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Old 05-03-2013, 04:11 PM
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Smile The Second Coming e-book

The Second Coming e-book

You worry about things, you shouldn’t worry about. For example, I hear you all say: “What will now happen to the world?” We have boarded a steamship, what is there to worry about? It has a captain up there and a fireman below. It also has sailors. The steamship bends to one side and then to the other. They ask: “What is going to happen?” All this has been provided for! The captain is up. I will remain calm – the steamship will take me to the port. One day it will arrive to a certain port and you will get out. What’s the bad thing about that? And you, when you leave the steamship, will start crying. You will say: “Is this where we were supposed to land? The Earth circles round and its orbit is millions of kilometers. There are stations on its way. I don’t know at what station are you going to get off. Now you are going to get off at the “Annunciation” station. The New Doctrine will be announced to you. Blessed are those who bath in heavenly light! Blessed are those, who get warm on the Divine warmth! And blessed are those, who guard themselves from the Divine Force!

The world itself will be saved. A salvation through fire is coming in the world. The future culture will come with a fire, which will burn the whole Earth and everything will be refined, the poor and the rich will go in front of the fire. It will polish them, make them all equal brothers. The rich will stop being rich at that fire, and the poor man will stop being poor at the fire, the priest will stop being priest, the philosopher will stop being philosopher. All the people will be alike, they will be pure after going through that sacred fire, they will give each other a hand and Nature will tell them: “Live prudently, so that my fire does not fall onto you again”.


In the Solar system, the Earth is the lowest position, where the soul can descend.

If you look at Genesis, our Earth is one of the most underdeveloped culturally. In the other solar systems there are very advanced worlds. If, for example, you go to thee solar system of Sirius, you’ll see they live very well there. The old peoples, like the Assyrians, who understood that ancient science, adopted the word Assyria –meaning people, who want to live, according to the culture of Sirius.

The study of man is still to take place. We, the people of the physical world, are the stomach of being, of the Cosmos. The danger, the sin is with us. Because all such people, think only of eating and drinking. They understand life very superficially. All the scholars, whatever they are, think first of eating. Whenever a writer writes, he thinks first to write something nice, so that it sells well. A preacher wants to preach well, so that his preaching appeals to people and more people come to hear him. If you look at all those people, you will see that a subtle self-interest is hiding in all of them. They all keep talking about God, but something else lurks behind that idea. We do not want that, do not perceive that, but there is something like that. You want to speak well, you want to draw well, you want to play well – you want to be liked in all you do. All things are made so that nothing spiritual there in them. In all things on Earth, always the money or a certain interest comes first. And even behind every human deed, the humane can be found. Why? Because we enter the stomach of being.

We live on the Earth, but we have been sent here on an exile. We are abandoned by the entire Cosmos and receive no communications from the Sun, from the Moon, from Mars, Jupiter or any other stars.

All of you rejoice that you all have a great credit. You can believe that on Earth, there’s no greater good for you than that. You can’t live on the Sun, nor on the Moon, on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn or Uranus, you can only live on the Earth. Those, who love you, after searching for a long time, finally succeeded in finding this place for you. Only here there’s place for you.

The Earth is a reformatory school. Our Earth is a reformatory institution. The finest reformatory school is the Earth. In the entire Solar system, there’s no better reformatory school than the Earth. From the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, they are sent here, and a significant budget is also sent here. They like the Earth, because it serves as a reformatory institution. Whoever comes out of the Earth, reformed, he becomes a prominent person in his own homeland.

Sometimes they ask: “Are there in other systems, in other worlds, sins like those on the Earth?” No, in our Universe, only the Earth is a reformatory institution. From all other systems, all criminals are only sent here, on Earth. When it comes to straightening, God comes down here to correct this Earth. Great dignities of all systems, the cleverest, the greatest people, who commit sins, are sent here for reformation. And when they are reformed, everybody goes to their own homeland, from where he had come. It can take 10, or it can take 15 thousand years, it can even be 100 thousand years or a million years – it does not matter. But whoever came to Earth, has to be reformed. There’s plenty of time.

Of all the Solar system, the most mutinous ones are here, on Earth. And these are mutinous people without a cause, without an idea. They fight for no sound reason! Whenever people want to see troublemakers, they come here for a show. Such mutinous people, as these we have on earth, are to be found nowhere else.
The Sun has a greater intelligence, and as a result of that intelligence, it’s in motion. All the suffering on the Earth is nothing but a result of an inert condition. All the sufferings are caused by an inert condition. The inert conditions produce suffering. The suffering continues until we exit the area of immobility. When you stop at one place, then suffering comes. When the human thought grows, suffering is decreases.

People should not multiply like fish, or like birds, or like mammals. People should differ in quality, and not quantity. Why do we need such a great multiplication, to have millions of people, who would kill each other? Why do we need millions of people, who give birth to criminals? Why do we need people, whom we’ll have to teach how to live? First of all, these people have no idea of life. And God does not need such people, but, because he is gentle, so rich, that he has something to give even to the worst people on Earth. We attracted the worst people on Earth.

The Earth, according to my calculations, may perfectly sustain 100 million people, and 2 billion, 4 billon are too much. If people become 6 billion, things will get six times worse.

Each of you must be aware of the system, to which he belongs and respect it. The he must know the area, where he is and the precise place he occupies. We, the modern people, cannot avoid that contradiction. The Earth is an extremely restricted area. It was once created, then it had to be re-created, and not only that, its recreation for the third time is currently being prepared. Under these circumstances on Earth, man cannot be a saint. Under these circumstances man cannot be really handsome, or really strong and rich. All this is loosened.

The value of man in the world, depends only on that, how useful can he be in the mental field, in the spiritual field and in the physical field. The value of man is only there, as long as he can be a medium in the world, where he lives. We, people on Earth, have come here to learn. We are a material doctrine. We are here to elevate the value of the Earth. In this world, we are a material doctrine, this Earth gains value, according to us. Those professors, who will come to teach us, they will come because of us. If we leave the Earth, they will also leave and the Earth will be like to Moon – a lifeless structure.

I imaging the Earth as a great Divine flower, and as discredited as some believe it to be, it reveals this flower only to elevated souls. It hides its Divine nectar only for the great soils. And everybody should come down and drink of that nectar and be told: “You are among the worthy children of God”. Then, with that acquired great matter in him, man ascends to the invisible world and starts again that extraordinary life.

The people of today believe in luck, in lottery, in unexpected happiness, from the outside. And that is why many say: “Time will fix things". No, time cannot fix things, it only records them. If a person goes to the weather, he will receive the following reply from it: “You must go to the living nature, it will teach you its laws and show you how to live. Then you should go to God, so that He shows you that in the whole universe there’s only one great law, which includes in itself Love, Wisdom and Truth, and these connect all creatures in the entire universe.” You say: “If there’s only one law in the entire universe, this means that there’s uniformity everywhere in the world”. No, the diversity of the entire universe hides in the great God’s law. There are already systems, which are outside the bad living conditions and the creatures there live angel lives. Our system, however, has not passed its redemption yet. It will soon pass the borders of the thirteenth sphere as well and acquire its redemption. When it acquires that redemption, the Earth will enjoy a reception such that the world has never seen: angels will wave their flags, descend and ascend to heavens, songs will be sung, music will play – there will be joy everywhere.
One day, when all this happens, everybody will believe and say: “This was told". Earth’s reception will be magnificent! She is a beautiful girl, carrying at her bosom billions of kids. When she presents herself to God, she will say: “My Lord, You gave me these children to raise. Here, I bring them back to you, grown-up and intelligent." The Earth is a great suckling mother of all beautiful girls and boys. The modern people are orphans, whom the Earth has undertaken to raise. When she raises them, she will bring them to God. Many say: “The modern man is a great philosopher!" What philosopher is he? The modern man is an orphan, sent to the Earth to be raised and educated.


The elixir of life comes from far away, it passes through the Sun and comes to the Earth every 2 thousand years, bringing new life, new culture, new age. In 3 years the Sun enters a new sign, a new age, which will last another 2 thousand years. This sign is Aquarius. When the Sun enters that sign, something new – a new urge, a new aspiration will enter people’s souls. (1923)

The Age of Aquarius is a mystic age. Since 1914 we have already entered an age, when all the snow and ice have started melting, because the main thing about Aquarius is the purity and whoever comes into this area, will definitely be purified. After 2 100 years the Earth will enter a new sign, and now Aquarius will reconcile everything and the old will be gone.

One day the entire Solar system will pass through fire, in order to be purged. Nothing will remain of people’s sins. Now sins result from the special contents of the matter, in which people live. This matter is unstable and a special type of decay takes place in it. In the future this matter will crystallize and the world will be transformed in a special way. Then sin will be impossible, because there will be no such matter that creates it. The matter will be stable. Then you will see what beauty means, then you will see the crystal springs of immortality, from which life issues. There you will see that water itself formed the material world.

A rational Divine wave is coming and reshaping the world. This, the rational thing, acts in people and changes the internal order of their thoughts. It is enough that people get out of their cellars and light will find them.
This wave can already be seen, in the entire world there are souls awakened, all of them have broad minds. The divine is everywhere, in all countries – as long as you are ready to work. The right now lies with good people. All these brotherhoods have influence. The new life is coming. Him, who understands, should rejoice that he is born in current times. The new order is overtaking the Earth. Soon people will comprehend that space is full of rational beings, which constantly pour light in people’s minds, transform things. Everywhere interest in the spiritual can be perceived.
People ask: “How will the Earth be fixed?” This is how: the snow and ice must melt, Love has to fill the air Now you enter someplace and see that the entire air is loveless.

A radical transformation is coming to the world. Those, who created the Earth, who created the Solar system, have decided to transform the Universe. The entire Solar system passes into a new phase. The old life on Earth is incompatible with the new one. Those who organize the Earth, are not here. Don’t think that these people, who are now on Earth, will be able to transform the Earth. Salvation comes from the above, from light, from warmth.

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