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Old 09-01-2006, 01:44 PM
Join Date: Aug 2006
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I have noticed that there are an awful lot of cut and pasters hanging around this place. What happens is someone will post a story based on an eyewitness account and then the cut and pasters hit Google and find something somebody wrote about it and cut and paste it here. I would imagine that in most cases these people have no personal knowledge of the subject matter that they cut and paste.

In addition, there are more than enough thread starters that are simply cut and paste jobs. I mean come on people! This is COMPLETE IDIOCY. If I want to read a bunch of fucking internet articles about things then I will do my own google searches, thank you. It is quite tedious to navigate around these "Steaming Turds" to get to something interesting. I understand that sometimes it is necessary to put up a link or two but this C&P shit is totally out of fucking control around here.

So look here, cut and pasters... I don't know what sense of satisfaction you actually get when you make your stupid posts. I don't know if it makes you feel intellegent or what and I don't really care. THE FACT IS THAT IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU APPEAR INTELLEGENT AND YOUR FUCKING POSTS ARE REALLY NOTHING BUT SPAM. YOU ARE PASSING OFF SOMEONE ELSES IDEAS AS YOUR OWN WHEN YOU POST THEM HERE. The fact is that you all look like fucking idiots when you post that shit and the ones who respond to it are even worse. DO YOU NOT GET THAT YOUR RESPONSE IS TO NOBODY???

I would personally like to see if we could have a separate forum for this nonsense. I would moderate it but I'm too new here, I'm sure and I really couldn't dedicate enough time to it to do a good job.

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