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Old 01-29-2009, 01:57 PM
The Old Medic The Old Medic is offline
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Default Why do so many here make up lies and blame others for their mistakes?

I have never seen so many lies posted on one web site. Lies about the jesuits, lies about the Freemasons, lies about the Catholic Church, the Jews, and so on and so on. In topic after topic, its nothing but lies, liars supporting those lies and absolute idiocy.

Is this a Nazi web site? It sure looks like one. there are so many apologists for the Holocaust, revisionists of the holocaust, and supporters of the Nazi movement around here, that I am looking for sheets hanging in the closets.

The Jews are responsible for EVERYTHING according to a lot of the posts around here. How so few, could possibly do so much, would be an interesting subject to investiogate. IOc course, in reality they are not responsible for even 1.10th of the stuff that you all say they are, but who wants to deal with reality arond here?

I have never seen so many losers blaming so many other people for their failure to be able to compete in this world. The fact that they have no education, no skills, and no drive to obtain any is someone elses fault, isn't it? Must be the fault of those horrible Jews, or the Blacks, or the Mexicans that are taking all of the high paying jobs that they couldn't get anyway.

People here seem to have never actually read the Constitution of the United States. Instead, they listen to Ron Paul, who is one of the biggest idiots this country has ever raised up, A powerful demogog, but an idiot none the less. But you would think he was God, the way some people carry on about him. And of course, they got their civics courses from the Klan.

I am disgusted at the way so many on this site carry on. They are totally incapable of accepting any responsibility for their own actions (or inactions). Oh hell no, it's got to be somebody's fault that I am a failure! It's all a conspiracy against ME!

There is a common term for that kind of thinking, It's called P A R A N O I A.

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