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Old 09-04-2011, 01:53 PM
Guillotine Guillotine is offline
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Default A soldier against the Fascist Elite

WE are reaching the edge in this Great Country where THE PEOPLE are no longer the Justification for the Freedom of this Nation but a medium to ascertain the completion of Agendas orchestrated by the Elitist few, who place no value on Civil liberty. In secret assembly they mastermind our lives through their numerous marionettes in all levels of Government, to matriculate a conformist society through manipulation and confusion. The New World Order have dissimulated groups that cultivate their ideology for control; trilateral commission, the masonic brotherhood, skull & bones, bilderberg group, bohemian club, committee of 300, council on foreign relations, fema, illuminati, council of 9, and amorc. If WE do nothing but idle in the shadow of their merciless tidal wave WE, along with what WE can salvage of Our Freedom will be crushed and swept away.
WE are upon an Anniversary of dreadful day in AMERICAN history; a society of cowards left an unforgivable scar on this Nation to exact an agenda not yet realized by those whom hide from US... A day of confusion, anger, death, mourning, and Lies contrive what WE now refer to as 9/11. This was not only an attack on OUR NATION but OUR FREEDOM as well. Even after a decade has past, the dust from this day begins to settle and WE see the score of what is left, WE stumble for pieces of an enigmatic puzzle of insidious design as to Why and Whom could do this. The Hessians and their Puppeteers responsible for this horrific event are among US ambling without compunction while feigning constancy and shaking their fists at a fictitious enemy to appease the masses of mindless sheep matriculating the Fascist agenda to separate US from Our Liberty.
WE must wake up.

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