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Smile Hermetic Ontosophy—The Ultimate Esoteric Knowledge

Hermetic Ontosophy—The Ultimate Esoteric Knowledge

By The World Teacher

According to the extremely ancient teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, called The Divine Pymander, the Ultimate Esoteric Knowledge System was first transmitted by Pymander, the Shepard of Men, the Divine Mind, to the Thrice Great Hermes, also known as Osiris, Asri, Melchizedek, the Seer King of Ancient Egypt, who then taught the Three Branches, Three Heads (topics) of that Knowledge to Thoth. This tradition was transmitted to Ancient India as the Samkhya System where Pymander, a God-conscious Being, is renamed as Kapila, who transmits its three branches to Atri (one of the Seven Rishis), who in turn transmits them to his son, Datta, who is depicted as a three-headed God. Atri was called Asuri, both names referring to Osiris, who later becomes Matsyendra Melchizedek, which means “Lord of the Fish who is the Seer-King”. This Being, still alive today, is called the Bodhisattva Avolakiteshwara by the Mahayana Buddhists.

According to Hermetic Ontogony (the structure of the totality of all existence), the three main branches or “heads” of this Ultimate Esoteric Knowledge, are Theosophy; the study of the Supreme Deity (Theos) and all lesser Deities, Gods, right on down to lesser angels, inorganic beings, nature spirits or djinns. All such entities mainly function as creative manifestors on the cosmological downward arc or Involution; then the second head as Cosmosophy, the study of the manifest Cosmos, including the Grand Entity, the Omniverse, the Timespace Universe, the Galaxy, the Star/Sun, the Planet, the Moon, the levels of Matter and Spirit, gross and subtle atoms, and so on; then finally the subject of Man, the Human Being, as Anthroposophy, the esoteric study of the outer and inner bodies, minds, souls or selves of human beings, the subject of causal reincarnation, Karma, and so on. In the Human Beings, up from the animals, plants and mineral formations, we see Evolution and try to understand what it really is and how it really happens. In modern Theosophy, esoteric knowledge of the “Logoi” or Deities, is focused mainly on Cosmosophical processes, limited only to the Solar System as in the book of the same name by A.E. Powell. The Anthroposophical structures and processes of the inner man, are studied as such subjects as the Causal Body, the Mental Body, the Astral Body and the Etheric Double, but all this is not called Anthroposophy until Rudolf Steiner.

Now, each of three zones of Great Knowledge are also covered by Samkhya as in the modern Samkhya Yogi-Sage, Vyasdevji Yogeshwaranand as the Cosmosophical branch he calls Brahmavidya and the Anthroposophical branch he calls Atmavidya.

The so-called “Avatar”, Meher Baba, treats all three branches or heads as a conglomerate subject as his particular Hinduism + Sufism in his book, God Speaks, as a sort of Ontosophy.

The Ultimate Esoteric Learning Process

The Ultimate Esoteric Learning Process consists of (1) Your mental model or present belief system about what is Being, Existence, Reality or Truth, which model or paradigm is called your Ontogony. (2) Your questioning of your built-in assumptions or dogmatic elements of belief in your Ontogony, thus through intellectual critical doubt and inquiry, deconstructing your Ontogony or Reality Model, thus breaking it down into its components so as to be (3) Reconstructed into a better, more superior Ontogony or Reality Model which will include new components or elements coming from new knowledge or new higher experiences through Intuition, Meditation and Samadhi. This Deconstruction through questioning your assumptions about Reality, Existence or Being is called, Ontology. Then the Reconstruction of a superior Reality Model or Ontogony is called Ontosophy.

There is also your belief-system or intellectual model about the nature or existence of God or God(s), which is your Theogony or God paradigm. To get a paradigm shift to a superior model-of-God or Theosophy requires a deconstruction phase of questioning your assumptions and beliefs about God or The Gods. This questioning and doubting is Theology, which should culminate in a Theosophy or restructuring of your mental model or paradigm as to God or The Gods.

There is also your belief-system, conceptual model or paradigm about the real inner nature of Human Being as to levels of soul, Spirit or Self, number of inner ‘bodies’ and so on, which is your Anthropogony as your ultimate present explanation or belief about Self and Man or Woman as an evolving Being. Esoteric Anthropology is your doubts and inquiries as to the validity of your present mental model or Man Paradigm. This should lead to a shift of paradigm as restructuring of your Anthropogony, which restructuring is the process of Anthroposophy.

Now, in all three deconstructive inquiries within Ontology, there are continuous issues as to how subtle Spirit or Voidness, Sunyata (as the Mahayana Buddhists call it) can become as to how many higher levels of Existence there are of the Human Soul, of Gods, and of Cosmological Worlds or Realms. Also, there are recurring issues about how gross Matter or Microcosmic structures, substances and energies can be. How many levels of Spirit and Matter are there? Is there a real top or bottom to the Structure of Existence, Reality or Being in the ultimate Ontogony? Can there be a final, unquestionable Reality Model or certain belief about Everything? Or, is the evolution of Consciousness itself an eternal open-ended Learning Process of endless Paradigm Shifts? To become stuck in a Final Truth or Ontogony may be more of a phase of stagnant dogma than Objective Finality or Ultimate Truth. This is why a periodic bout of Esoteric Ontology, Theology, Cosmology and Anthropology (both human and extraterrestrial) is indispensable to a healthy and living spiritual intellect or Buddhi within the Causal Body as a Dharmakaya or Causal Buddhahood as an ever dynamic and open-ended Truth Searching and Discovering process of ever-new Esoteric and Universally Inclusive Understanding. Ontosophy as an Eternal Truth-Discovering or Living Esoteric Philosophy is the Great Learning about oneself, others, worlds and Gods, as well as angels, demons, spirits and extraterrestrial humanities throughout eternal infinity. There are also issues about Recursion, where an Atom is a microcosmic timespace Universe and a timespace Universe a macrocosmic Atom, which is what the people of the planet Iarga propose to all as their Cosmosophy. Also there are Cosmosophies of an organic cell being a microcosmic Omniverse, a Tao Egg or Brahman; and an Omniverse or Tao Egg of Brahman being recursively a macrocosmic Organic Cell. Hence, as Sosan, the Third Zen Patriarch once said:
“Big Things are as little as Little Things can be and Little Things are as big as Big Things can be.”

Now, for some further issues:
What if a physical human being develops into a fused physical plus subtle (or “astral”) Superhuman Immortal Ultraterrestrial Adept? What if then such an Ultraterrestrial Being becomes a fused physical plus subtle plus causal bodied Planetary Logos such as Brahma, Creator of the Earth? What if a Planetary Deity or Causal Logos evolves into a physical plus subtle plus causal plus supracausal Stargod or Solar Deity centered on the Atmic Plane of Fourth State Selfhood as a living star in a galaxy? What if such a Stargod or Solar Deity progresses into a Blackhole Deity or Galactic Logos or Brahman of the Fifth State of Linga Sharira, Parama Shiva Being? What if such a Divine Being becomes a Lord of an entire Timespace Universe as a recursive Tejobindu, Radiant Point or Sixth State of Superconsciousness in recursion with all Atoms? And if such a being evolves to a higher recursion, a Seventh State, are we not experiencing a Lordship of a Tao Cell Macrocosmically as an Omniverse Deity or Paratpara Brahman or Soul of an Organic Cell? Then, as we rise to an Eight State of becoming an infinitely large Extraterrestrial Human Physical Being? Our present physical existence would thus be a microcosmic moment or particle within the body and cells of that Grand Entity, while at the same time we are already macrocosmic Grand Entities or Absolute Godheads of infinite fleeting human beings within the microcosm of our present bodies so that what is for us a single moment is a virtual eternity for the virtually infinite microcosmic humans living and evolving in our bodies? Hence the saying of the Japanese Zen Master, Hakuin, “This very body is Buddha!”

How many octaves of recursive evolution and involution do you suppose there are? Have you read the book, The Buddhist Teaching of Totality (London, George Allen and Unwin Ltd. 1972) by Garma C.C. Chang? And do not please tell me it is not a major contribution to modern Theosophy or Brahmavidya or Atmavidya or Meher Baba’s God Speaks!

Tirthankara(s) of the ancient Jaina tradition of India were slightly aware of the recursive Cosmic Man, Grand Entity, as was Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish Cosmogonical Christian Mystic. He proposed that “the Lord was as one man and thus as one whole.” This would also put the Sufi assertion of Ibn Arabi, “He who knoweth himself knoweth his Lord” on a new existential recursive footing.

Followers of Blavatsky, Leadbeater and Besant do not want to know these things in the contemporary Theosophical Society! Neither Krishnamurti nor his adherents want to learn Ontosophy, even though they will age and die in rank ignorance! The Sufis do not want it. They haven’t even understood the Causal Body, Reincarnation or Karma yet, because they believe they must stay within the pathetic and stupid limitations of Islam and the Koran. The Hindu Yogis and Vedantic Philosophers can’t handle it either through their attempts to reject important Jain, Buddhist and Theosophical Knowledge. Everywhere on Earth the spiritual seekers and practitioners are stuck in wretchedly limited Reality Models or Ontogonies. Their Esoteric Learning Process is shit, yet they imagine they are progressing to the heights with their dogmatic little believing and disbelieving brains. We cannot talk to the modern Hindu Guru or Sufi Master about Greater Realities beyond their traditions. Nor do the modern Buddhist Teachers want to see past their belief-systems when they especially should know better!

Try pondering The Divine Pymander of Hermes Trismegistus (The Shrine of Wisdom, 1923). Learn the possibilities of Ontosophy, Theosophy, Cosmosophy and Anthroposophy. Do not bury your head in the black earthly sands of Esoteric Ontological complacency and ignorance! Do not be preaching your present inadequate Reality Model to any foolish idiot who is gullible enough to take your assumptions seriously. Since you do not yet know how Evolution really works or what the first objectives or steps really are, how can you help others to them? You can surely register that you have much unlearning and relearning to do. Stop tolerating or reinforcing your present pathetic, ridiculous and absurd Reality Model! Your orientation of spiritual development may be New Age, supposedly “universal” and include the Quantum Mysticism of the New Physics or Heart Math, but all that is just a social emotional distraction, which is your lack of a thorough esoterical self-education.

One should leave no stone unturned in the search for Greater Cosmic and Spiritual truth, nor in the quest for real higher development and Self-realization! Life is far too short to waste it in spiritual pretence or rigid assumptions based on inadequate knowledge. To go beyond Ontosophical Knowledge into a Shiva-Samadhi or Sarvajna, Omniscience, is going to be urgently necessary, but that is not the same as rotting in esoteric ignorance through intellectual laziness, lack of the Spirit of Inquiry, or cultivating emotional astral projections or wonders of being a supposed “healer”. Belong to no Earthbound religion, cult or New Age seminar! Go beyond life-wasting social “spirituality”. Learn. Grow. Develop. Realize. Transcend. Transmute. Get your Quantum Kundalini Power rising. Become truly Superhuman. Become an Ultraterrestrial who is fit to meet with advanced Extraterrestrials. Learn to be a genuine Godself, an awakening White Star. Be a Cosmic Magus of the Starry Wisdom. Do not remain locked into a silly little cognitive system created for you by some insular Eastern Teacher or Western New Ager.


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