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Old 10-05-2005, 04:18 PM
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Default Re: Crowley, End of the World, and Jack the Ripper

It is generally know that as for the locations of kingdoms etc the bible is very accurate, and I have seen documentaries demonstrating the historical aspect.

However, some have said that there has been a deliberate cover-up/alteration/fiction that has been woven into the sacred books to keep people guessing. Does anyone agree with the following quote:

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11:06 am EDT Re: I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question

What interests me is this: if someone takes the time and trouble to follow up the leads and clues left in numerous books and legends, and sorts out the wheat from the chaff, what then? If that person puts into practice what they have learnt, do they come closer to the truth that the bloodlines evidently have access to?


Again, the bloodline is only important for ruling over people, it is not about having a special power that makes one more aware, although the knowledge is being passed on so therefore it appears like that.

But this knowledge is not hidden, the Truth cannot be hidden, It wants to be known by you, inviting you every moment of your life.
That is the reason why It through the ruling powers is being provided to you accompanied with perversions, corrupt additions. to confuse and make you accept the latter.
There is not 1 written book which contains the Truth and nothing but the Truth.

Pick It out and live accordingly to It, incorporate It into every aspect of your life....that is the hardest part for people for you have to float above this physical/material world while being in the body that dictates the opposite.

Muhammed was like Jesus, Mozes, Abraham, Buddha, a human who was lead to believe he was a knower, or like mentioned earlier "master of the game".
It is very easy to make humans believe they are enlightened and know the truth...and then thinking it is their task to wake up others.
He was used and his legacy is still being used to divide people, just like the other religions/ideologies/"philosophies".
2 of his closest assistants were servants of the bloodlines, 1 of his wives was too (bloodline servants were also assistants of Jesus, Buddha, Mozes, name them all).
After his death it was made sure by these 3 that his followers would be divided which was the main thing Muhammed was told to be against.
So Muslims who believe in seperate streams of Islam are actually rebelling against their own "prophet"....and that would be pretty much all Muslims.
The kuran has a core of truth but it is floating in a sea of perversions, together with the other "holy" books.
It was written by 4 individuals from 3 "countries" 1 being western, 2 middle-eastern.

I can tell you who the 4 individuals were who wrote the Hebrew old testament and the exact date, if it suited me.
Same about your new testament which was gathered by 6 people from 2 different areas.

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