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Old 09-29-2008, 02:51 AM
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Default Dear Arpad Busson: Does Uma know your mates?

Category: School, College, Greek

Dear Uma Thurman,

Your boyfriend is quite the busy man. I have learnt that he is not only the Chairman of Ark Academy Schools, but is also the chairman of EIM - European Investment Managers, a hedge fund company that generates a turnover of 15,000,000,000.00 per annum and holds Ark Academies as one of its investments. Curious how there is now money to make in hedge funds, hedging bets on how much money is to be made through privatising English Education.

Since the 1944 Education Act, the laws on education have been built up over the past six decades providing rights for parents and for pupils, ensuring that the state and the schools have certain duties and that education is free for all young people.

Not a single law or any of these procedures apply to state academies - they have been replaced by the Master Funding Agreement, an agreement between the sponsor and the government which pupils are not a party to and give the parents and the pupils virtually no rights whatsoever. The funding agreement can only be changed with the agreement of the sonsor and the Local Education Authority has been completely left outside the loop and made redundant.

Teens and Toddlers have given thanks to Ark and to Psychosynthesis on their website. Psychosynthesis is dodgy as hell.

"It was founded by Roberto Assagioli, who was a disciple of the Western Occultist Alice Bailey, herself a student of the Theosophists founded by the charlatan and mind bender Blavatsky.

Theosophical and Baileyite organisations operate under an number of charitable, pseudo-political (Peace movement) and "spiritual" guises.

It is worth noting that theosophical occult ideas around such things as "root races", higher beings and Atlantis were very important to the philosophical founders of National Socialism in Germany.

Despite all the "world peace" rhetoric the theosophical cults are at root hierarchical, reactionary and often pseudo-racist. They are also, like most cults, dishonest and manipulative, shown by their use of innocent sounding fronts which they use to gain access to international bodies and organisations (such as some supported by the UN and other bodies). "

Teens and Toddlers promote having daycares within the schools for the adolescent mothers to continue their education, which on the front of it sounds like a good idea. The reality of the situation is quite different. I personally attended a high school in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada that had a daycare within its building and also boasts the highest teen pregnancy rate in all of Canada, to this day... something to think about. Children do learn what they live.

T&T's are also registered at the same address as Children Are our Ultimate Investment, a company registered by email under the names of Booth(Cherie's maiden name) and Blair - mere coincidence, of course. The U.S. version of CAOUI was founded by Laura Huxley, wife of Eegenist Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, a book promoting baby factories.

The U.K. CAOUI is chaired by its founder, Diana Whitmore and the other co-founder is Stacey Millicampe. Both Diana and Stacey have great experience with Findhorn in the U.K. Stacey was very involved in the educational curriculum at Findhorn and Diana has been a trustee for 10 years, trained staff at Findhorn for 10 years and now writes books on the subject.

Psychosynthesis run courses at Findhorn and the majority of the founders of Findhorn have very impressive military backgrounds.

Currently, the English Academy schools are being run by various companies including: 3E's, VT Group and Ark. The parent company of 3E's is A-com which is military. One of their other subsidiary companies is Padco - a peace-keeping/mercenary for hire company. VT Group is also military and builds buildings for the MOD - ministry of defence. VT also deals with nuclear waste and is currently involved in 19 boroughs across England and their Academy schools.

Findhorn is a U.N. training Centre and the base of the CIFAL network which is set up to achieve the U.N. mellenium development goals.

I question what are their goals and do they have a common purpose?

Charity Sweet XXX

N.B. this was also pulled off of uk indymedia's london site??? gag order anyone?

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