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Old 10-09-2016, 01:24 AM
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Smile The Truth about Israel

Reposted from Innocentfishingboat ONE of the Many brilliant Forum Member at www.godlikeproductions.com , reposted here in case it will be deleted there ... http://www.godlikeproductions.com/fo...4/pg2#59262565

Contrary to Bible tard interpretation...The 1948 creation of The State of Israel was and still is wholly American.

The agreement set up a permanent American Military Base in the heart of The Middle East.

It isn't us and them in partnership...it's us and us with a guise of being separate entities.

They have the weapons that we give them, the money and the influence over all things middle east, which really means Saudi Oil...cheaply.

This was NOT Biblical prophecy fulfilled but those in the game will swear it is. Getting the Biblical aspects attached to it ensures this endeavor of American Manifest Destiny will endure in thr region so as to keep the oil cheap and our gas guzzling cars on the roads.

"They" are us there...just like all the other tyrannical groups birthed over there in the past 70 plus years.

They're like a proxy in the Middle East, but much more than that. I will go so far as to say Israel is the premier US stronghold and the most powerful of the bunch over there.

This is why Putin is pissed on the issue. We ARE the insurgents. We ARE the fake Jews...the Zionist scum...and parading themselves around as Biblical Jews is just...fucked up.

The Evangelical vote has been one of the largest voter demographics in the US since the 70's...when the US began really getting in bed with the Saudi's.

Everything changed in the region at that time.

To understand the importance of the State of Israel, you have to understand the 1979 Caliphate and the discovery of oil in Saudi Arabia around the same time.

For the Bibletards who will be angered by this post...Israel, as described in the NT is us...not the sand pit in the Middle East. Jerusalem is ABOVE...the references to Israel and Jerusalem in the NT are not talking about a physical place on Earth.

We are Israel and the Holy city is not in this realm. It's the heavenly Jerusalem, which is above.

ANY pastor who says otherwise or advocates for the assistance of this US Zionist Regime is 100% IN ON IT. Part of the apostasy and lying to their congregation.

I say this because the Holy Spirit would never testify to a LIE and when you learn the truth about who and what the State of Israel is, there is ZERO confusion or contridiction.

Every person has that inner voice...the quiet voice of The Spirit that divides truth and lies and testifies to itself.

Most Christians who support Israel have no idea what exactly they are supporting. They simply do not know. They only know that their pastor and/or televangelist has told them they must.

ALL the tv preachers instruct their congregations on who to vote for and who to support.

This is what happens when churches sell out themselves, God and their congregations to the 501 c3 tax exempt status.

It makes their church an extention of the Federal Government and controls a LOT of what is said from the pulpit in order to continue to rake in the revenue they do not have to report.

The return of "the Jews" to Israel...same thing. Most of them being German Nazi Zionists or sympathizers as well as other European Zionists.

This was a populating of a stolen region by Jews of religious affiliation, not Jews by race. There is a HUGE difference.

There were also many, many Muslims who came then as well.

Muslims by race, not by religion.

The STATE of Israel. Why do you think it is called a state?

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