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Old 11-22-2005, 08:49 AM
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Default cuttingedge.org

David Bay, the ultimate source and oracle on Freemasonry.

One source he quotes on a regular basis is an 'Illuminati Witch' who's books you can just happen to buy through him!

The majority of sources, and books quoted, of David are from a re-tired printer who was asked to re-print a number of out of date titles that have long since been removed from Masonic libraries other than for insights into the interpretation our forefathers had into the craft.

Roger Kessinger is a better source in todays times, they print a number of volumes that otherwise would be lost and never read. Which has now been named as a source of cuttingedge.org and recently he has finally removed the masonic publisher reference as the firm has never included it in its title. There has never been any claims as to being a dispenser of Masonic 'theology'; rather, they have simply obtained and republished many long out-of-print books of various kinds, some of, but by no means most, were Masonic.

The Masonic works as a whole may be of interest to Masonic researchers but they have little - if any - relevance to today's Mason.

Keesinger advertise over a 1000 masonic titles but for Bay to state "Therefore when Kessinger Freemasonry Publishing House lists Ancient Mysteries books, it is because Freemasonry teaches and practices them, also!!!!" it is so far from the truth it shows how unbelievable it is. In one instances the comany name is wrong, they are not a masonic publishing house, and in the second if a Christian book shop was to sell old books, for information, on Wicca, Occultism would this mean the church is pro these areas?

Director Bay has unfortunately fell foul to many of the conspiracy theories out there, the 'Pastor' describes how current television programs about aliens are part of a conspiracy to prepare the next generation for the arrival of the Anti-Christ!. Do Aliens fall in line with anything you've read in the bible?

The most frequentlt quoted piece of evidence that falls from the lips of the director is

In 1826, an author named Morgan revealed in his book "Illustrations of Freemasonry" that the last mystery at the top of the Masonic pyramid (the all-seeing eye) is the worship of Lucifer.
Maybe you could point out where in this book this information is detialed?

But of course, I am a Freemasonry of course I would not hold his opinion in high esteem, so lets see what others think

Cranks and Kooks on the net

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