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Old 08-17-2016, 01:35 AM
Solve et Coagula Solve et Coagula is offline
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Wink The House of Tards is in free fall to rock bottom

The House of Tards is in free fall to rock bottom

Spaceship Earth is very well afloat, despite misleading "rogue master agency fanatics" and surprisingly their continuous efforts to sabotage SOSiety via gladio-style terror against its own people will not work out, as they've planned it. It will backfire big time ...

Their retarded cold war red enemy rhetoric is so outdated that one must really think about, if they ever went to school, these fascist ignoramus would lead us, if they could, straight into a global nuclear war with Eurasia, in reality, the more they push humanity towards nuclear holocaust, they only achieve their own full scale exposure ...

George Soros' free fall is just the tip of the iceberg, but what massive change on a global scale takes place below the surface.

A controlled demolition of the global war criminal think tank junta is currently taking place ...


An extraordinary, so far peaceful, revolution is taking place and MSM is not allowed to report on it, for obvious reasons. MSM is in shock mode now, because one of their untouchables' light is blown out, over night ... they're scared to the bones now, thinking only about who's domino falls next, until the entire house of tards rocks bottom ...

The bombshell is not George Soros fall, but the complete MSM blackout who seems to refuse to report about it. The reason why is clear, if they start to report on it, it will escalate quickly, impossible to control ... the funny thing is, they do not realize the genie already left the bottle, impossible to reverse, and it will be just the begin of a complete meltdown of the cabal who used to control Brainwashington and the world ... for them a devastating disaster of epic proportions ... politically, socially, economically, globally ...

Spaceship Earth will certainly overcome all these misleading self-aggrandizing day flies ...

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