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Old 01-19-2010, 03:45 AM
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Default Silence hits the ground running.

I do hope my first contribution to this site, which I wish to share with you, is an enjoyable read. What you are about to read is true. It may seem far fetched, but believe me, it is not as far fetched as the happenings I have experienced since it all started.
I was fifteen years old and had been playing football and having a laugh with some friends. I remember it being the summer or school holidays. I cannot remember what month it actually happened. Only that it was a beautiful summers day.

After finishing our game of football, many of my friends decided to head off home for their dinners. A friend called Kevin stayed with me as we headed off to my parents home. We grabbed a drink each and I also stole (Yes, very bad) a couple of cigarettes from my fathers box of 20 Rothmans. When then both headed out the front door and made for the opening of the street I lived along.

I lived on a busy estate. I know there to be nearly eight hundred homes on the estate. So, it was not a massive estate, but, neither was it a tiddler or small one. I had a lot of friends and knew nearly all the children around the age of myself and their brothers and sisters. There was also a school on the estate, so we had all known each other for many years.

Anyways, after Kevin and myself reached the top or opening into the street I lived. We sat down on the pavement and chatted about the football match we had all earlier enjoyed. We played a lot of football in them days. 20 or sometimes 30 or more of us would have huge matches. If we were lucky our dads and uncles would jump the fence to the school grounds and join in with us. Although, I always worried my dad would make an arse of himself, but he never did.

Sorry, I keep digressing here. It is just that, it is rare for me to ponder those days now. My life is oh so much different to how I imagined it would be. So, after we, Kevin and myself had been chatting for several minutes we both begun to sense or become aware of a strange quietness, we were not really use to experiencing. I remember that we both stood up and looked around. I also remember how I watched the road just past the school, near to the shops, to see if any cars would come around the corner. Cars were always coming into and going out of the estate by that road, simply because of the shops there. There was a sweet shop or newsagents, a small supermarket that was hardly super, a bakery and a fish and chip shop that made the best spicy potatoes, I have ever tasted. And there was also a small social club or bingo hall along side these shops.

This road I watched intently, was about 100 yards away from where we both stood. The school was only about 50 yards away, and houses surrounded us on all sides. I am trying to explain that there were no huge open expanses or fields. It was a genuinely busy, non stop housing estate, and not a rich one either. Most of us were poor. Otherwise we or rather our parents would not have lived there by choice. But we children loved it. There were so many of us, you see.

After Kevin and myself had begun to realise how truly odd this silence had become, I remember one of us made the twilight zone theme tune. And it fitted the scene perfectly. There were no children, no cars, no pensioners walking their Yorkshire terriers, no people at all. I don't know how long the silence had taken hold, when I begun to realise there was no sound, no birds, no animals, no wind. All had not just dropped away, but it was as though they had gone. I remember the feeling coming over me that maybe we were the only people to be alive on the Earth.

I cannot remember Kevin and myself speaking again after I had felt that feeling. I simply remember how we looked at each other in shock and surprise, whilst searching for signs of life. It was then, after everything, and I mean every sound (including my own breath) had gone. That two circular headlight shaped lights begun to raise themselves up from our local shops roof, very carefully and slowly. The lights were a bluish white colour and roughly 6 feet apart. Each light was around 3 foot across.

After these lights had raised together, they then begun to travel towards Kevin and myself. I have thought long and hard about how they moved and I will now try to explain it as best as possible. Imagine two hockey pucks side by side. Now imagine, that an entire audience are watching you, watching the hockey pucks. Now imagine that the pucks are then pushed forward, very gently and very slowly. Now imagine that the audience has fallen completely silent as they watch you, watch as the floor the hockey pucks are moving along, drops out. Now, imagine an intake of breath or awe as you become aware of an audience watching and waiting for your shocked reaction. Yes, I know that may seem strange. But, that is what was experienced. They (the lights) traveled with a kind of movement so far beyond anything I have ever witnessed, they altered my perception or feeling and understanding of reality. I loved them, and still do.

There was no malice, viciousness or over baring power upon display. They were meek and gentle. Yet, carried an authority of power and purpose that could build worlds, not destroy them. The lights stopped above a rooftop, roughly 20 yards from us both, at about 10 feet above the house. There was no shining or reflections from what I can recall. They then, again in unison, moved again closer still. Until they came to about 10 or fifteen feet away and at just above head height and hung still for however long it really lasted. I can remember how I then begun to quake or shake from inside.

At the same time that the quaking reached its limit, a roaring sound overcome me and I dropped to the pavement as it felt as though all the sound had come back into existence. I remember looking to see if the lights were still there but they had gone. I remember hearing Kevin saying “he would not tell anyone what had happened.” But, I do not remember him going home. I remember going home myself, but I do not recall what I said about the lights, to anyone.

Before I went home. I do remember how the estate very gradually came back to life. But, within half an hour or less. The estate seemed as though nothing had happened. I have never really had the chance to speak with Kevin all these years later. But, I do know that he did tell people.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoyed reading this. For me it is incredible because it is true. No doubt, for yourself, this may well be impossible to believe; and I will not hold that against you. So, there you go. That was my first post.

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