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Old 06-14-2014, 01:35 PM
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Default Deer Jesus

Deer Jesus

Refined - Part 2 (14/6/14)

15. GOD'S CAUSE AND EFFECT. I used to use the term synchronicity but I now call it "God's cause and effect". I've had a lifetime of this and I shall teach you how God works. I shall also teach you how satan/luci throws a few spanners into God's work.

16. JESUS AS THE DEER. On Sat morning 24/5/14, I had read psalm 42..... "As the deer pants for streams of water" . This Psalm means "A thirst for God" especially if you feel down or are taking the hits from satan.

Later on the same Saturday morning, we drove to pick up our grand-daughter. As we were returning home on the M8 motorway, there was a warning lit up on the big electronic display sign. It said "High risk of deer on road". I did not give it much thought except that it was unusual. I was intuitively told I should have got some footage of it.

Sunday lunchtime 25/5/14, I came home from our Kirk's main worship and sermon. We were getting ready to take our grand-daughter home about 1:15pm. Then we had a surprise visit from some family friends who have the surname Deer??????. This was the second anniversary of our son's death but really good to see them and they said their daughter will come through to see us tomorrow on the bank holiday Monday. Later, we took our grand-daughter home. On the return journey, the motorway warning sign again read "High risk of deer on road". This time I took some footage. Was this warning sign the work of God or was it the luci-lovers playing their usual psychological games? (don't forget the word HIGH, see Refined part 1, No5). Notice, I changed the title from this expose to "Roll away the Mason's stone". Search online.

God's cause and effect. On Sunday evening I went to the Kirk again. I give you my Word, I did not speak to anyone about psalm 42 or the motorway sign or our visitors. I did not even say anything to my wife about the cause and effect. We sang Mission Praise 37 (which is about Psalm 42). Then our Pastor read out (as part of his sermon) Psalm 42 "As the deer pants for streams of water". This was just impossible (but not with God) and I had tears in my eyes. At the end of the service, I spoke briefly with our Pastor about my recent cause and effect and he said I believe you. I know he has had similar experiences.

Later on Sunday evening, I read online that the Hebrews would not attempt to paint God/Jesus so as to not break God's Law. They would paint a deer as a reference to God/Jesus.

On Mon 26/5/14 (2 years to the day) a young miss Deer????? came to visit us. She was a long term partner/friend of our son. We visited the cemetery to celebrate life. Our son will be 33 until the 119th day of 2015. On the 27/4/08 in Rochester, Jesus knocked on my door. So I felt compelled to write "Jesus today, Jesus tonight, Jesus beside me..... Inside me..... Jesus". On the 27/4/2015, it will be exactly 7 years since I opened the door to Jesus. God is as real as I am writing for you now.

About 10 years ago, a group of us would go fishing/camping at Loch Arkaig (Fort William). The masonic land owners and shooters of defenceless animals dumped a headless Stag (male deer) on our regular camping spot before we got there. God was teaching me even then and satan clearly hates me.

On my travels, I was reluctantly made a member (they only want masons) of the Deerfields working men's club (1978) in West Hendon, London. Even these depressing dens are controlled by masons. The Spirit of God has been teaching me to teach you. Understand God's cause and effect in your life, God is calling you, turn off satan/luci's noise.

17. SEA KING HELICOPTER. Now, I just told you about God's cause and effect. Have a look at Refined No 14 about the masonic police helicopter. As I am writing to you now, a royal navy sea king helicopter (lower case deliberate) just flew fast and very low directly over our house. This being Saturday 14/6/14 at exactly 16:00 (number of baal/satan). It flew from North to South and across Glasgow. It would have been seen by half of Glasgow. Incidentally, the masonic police helicopter flew over Milngavie at 15:07.

The masonic sea king (ki=119) chopper flew over our house today because of the time/number 16 (baal) and the occultic date. They have their own evil codes using their secret numbers. Today is the 165th day of the year and the luci-lovers see it this way 1/65 = 1/11 = 111. The Twin Towers satanic sacrifice on 9/11 had 111 days left in that year. The EG for helicopter = 111. The luci-lovers have stolen and twisted everything from God's Word. Have a look at Hebrews 11:10 (zeros don't count), where it says "Who's architect and builder is God". The masons are talking about the "great architect of the universe" (GAOTU). This is the bit of scripture that the luci-lovers (masons) have reversed. This is satan/luci, the false god who wants to be exalted 5mm above the Paisley sewage works (next to Glasgow AIRport). In Deuteronomy 1: 3-18, God communicates to Moses on the 1st day of the 11th month (111). Lots more later on 111, focus on todays date.

I have documented numerous times (way beyond coincidence) the sea king and police helicopter intimidation. Now, for this sea king today, what purpose the flight? where was it when it had to get the time right to fly over our house at exactly 16:00?. I have done this with all of my notes. I can put the details of each into an envelope so that we can do this transparently. Sometimes I would keep my video running (after filming the chopper) and show several different TV stations or I would carry a radio and record some different stations at the same time. I am not bothered if the masons doctor their flight logs.

Today is the queen of crooks birthday (don't forget the flypast by AIRcraft). Today she also gave a load of gongs to the ignorants. This is not about the old glove puppet queen. This is about evil dressed up as good. I have already told you that the queen of crooks is the head-patroness of world freemasonry. In the early hours of this morning, our dog started barking. I looked out into our back garden and saw a young guy take off. He went across the road and disappeared into the long grass and dense trees. If it was nothing, then why not walk down the pavement?. Don't forget, I've had a lifetime of satanic persecution. All before God knocked on my human door 6 years ago. You see, God has a plan (smile). Here is a mason-free forum and excellent website on truth. It is run by Christian Tony Gosling. You can see tony regularly on RT News, etc. https://secure.gn.apc.org/members/ww...wforum.php?f=2

18. SATAN = AIR. I do not jest when I tell you that the word "Air" refers to satan/luci. The Beautiful Bible calls satan "the prince of the power of the air". That's why the masonic monkeys use AIR- craft to persecute non-masons. Even the Airth Hotel is used in masonic code. Occultic Led Zeppelin (Airship) song Stairway to Heaven is actually Air-way to Heaven, do your research on satanic jimmy page. Read how that evil song evolved. The old musical "Hair" is luci "Air" worship, all of the eastern star masons know this secret. The New Age is 100% lucifer. More later.


Comfort to all who in me abide,
as the wicked dodge from side to side.
Death to the sidewinder upon the sand,
how safe you are in the palm of my hand.

I have a message to all good and bad, read Psalm 94.

20. SEVEN - GOD'S NUMBER. The Jews returned to Jerusalem in 1948. Seven years later, I was born on the 27th Feb 1955. They will wage war against the Lamb and it is happening right now. Seven is the number of God regardless of the false jewish-masonic interpretation of numbers. Most of my persecution comes from human luci-lovers. Now, where are you luci?, stop hiding like the masons do. Seven from Heaven is gonna get you, I am coming to take you away, ha ha, ho ho, hee hee. Just for some deserved fun, I shall chase your low level masonic fart-catchers into the hills.
21. BOILING JESUS. I do not apologise for my derogatory use of words against satan's army of evil. You can read online how they want to destroy Jesus by boiling him in excrement. Be still and know that I am God. Listen to me, God the Father has 4 clocks, past, present, future and heavenly. Tick, tock, tick.

22. LIVING WATER. Message to all evil, No Water - No Life. Jesus is the Living Water.

23. Avoid the rothschild's masonic media (father of all lies). http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/

Love, Peace and FR33DOM (from evil)..... Joe Stirling Christie

By your fruit God shall know you, please pass this revelation on to your brothers and sisters in Christ. The best way to do this is to print it off and take it to work or a social place. You may also give it to the enemy, nothing can stop Father's perfect plan. The Truth shall set you free.

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