Compelled by human determination to live, the survivors made a wrenching choice.

As Rugby team member Nando Parrado explains in a story of friendship, calamity and choice, he ponders the barbarity of ‘fate’ while considering the consequences and ethics of a situation without alternative, "I would live from moment to moment and from breath to breath, until I had used up all the life I had."

The gamut of the complexity of such action continues to be a difficult topic, and we in the west, have, for the most part, been exempt via voluminous food products. A former “constant” in our lives has methodically, patiently and efficiently been spoon-fed for two generations, but is now becoming arguably the most consuming issue of our time.

A world with a population exploding at over 6.6 billion as of February, 2008 is beginning to see instability in not only the agrarian segment but in primary and secondary animal provisions.

Shortages of grain caused by weather anomalies lead to the inability to maintain large herds resulting in the premature slaughtering of millions of farm animals with the resulting cyclical effect of shortages in dairy and other by products.

Attempts to produce faster, healthier and nutritionally superior products have advanced - untested with yet to be determined long-term effects of supplemental enhancement of livestock.

And yet a far greater threat looms. Just over ten years ago the world was introduced to a controversy which to this day has not been eased, and yet desperate and quite often unqualified systems to monitor the food situation have advanced at breakneck speed in unregulated, undisputed and profit mongering provisional laboratories. Startup slaughterhouse laboratories are growing to accommodate the global food requirements and are quite often unexamined and unregulated. Products of indeterminate content, unregulated and disorganized production are already within the reach of public and private wholesalers.

And just when it appears that NOTHING could possibly degenerate further into the trans-breeding of species, a subject which without the determined research and resolve of Tom Horn, and the diligence of like minded others, has garnered passionate dissemination of the still unknown implications of inter-species/transdimensional and post humanist warnings whilst evolving at warp speed), the possibility of an even more imminent, grotesque and gruesome nature is not only finding rapid acceptance but cultural prominence as well.

Often used by self-help groups to encourage and motivate, but most recently as a formula organized essentially based on the Hegelian/Marxist Dialectic social evolution which had initially been designed to support the economic theory of communism and “Reinvented Collectivism” by acceptance and ideology rather than conflict is, loosely articulated:

A (thesis) versus B (antithesis) equals C (synthesis)

1. Thesis The prevailing thought, agenda, current policy
2. Antithesis An open and often forcible opposition to current policy, taken to the extreme for the purpose of achieving the “desired goal,” the
3. Synthesis A new ‘harmonic’ acceptance of ‘apparent’ compromise between the thesis and antithesis.

The process is gradually introduced into mainstream society by way of an attitudinal change and adjustment.


1. An ’unacceptable’ or shocking practice or behavior advocating public discussion
2. An initial general response would be outrage and emotional traumatization
3. Acceptance of discussion of subject (albeit via continuing offense and dismay)
4. A very gradual willingness of the overall majority to entertain and repeat
5. Common acceptance of the essence or idea as less ‘threatening’
6. Gradual followed by increased acceptance, indeed, finding the perceived initial ‘threat’ as overreaction

A familiar correlation is the metaphor of a frog in boiling water: An abrupt conversion from ambient surroundings to boiling water results in an efforts of extrication. However, an incremental heating of the water is virtually imperceptible, hence the soggy frog croaks none the wiser.

It is rather commonly acknowledged that the United States into an accelerated downward spiral in the decade of the 60’s. War, peace, drugs, defiance. No God in classrooms sharply subjacent values, abandonment of orthodox religion, rebellion, Roe v Wade.

From the backward lens of Scriptural history, it is exceeding clear that the disregard for “innocent blood” is where the line for judgment is drawn. It was during this time that many will recall Billy Graham’s comparison of the US and Sodom and Gomorrah, “If God does not judge America soon, He will have to apologize for Sodom and Gomorrah.”

And it is since those years that the United States has continued to deteriorate, actually the decay has only increased: “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes….” Proverbs 21:2

Thus we find ourselves at the heart of this insentient evil. The Tiananmen Square massacre of June 1989 energized not only the Chinese citizenry but through a litany of various trade agreements led to the withdrawal of Most Favored Nation status (MFN). This included not only economic and emigration sanctions but led to similar conditions by other western countries.

Beginning in May of 1996, then President Clinton, in recognition of China’s adherence to the agreements as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights essentially reinstituted many of the peripheral agreements with China which easily challenge US economic prowess.

For over twenty-five years, China with the largest population base on the earth uses ambitious “Fertility Targets” (women) via population control funded in part by the United Nations. It does appear that the rise of the Occidental Age is firmly in place….and 2008 is The Chinese Calendar’s Year of the Rat.

“Keep the birthrate low to enhance the quality of the population.” In addition to financial incentives endeavoring to keep Chinese families at the “Rule of One,” other measures, far more insidious are becoming less obscure. Forced abortions of female babies are commonplace, even routine.

Though enforcement varies from region to region, it can and often is performed as late as nine months into the pregnancy. Those who do not comply with regional policies have suffered miserable fates: homes burned down, loss of employment denial of citizenship, and as those in positions to decide, I.e. the government, the police at hospitals, etc., some children are injected with poison on the spot if a government Certificate of Permission card is not produced.

And, if these intemperate measures are not enough there has come to notice the most macabre delicacy imaginable: Fetal Soup.

Though rumors of this gruesome ‘delicacy’ have circulated for years, most have believed them as the ’fodder’ for horror films. A Google search brings up no fewer than 17 non-related reports, though there are thousands of linked corroborative sites ranging from the sarcastic twilight zone humor to actual recipes, restaurants and video and photographic descriptions and details.

At a price of $30 to $40 per bowl, instructions and condiments supplied, these grotesque attractions come with all of the artistry and composition of the high ground of an etherealness of an indulgent ambrosia.

Although China does have laws prohibiting the eating of the human fetus, the strict one child policy provides additional income and high incentive for such barbaric catachresis and brutal atrocities.

And if this barbarity permits only a moral reaction consider the next elevation: the Jezebel of Jezebels: use of “gourmet” body parts as the newest and most demanded version of the Fountain of Youth.

With the express interest of accurate journalistic confirmation, THE NEXT MAGAZINE's personally escorted reporter, a “Ms. Liu” to a location where a fetus was being prepared. The reporter observed a woman chopping up a male fetus and making soup from the placenta. During the process, the woman even tried to comfort everyone by saying, “Don’t be afraid, this is just the flesh of a higher animal.”

The magazine continues with the disclosure of health benefits and beauty remedies as “high demand” supplements for the aging (enormous) population. But only those that have the “right connections” and ability to pay receive the prime “highest quality” of aborted fetuses. In 2004 while pilfering through a garbage dumpster in the area of Jiuquan City, fetal body parts were discovered consisting of two heads, two torsos, four arms and six legs. These fetuses were determined to be no more than a week old before being dismembered for cooking.

In accordance with the customs of the region, the young boy's remains were cremated quietly and discreetly in the mountains. The ’disposal’ of the “leftovers” is of peculiar interest. Cremation is by far the preferred mechanism for disposal.

Could there be a sinister cosmic connection? We understand the European Holocaust is exceeding specific in definition of terms. "Holo" obviously is recognized as "whole." "Caust" is "fire." "Whole Fire." History of course is replete with similar examples.

The concept of “mass ritual sacrifice” by fire has been used for millennia to appease the principalities of darkness with the rapacious intent of typically benevolent favor.

Of note, male fetuses are considered significantly more profitable as the primary benefits include heightened enhancement and provide superior enrichment of ‘normal’ physical limitations.

The armies of the mighty Kings of the East may indeed be the neurodegenerative cannibalistic results of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or the undetermined consequence.

Through the efforts of many to expose the devastation and mutilation which results and accompanies sub-molecular experimentation, the psychasthenic effect carries a catastrophic and incomparable consequence: is this yet another rehearsal of futuristic events?

The borg mentality, revealing the all too real possibility of the end of human life and the implementation of a brutal, organized, managed ‘super soldier,’ void of conscience and achieved through an organized linguistic campaign. How often in recent years have we heard broadcasters by increasingly and subtle references to “handlers,” and “controllers?”

Horrifically, with daily food shortages climbing, desperate families may feel an overwhelming justification to use the most horrific of all situations to care for their current families. The vulnerability of the silent echoes never given a voice, never given a choice.

In February, 2008 “THE SEVEN SORROWS OF CHINA” will be released for publication. Promoted as “heart wrenching in detail” author Thaddeus M Baklinski writes, “The most alarming, the most depressing, the most Copernican revelation of all that I have been exposed to…..is the repeated refrain that the great majority of people in China have lost any concept that there is anything at all wrong with having an abortion.”

While contrasting eastern and western morals and transcending dignity and the inherent right to life, Dr. Baklinski reveals the humanism, hedonism and heresy of materialism and ultimately the unmitigated egoism which is ultimately responsible for this “terrorism in the womb,” considers the various possibilities which most certainly bring scandal to the Peoples’ Republic and effect a less than anticipated financial explosion resulting from the ethics of self-inflicted Chinese genocide.

And we continue to call our ‘achievements’ the “height” of man’s progression?

Can anyone out there hear?

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Old 02-17-2008, 02:51 PM
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Default Re: CHINA CRYING: Fetal Soup, Silent Holocaust

This is pretty old, and the pictures are from an Shanghai art festival

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Fetus Eaten by Asians

About the artist, Zhu Yu

Zhu Yu (artist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It can be seen in the documentary Beijing Swings. So what you are doing, is lying. I have no problem finding this offensive and disgusting, but there is no truth in what you are sayin. Its an urban myth.

I also found it offensive that some of these pages are clearly on the border of racist, they project a view of Chinese as cannibals and freaks.
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Old 05-19-2012, 10:02 AM
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