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Old 02-27-2005, 02:49 AM
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Default How Will It Unfold? You Can Work It Out For Yourself.

I have a week off between jobs and bunker building so some time to annoy people...accidently of course.

Some people have e-mailed me and asked why i'm so emphatic about WW3 as just a hoax amongst the hoaxes and being so dogmatic that the so called NWO rift was non existent or simply some dummy spitting by middle managers.

Some people have even been hinting subtely and not so subtely that i'm....ta da!!!! a spy!!!...no thats Joe Vialls.

I'm only 34. I get around alot and seem to know alot of people. As it happens, the good Lord also blessed me with a karma that seems to attract people to tell me all. I've also worked many interesting jobs including the mining industry where you always pick up interesting first hand stuff from people who've travelled all over the globe with work.

I believe Joe Vialls gets alot of his info from contacts made during his oil industry days. Possibly second hand Russian intelligence stuff. Who knows? Only Joe I suppose.

Understanding the NWO agenda can be wrote learnt or a basic understanding of the fundamentals will allow you to make predictions.

I could wrote learn that 2+2=4. I could wrote learn that 12+12=24...or I could learn the fundamental principal behind mathematics.

There is a founding principal.

Combine this with a love of military matters, good general knowledge and a good understanding of the human mind and you can start to make pretty accurate predictions about what is to come.

Goerge Bush is a human being as is Lord Rothschild. They live and love and also destroy because of the vast power they weild.

Perhaps many of us would not be so different.

Once you've worked that out you can stop projecting all that is evil over them and start to understand the same motivations that have motivated the rich and powerful since day dot.

Factor in the new technologies and the day to day situation and wullah!

It also helps if you can laugh at the idiots who are actually paid to appear on the telly.

Working it out is not so hard.

For instance...the draft. Everyone is talking about the draft and how it is inevitable. Well they've been saying that for 2 years.

I have said for 2 years their will be NO draft and that the issue was simply another distraction.

How do I come to this conclusion? The polls are bullshit and over %50 of Americans know the war on terror is bogus and the Western Intelligence services were behind the attacks on the 11th of September.

The American public remember Vietnam and know the U.S cannot win. Over %50 of Americans did not vote for Bush. Therefore...ergo sum...the American people will NOT support a draft. A vast majority of the American people want their 19 year old sons and daughters home...NOW.

But what of a catalysing HUGE terrorist attack you say on American soil?

I asure you everyone in the Intelligence services to one degree or another know the war on terror is a crock. Not all, but an awful lot to one degree or another.

To incinerate or kill in vast numbers, American people, on home soil, will result in a coup of some description.

There will be a revolt amongst the armed forces and the American people who just happen to be armed to the teeth.

Like rats in a cage they whack us over the head with a stick whenever one of us starts discussing with another rat that the end of the cage is actually open...WHACK! War, war war...blah blah balh...the same old game centralising power and keeping the peasants energy where they want it...going round and round in circles...

The NWO is backed into a corner. They know that if they proceed with a 'catalysing event' bigger and better than 9-11, they will force people who would otherwise do nothing into direct action against them.

If I believed for one minute that my government was behind the deaths of huge numbers of Australians I would be forced to act. I could no longer sit and talk about the issues, my own survival instinct and sense of rage would kick in.

There are an awful lot of buried SKK and SKS assault rifles buried in this country. Howard would'nt dare. Not that I believe he would. I dont think he's in on the main game. Regardless, he'd need more than his piddly carbon fibre vest. **Dear ASIO/F.P...that is not a veiled threat, just stating what you yourself know. I will never condone violence except in the most extreme event**.

As for Bush and Co...the American people will string the lot of them up. They cannot pull off a 'catalysing event'. They tried once and were thwarted by the net and alot of clued up ordinary people.

They will have to keep the people distracted by offshore wars and the usual endless talk of an Al Quida attack which will never appear.

Remember, any predictions that gain credence on the net will force the NWO engineer's to alter course. They are VERY afraid of the net. In fact they're shitting themselves as we speak.

I predict war in the M.E in many forms. Firstly endless talk of it. Then an aerial bombardment of Iran. This may culminate in the use of tactical nukes by the U.S if Iran can be framed for the use of WMD's.

There will be NO ground invasion of any kind. I dont even belive there are U.S Special Forces on the ground in Iran. The Iranian Elite Gaurd will make mince meat of them if U.S special forces (oz and brits too) are located and cannot call in air strikes to protect themselves.

As for certain agent provocetures like Rivero and Co who push that it will result in nooklear war with Russia...take your pills Rivero, you're an idiot and friend of Soros and Co. Actually, you're just a useful idiot with a reasonably useful web site...still waiting for the Microsoft goon squad Rivero! When are they due?

Speaking of Soros...he's in the States as we speak...PROMOTING DEMOCRACY! I mean, what more do you need that Bush is simply an energiser of the left? In come the European, billionaire Limo riding Lefty/Socialist's sell you the soloution...One World Socialist Government...run by a Ruling Elite of Intellectuals/Businessmen and Polititions. COME IN SUCKER.

Endless talk of war with China, North Korea...and thats the level at which it will stay. TALK.

Release of biological weapons onto the Asian mainland has probably already started. Most likely with the full co-operation of the Chinese Elites who have a huge restless population to quell.

Nuclear weapons have ended the usual methods.

The NWO program, currently headed by the East Coast Blue Bloods flows like this.

Bush and Co are to trash religion and whatever reputation the United States had left in the world with their utterly reckless and fundamentalist/unilateral actions.

Wars for oil will do as an excuse...as long as there's chaos...the only vital requirement.

Read Dave Macgowans excellent analysis at http://davesweb.cnchost.com/

Europe will sit like a big fat spider off on the edges of the web tut, tutting the reckless, individualistic Americans..."if only they would co-operate for the common good".

While everyones looking off to the M.E awaiting armageddon, busy little NWO bee's will begin to foment the break up of the United States of America into as many peices as possible. A process begun long ago by the British and reaching it's climax today.

Floods of immigrants, provoking race hate, successionist movements (Rivero I see exactly where you're headed and it may be your head that gets it buddy), hatred of the Federal Government, destruction of the U.S economy and just generally chaos will suffice to divide and conquor.

Thank you Thomas Chittum for the insights.

No 'catalysing event' will be needed. The scared middle class will be begging for a Police State on steroids to restore order. The trap has been set and is about to be sprung...only a year or so away.

Bush will finish his 2 terms and after serving his perpose will retire to the Swiss Alps or wherever he chooses...wherever the Coke is cheapest perhaps?

In will come the NWO saviour...Arnie has been groomed along time...but it will remain to be seen after the work of Alex Jones and others.

Who ever it is they will extoll these virtues...

Multi-laterlism over Uni-lateralism.

U.N over the U.S as world power.

SECULAR...i repeat...S-E-C-U-L-A-R government...in fact they just want to get rid of religion full stop...no doubt, like Hitler, they will leave it too 'wither on the vine'.

LIBERAL...oh yes, free love baby. Yeh, lets stand for nothing and fall for everything..."hey you want to dance naked in the streets and wipe your arse with the flag and constitution"?..."well thats your right buddy! No fascists here! Just lovely liberal/socialists".

The public, suitably sauted in the juices of armageddon and certain world war will be begging...screaming...pleading for deliverence from the madness with the installment of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ORDER based in Europe.

The whole thing is a CON. Wars for oil, wars for this and wars for that...all utter bullshit as the public is lead by the nose straight into the arms of the NWO/Illuminist death bed.

In the end, after 20-30 years of benevolent fascism/socialism...or whatever you want to call it..FUEDALISM...the masters will say..."hey, you know, we really need to reduce the population to ensure the survival of the greater good. And hey! You dont look that useful...and hey! you're a little bit uppity and asking to many questions...and hey! you're one of those religious whacko's who belive in marriage and family and all sorts of cultish stuff...perhaps you should go first?...dont worry, it'll be painless...we're not barbarians...we're rational, thinking people after all".

And should you wish to run...to fight...to hide? Well too bad...the RFID chip/security camera/subcutaneous microchip/satellite tracked/retinal-thumb scanned world we live in will make things hard if not impossible.

WELCOME! To our Brave New World and all we had to do was be scared into submission.

Let them know you're not scared. That you will fight for the principal of individual God given rights over the so called 'common good'.

Let them know you wish to settle this peacefully at all costs. Let them also know that should they overstep the mark you will "meet them in the stair wells and entrances with picks and knives" as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wished he'd done before they were transported to the gulags.

Dont worry, as they up the anti, they seal there own fate. Once people realise they have nothing to lose....'they' lose.

Whatever happens they'll have to back down.

How many will die is the question.

Hopefully not to many more.

Best. Brendon

P.S...cant believe I forgot about their TRUMP CARD!

Natural disasters! Asteroid collisions and MAYBE...a Hollywood production of Close Encounters.

Oh that HAARP just keeps on singing!

P.P.S Though i've been reading and talking to people for 12 years on the subject i was never into the 'illuminati', NWO etc...i just believe it was a bunch of silly folks with too much money and power in their hands.

Thanks to Alex Jones and Henry Makow thats been changed completely.

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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