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Old 01-10-2008, 05:04 PM
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Default I LOVE JEWS!!!


I love True Torah Jews! I love Jews living the True Cabbalah!

The True Torah Jews ( [link to http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com ) and the True Cabbalists perceive God from within, like the Esoteric Christians, Gnostics, Theosophs, Essenes ( [link to http://www.beinsadouno.org ). I love that!

The Talmud Jews or Zionists are like the Exoteric Christians following the Vatican/Pope and perceive God from the outside, slowly, the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) realizes its old fashioned behavior and moves towards inner Love. Good, we have to accept that!

The same is with Sufism and Mainstream Islam. Sufis perceive God from within and mainstream Islam perceives God from the outside. Again we have here the same problem as in the religions mentioned before…

True Torah Jews would never kill or go to war for land or money!

True Cabbalists would never kill or go to war for land or money!

True Esoteric Christians would never kill or go to war for land or money!

Sufis would never kill or go to war for land or money!

Only the three exoteric religions “Jewish” Talmud/Zionism, “Christian” Roman Catholic Church/evangelics/ etc. and mainstream “Islam” fight over their dogmas and still find young, willing and brainwashed fighters to send to war for their old fashioned interests of global dominance.

The moment they perceive God from within, they realise that there is only One God: God within and outside. God is everywhere in the stones, plants, heaven, clouds, etc. and inside each of us. So if you kill your neighbour you kill also God which exists in your neighbour, and thats sad, really sad… but finally we’ll learn out of these experiences to change for the better… smile

Best wishes from Switzerland

LWWB Roger

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