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Old 08-03-2009, 01:05 AM
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Default Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

When I was still a theology student in university and just beginning to study up on some of the Illuminati ways and means, there was always a thought in the back of my mind that I never really explored or heard mentioned in any of the works on the subject.

How that thought got into my mind I do not know. It was just an intuitive feeling, a premonition, a word picture or symbol that seemed to make sense. But it was so subconscious I scarcely paid any attention to it.

I observed my peers among my generation while at university especially. I was always that guy who was on the outside looking in. I observed everything. I'm not a voyeur, I just have always had a hyper-sensitive intuition and feeling that could only be understood by the true empath. A real empath is not very sociable because a true empath feels everything and reacts to it from the gut and heart. Most people have sympathy but no empathy. Sympathy is magnetic and draws one without any necessary mental contemplation. Empathy of another harmonic altogether. It is self-reflective and socially reflective as well. Empathy is totally intuitive and is of an esoteric nature of intellect.

I noticed that the one unspoken topic of instruction and education that occured on campus was that of sexuality and courtship. I never took part in it because I felt isolated and like a social outcast. I have never found a 'community' into which I fit well. I'm a consumate loner, and I'm not vindicating whatever hang-ups of disorders I may or may not have. My point is that I noticed how the Rainbow is used within social manipulation.

I don't think I ever read a work concerning Rainbow consciousness or energy in my life. I bring up the topic for that specific reason. I don't know how I have this consciousness within me, but I cannot help but thinking that so much that passes for social norms or energies functions on the principle of the sexual rainbow energy within humans.

What is the Rainbow within humans? What does it mean and imply? This is all totally intuitive within my mind, and my words here are closer akin to stream of consciouness than any book learning I have done. But somehow I have come into a consciousness that the entire success or failure of the Illuminati depends on how effectively they steal the rainbow within humans and manipulate it to their ends.

Sexuality is good, pleasure is good, luxury is good, ecstasy is good. All these things involved in human libido, love, romance, etc are good. The sun and moon consciousnesses within man and woman are good. All things are good within themselves and are condusive toward life and prosperity if used correctly.

This got me to thinking of various esoteric and occult principles. I was asking myself if the key to the Illuminati's success was really based upon monetary magic tricks primarily or if such econonic manipulation was simply a method and result of a far deeper and profound energy within humans. I have since come to believe that this is so.

I now believe that occultism as a whole may be accurately and objectively thought of as an umbrella term for those procedures, methods, and protocols that work to steal the rainbow from humans based upon first introducting false consciousness of livlihood and luxury in equivocation to value and then aggresively marketing such concepts along with the manifestations of goods and services, comodities, and finished products in whatever form they may take.

The most blatent manifestation of late in this process of stealing 'the rainbow' is the rise and flood of internet pornography. Pornography steals the rainbow from persons engaged within the most intimate and energetic rainbow act possible among two humans. It captures this energy and light, packages it, markets it, and sells it by the bottle while depriving those who consume of the holistic nature that is integral in preserving the purity and strength of the holistic circle of sacred sexuality.

I have many more thoughts on the subject, but I thought I would just list a few on the subject and see what comes up in the coming weeks and months along these lines.

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Old 08-03-2009, 01:50 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
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Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

I add something to this thought on the Rainbow and the Illuminati.

There is a way that the Illuminati could be destroyed. How, you ask? If we do not even know who is 'running' (exploiting) the world, then how could we possibly wage some counter-attack? There is another way to skin this cat, you know? But to do so could only come about by individuals who were united in a specific, detailed, holistic, and dedicated consciousness and world-view. What it would require is to match and market tit for tat every inversion of Rainbow energy that the Illuminati is currently marketing today.

I find myself constantly annoyed at hip-hop and rap music. I think it is violent, sexist, racist, ignorant, and debased for the most part. I have no appreciation of it and no respect for it. Then to my horror, I find that most women seem irresistebly drawn to it. That is why they are so enamored with night clubs.

There was a time in my 20s that I came to the conclusion that women must simply be based, low, unintellectual, creatures. But I found that it really was not necessarily the rhythem or energy that was turning me off but rather the light or consciousness that the music was promoting or projecting. When I would simply listen to the rhythem it has a steady, robotic, trance energy to it that is tapped directly into human libido and sexuality. Therefore, I conjecture that when a woman is moved by such, she may not have much control about it, because the rhythem itself taps into certain physilogical gearing within her that subconsciously puts her into a 'sex mood'. And this of course may not be expressed in explicite sexual contact, but is rather channeled into dance which is of a sexual nature.

Even this in itself is not bad. But it is how these energies are manifested, maketed, manipulated, and used that make them dangerous in malicious hands. I have an idea that the Illuminati are aware that energy makes the world go round. And number 1 at the top of the list is Sexual Energy within humans. They seem to be quite expert at inverting, misusing, and getting rich off these erstwhile good and benign energies within humans.

The only thing that could really counter-act such heartless piracy of man against mankind is to match every manifestation of such abomination and piracy with the aright and correct manifestation. I think that even the base rhythems and sounds of hip-hop and techno could be channeled toward positive ends. But it would require an independant fraternity, or church that was dedicated to promoting just such an ideology without resorting to greed and for the cause of the greater good of humanity, life, social responsibility, human dignity, and something novel among the greedy, rich, and powerful that may be a foreign concept to them - Love.

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Old 08-03-2009, 02:12 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 498
Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

If my theory on the correspondance of Rainbow marketing in the music industry is correct, the follow should provide a perfectly acceptable manifestation of sexual energy. I mean this even in the holistic Biblical sense.

I think Ofra Haza was toying around with such ideas in her musical artistry, but she seemed to be having a bit of trouble capturing the right vibe. But she was trying and that is one of the reasons I made her my ...well...'muse' I suppose when I was translating Song of Songs.

But in my church background the idea of sexual dance was highly repressed and very discouraged against. This is unfortunate to me bcause this has allowed a market that should not exist for people to have an outlet that they should have had (even Biblically) all along.

My task is very difficult. First, I am having to deprogram myself from faulty and ridiculous church notions and traditions that have been engrained in me and are not of the liberating consciousness of Christ in this regard. Second, I am having to slowly become an Illuminus without becomeing a Luciferian.

The Illuminati are bending the rainbow one way, and I'm trying to bend it back the other way. I am honestly and truly an explorer of the right hand path. There's no ifs ands or buts about it. I am a Christian at my core. I just never thought I would have to pick up a cobra to find a staff of life is all.

The irony of it all. But I'm still going to see if I can grab this snake by the tail and turn it into a benevolant and focussed power in manifestation. God showed such energy and laws of nature through Moses and Christ. I don't see why such energies would not still be available for anyone who wanted to use them toward productive, creative, and beatified uses.

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Old 08-03-2009, 02:52 AM
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Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 498
Default Re: Stealing the Rainbow and the Illuminati

You know, I never would have suspected when I became a Christian that having some really good, orgasmic sex could make me a better, more holistic Christian. It sounds like an oxymoran and completely counter-intuitive.

Conventional wisdom suggests that theologians, ministers, etc are supposed to be the typical celebate, monkish, hermits who declare the morality and sanctimony to the masses.

That's all nice in theory, but it won't make you into a better image of God or make you more holistic or sanctified. It might however drive you half-insane. Trust me, I've tried it. And I believe that Christendom as a whole today is lacking the latent and correct sexual consciousness and force that is inherant to a rectified humanity.

I'm not really sure the task of the Illuminati was all that difficult. How easy would it be to fully manipulate the masses who were already half hoodwinked by a fake and self-righteous church? Christ never said anything about being celebate. In fact, it was Jesus Christ himself who stated that not everyone can be celebate. If one can be, well and fine. But if not, then do the honorable thing and have some hot sex with your wife and soul-mate.

If we did this we might find that black hole sun would suddenly become yellow and bright again and blood red moons would be the purest white.

But the first order of business would be to teach people individually to stop paying for what is of infinite value and was freely given to mankind to begin with.

How much does it degrade mankind to buy and sell Love? I suppose it is for this reason primarily that I can never have any real fear of the Illuminati. I have no respect for them. And I cannot possibly have fear of a group of people I have absolutely not the slightest amount of respect for. I have nothing but contempt, spite, and a loathing disgust of this group of elitist apes. Another mystery of this world to me is how so many could possibly live in fear of this group of degenerate pirates.

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