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Old 09-24-2006, 06:09 PM
rushdoony rushdoony is offline
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Default Stock Exchange Conspiracy

Securities Commissions have been "captured" by the industry it regulates.
There are 101 ways for Big Money to capture the
imperfect, flawed, sinner, fallen human beings
( those four words apply to every person on Earth )
that work at Securities Commissions. Same applies to TSX Venture Exchange
and Political Parties that appoint people at the Securities Commissions.
Most people will do anything evil for money, and
can be easily bought and paid for.

Solution: A Pure Laissez-Faire Christian Capitalist Industry
stock exchange ( a business ) industry.

Analogy: "Anyone should be able to start
their own CLOTHES MANUFACTURING COMPANY ( a business )
tomorrow morning, WITH THEIR OWN DESIGNS."

Analogy: "Anyone should be able to start
their own NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION COMPANY ( a business )
tomorrow morning, WITH THEIR OWN WRITINGS."

Likewise: "Anyone should be able to start their own
tomorrow morning, WITH THEIR OWN RULES."

With much competition of Rules ( Regulations )
they would be constantly refined and improved
in the best interests of the Consumer-Investor.
Stock Exchanges would be competing for the most number
of investors by offering the "best" rules ( regulations ).

This means conceivably 50 stock exchanges
in British Columbia alone, each with 250 listed companies. Each exchange
specializing in a certain industry. With an average 40 employees
per company, that's 500,000 jobs in BC providing a living
for 500,000 fathers and their families. Exporting
quality products all over the world.

The correct number of stock exchange companies
there should be in
British Columbia is this:
Whatever number the free-market of consumers and suppliers
says there should be. That could be 1 or that could be 1,000
or anywhere in between. Heck it could even
mean zero or mean 10,000. Just shut-up
and let the free market decide, OK? But the most important reason is this:
Anyone has a God-given right to have their own business
in any industry they choose.

Also each industry needs its own customized, specialized
type of stock exchange rules. "One size fits all", does not work and is not optimal
or efficient in almost all human endeavors.

People do not believe this because they do not understand
the fundamentals of liberty. Most people
have never read a book like the suppressed
Restoring the American Dream by Robert J. Ringer, 1979
or Libertarianism: A Political Philosophy for Tomorrow by John Hospers, 1971 .

The more competition and suppliers you have in an
industry, the less need there is for State Regulation.
It is no wonder that Securities Commissions say anyone can
apply to start their own stock exchange ( a business )
but then says NO to everyone.

By the way, the new CNQ stock exchange is possibly secretly run by
the same power elite as the TSX, with deliberate
instructions to fail, so it can be pointed to
and said, "see, competition doesn't work."

Any newspaper columnist should be able to start their own
stock exchange business ( or newspaper publication business )
tomorrow morning.
Most uninformed, socialist brainwashed people would
disagree with that statement.

People who are skeptical about free, open competition
should consider this: If a system were to
be deliberately designed to consistently
lose 90% of investors large amounts of money,
we would have the current uncompetitive monopoly system.
Soviet-style, Socialist-style, Monopoly-style Systems
have never worked at any time, place or industry
in the history of the world. They have only benefited
a few elite at the top ( who do stuff like take/steal
unconscionable bureaucratic salaries )
but never benefited the masses of people,
never benefited the masses of Living Souls.

Signed, Rushdoony
Maybe even Vancouver Police Department can be bought too.
For example, just buy a table at
annual policeman's ball at Hyatt Hotel; one
public company crook businessman
I know of, made a rumoured $40,000 donation for a booklet advertisement
or a dinner table at this VPD Marching Pipe Band event
and strongly hinted to me that he can get any favor he wants from Vancouver police;
I believe this and witnessed it first hand,
but would expect parties involved to deny it. Many
pump and dump, public company CEO's steal millions from investors but
always give to police charities when the police (off duty I hope? ) telephone
for donations. This should be exposed, it's a conflict of interest.

Regulatory capture is a phenomenon in which a government regulatory agency becomes dominated by the interests of the industry that it oversees. In the United States, the most notorious historical examples are the Civil Aeronautics Board, which protected airlines from competition; the Interstate Commerce Commission, known as the "trucker's best friend," which restricted competition in transportation; and the Department of Agriculture, which implements policies that are alleged to favor the interests of large corporate farming concerns over those of consumers and family farmers. The term is central in a stream of research that is often referred to as the economics of regulation, which is critical of earlier conceptualizations of regulatory intervention by governments as being motivated to protect public goods. Two often cited articles are Laffont & Tirole (1991) and Levine & Forrence (1990).

...I realized I had to gain more knowledge to protect against evil and to protect myself from not becoming evil myself. This is our major goal in life...\" Terry Lee
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