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Default All Taxation Is Theft

Gone from the internet:
Why? or better yet who did this?
Let's see if the rogue elements of the
intelligence agencies can remove this article.
Luckily I saved it.
I will insert key words for search engines:

All forms of taxation are theft, the world's criminal organization states steal away the profit of living and producing. The produce of your work belongs to you and no one has the right to take it from you. People are used as a commodity to make money for the state where the only value of citizens is as good taxpaying slaves that work, keep their mouth shut and do as they are told.
Because as well as the physical property one owns, a person owns one's labor and it is that labor that is intricately a product of the self that has been spent in the giving of some of one's life substance, one's physical and mental exertion, one's time to produce property that is created from resources that one owns and mixed with one's personal skills to create something original, something that didn't exist before, the production of original goods and services, property that is truly individually owned because it is an extension of the property of the self, and for that reason may be traded freely for any other property voluntarily and honestly acquired, but all of that is stolen when labor or property is taxed.
A human being has the right to exist and provide for one's sustenance and to pursue personal betterment without being punished by taxation which robs the person of the ability to enjoy the full fruits of one's labor as well as robbing the person of dignity by being treated as a surf. Working to provide for one's needs and freely exchanging through trade what one produces is a natural right that is necessary for self preservation and advancement, taxation is a direct attack on that natural right, an attack on self preservation and since taxation is mainly used to support the military whose business is terroristic war, taxation itself is an act of war against human rights. Taxation not only steals a portion of one's income, it steals a away the ability to develop and support legitimate and just government that includes maintaining a legitimate and just police and defense. People need their money to develop that defense against the evil of the military-state, the thieving murderous tyrants who use other people's hard earned money to impose their criminal organization on people and manipulate public thinking to fool people into accepting their gang has their protectors, as though it were a legitimate government.

Statists say that "taxes are like rent or bills -- not paying them is theft of services". First of all those "services" are enslavement in a system that is imposed on people against their consent, a system of political opinions that service selfish interests who join together in a gang to rob and exploit other people and to use their stolen money to increase their political power over other people's lives. The rationalizing of those of "you who believed that crime could be 'practical' if your government decreed that robbery was legal and resistance to robbery illegal," wrote Ayn Rand.(2) Taxation supports other criminal actions by the state that includes confiscation of people's private property, denial of the right to freely engage in business and trade, telling people what to do their own bodies, and imposing a mob like protection racket on people where the police actually use original crimes to commit further crimes against innocent people by forcing the victims and everyone else to pay for the crimes from the guilty. And worst of all, taxation is primarily used to support the mercenary terrorist military who wages war against humanity.
Taxation is the power behind the imposition of all forms of tyranny. Everywhere that censorship is imposed, in those regimes where people are persecuted because of their race, nationality, religion or other reasons, taxation provides the means for them to violate human rights. All of the invasive regulations that violate individual freedom are imposed only because taxation provides the power for them to do it.
When someone imposes their rule on you and forces you at the point of a gun to accept their so called "services" whether you want them or not and then then charges you for it is committing the crime of extortion. Having tyranny imposed on me and being robbed to support it and then threatening me with death if I don't capitulate is not the kind of services that I want.
When a mob who threatens the lives of innocent people who have done no harm to others and imposes their selfish opinions on others to exploit them to increase their own power and then charges them for this evil, is a malevolent tyrant who is at war against human freedom, and anyone who supports taxation or makes excuses or it is participating in the crimes committed by the state against human life.
Ayn Rand(1) wrote that "the tax collected...[was] to pay for the livelihood of those whose jobs was to tie him and make him unable to live..., stripped of the right of self-defense, left without voice, without weapons, and worse: made to be the tool of his own destruction, the supporter of his own destroyers, the provider of their food and of their weapons... choked, with his own bright energy turned against him as the noose".
If the mob of politicians takes from a person one's property without one's consent it is the same basic act as if a gang on the street took that property without one's consent. While they are both acts of theft, taxation is far worse than simple robbery on the street, because when a street thief steals your money, you lose only your money, but when a politician steals your money you lose your liberty to not only enjoy the many uses of your money but they use your money to impose many endless forms of tyranny on you that further violate your rights.
Giving people the option to vote to protect their property from thievery is like a gang of bandits letting people say no while they rob them of their possessions, and then murdering them if they still say no. That is exactly what the state does only to a much larger degree and all who support it are participating in the evil.
Taxation is an elaborate extortion racket, where the worst criminal elements of society who are unable to be productive in the free market or unwilling to try, turn different competing interests who would find solutions to their differences in a cooperative society if they were left alone, against each other by convincing each that with a small campaign contribution or by simply voting for them and lending their public support by speaking in favor of the proposed policy, they may each benefit by the system which acts as both an extortion and protection racket, which extorts from all to some degree and protects some portion that they choose not to steal now so that people will have the incentive to use it to be more productive so that they may may steal it in the future. The extortion racket becomes an industry as they employ professional thugs; e.g. police, tax collectors, military, bureaucrats, and bribe potential protesters against the system by awarding them a piece of the action. The extortionists promise benefits which will be extorted from the politically weaker and transferred to the political winners, but in gaining this, they lose a great deal more, in the loss of the full exercise of their rights, in the full enjoyment of their property and their full profit potential.

No form of taxation can ever be justified because there are many ways to pay for any reasonably sized government and all of its services without taxes. But even though there are other ways to raise revenue the criminal cartel states want to maintain taxation for other reasons.
Taxation is a punishment on living and producing, it is a penalty imposed on people who have a natural right to be free and choose their own form of government, and that penalty is imposed by a presumption that all people are guilty of being irresponsible, incompetent or even naturally criminal so they must be enslaved and punished with fines in the form up taxes to pay their wardens to keep them in line and force them to serve the greater interests of the corrupt mobsters who had usurped their power on the backs and productivity of other people.
The evil of taxation is used to manipulate peoples lives and behavior as though they were robots to be programmed to perform in the way that their masters want them to perform. Its used to keep certain groups of people down. Its used to steal for the special interest groups; there are many example of taxpayers money being used to subsidize both successful and failing industries.
First of all people must learn that taxes are wrong because it's theft, it's not just because there's no other way to pay for government services, because there are other ways, but if people realize that there are other ways and reject taxes because other ways are better, this still doesn't completely eliminate the threat of taxes because they are simply making a practical choice, they must make a moral choice that taxes are wrong because armed robbery is wrong. They must accept this because of the sake of justice not because of utility; by the reason of justice that armed robbery is illegally and morally wrong. They must have faith in this and in freedom and then seek to find other ways to pay for government services and public works without armed force or stealing or coercion. If people are motivated to do right only when its practical then that's not righteous or just and nobody's rights are safe, so people must have faith in freedom and human rights enough to seek ways to operate a government and a society in a just manner.
The effect of taxation on the economy is incalculable. It drains off huge portions of the economy and wastes it on gigantic inefficient bureaucracies that don't provide any real service that can be economically or morally justified. Taxes coupled with regulation chokes off production at every level. An economy that is set free can produce enough to provide for everyone's basic needs and provide all needed services within the free enterprise economy, including government services which have to work within the free enterprise system to be viable.
If a private organization fails at its goals, people generally stop giving it money (buying its goods or contributing to its cause). State agencies have built-in incentives for failure. If a public agency fails, not only does its budget stay the same, but often the agency can ask for more money because it claims that it's not working because they don't have enough money. That is the eternal plea of bureaucrats begging for more money, "if we only had more money we could do it right". Well, they are always taking more and more money and all they do is hire more bureaucrats, expand the agencies which become even more over bloated and inefficient and still they keep begging for more money. That's the game of politics, to make fools of the people and swindle more money from them continually to gain more power over their lives.
Unlike private firms which go out of business when they fail, as the state continues to steal they just keep expanding and hiring more people, so that there is a large portion of the voting population who are working for the government and have a considerable influence on voting themselves more money and power. When a new batch of politicians are voted into office, one of the first things they do is to make a grab at people's wallets to raise their salaries.
The state has an advantage that private enterprises don't; the use of force. That capability attracts the attention of people who want to use force to subsidize themselves or stifle their competition. Thus, public agencies almost always end up being manipulated for purposes other than their apparent ones.
It is used by communistic governments to destroy the family; such as those who have a marriage penalty tax imposed by the United States federal tax system (even some of the most tyrannical states that have existed in the past didn't dare to penalize marriage, only a government with communistic goals would do such a thing).
One of the most insidious taxes is on families who are trying to take care of their children. For many couples, both parents have to work full time, mothers who want to stay home and raise their children full time can't afford to do so because of the heavy tax burden on the family. The result of this is parents raise and influence their own children less while their money is being stolen by these thieving tyrants that use it to take their children away from them at an early age and begin indoctrinating them into the socialist system. One of Communism's primary goals is to use heavy taxation and invasive social policy to destroy the family and take over the raising of children at an early age.
Taxes are used for social engineering and the manipulation of personal behavior, if the politicians don't like what people choose to do or put into their bodies, they slap a tax on it.
To steal a person's money or even a portion of it through taxes or to confiscate even a part of a person's property or business robs that person of one's ability to sustain and maintain one's life according to the needs of that person and one's family. It cheats the person of the ability to organize and financially support the kind of government and social culture that one wants.
It prevents people from successfully planning for their own retirement and passing their property fully intact to their heirs. And it prevents people from developing effective programs for community development and helping the poor to help themselves in a way that is morally and economically sound.
The heavy taxes force both husband and wife to work outside of the home separating parents from their children who are turned over to other child care providers, by the state imposing these policies they are intentionally trying to get children away from their mothers so they can begin indoctrinating them at an earlier age to be good little slaves of the state, it causes the child to form an emotional dependence of the impersonal institutions that raise the child.
The neo-communists are intentionally trying to use their power to make mothers work to support the state, get control of their children and destroy families.

Social Security
The welfare-state treats people as if they are incompetent or like a small child who's incapable of managing one's own money, they confiscate your money and keep it until they think you need it. Social Security is like a giant pyramid scheme in the sense that it takes in more and more money while it will not be able to cover the future expenditures. It keeps individuals from seeking better investments that would certainly earn more interest. But worst of all Social Security is a socialist scheme that allows the state to make every citizen completely dependant on the state, just like all of the other insidious schemes of the state, it creates a form of coercion that makes people have to support the state and vote in self defense to protect one's money which is being held over them, it also makes the young and old have to fight it out politically to keep each group from voting to take more from each other.
Mandatory Social Security is not just confiscating and holding people's money it is stealing that portion of money that is not returned to the person or one's heirs and it steals away the interest that could have been earned in an IRA or other investment. If a person, starting young, puts aside relatively small amounts of income regularly in an IRA, that money will grow to an enormous amount for retirement. The IRA may be large enough to generate enough interest to live on, then the IRA or what's left of it may be passed on to one's heirs thereby setting up an endowment over the lives of the children and grandchildren, providing a safety net for them. All of this the state steals from people. Anyone who is ignorant enough and is so immoral as to support the Social Security system is not only costing themselves a lot of money and diminishing the amount of money they would have in retirement, they are stealing from their children and grandchildren and forcing them to capitulate to the same extortion racket.
In more complete socialist countries, Social Security is the first step toward a cradle to grave welfare system and with it life long dependency on the state. When the state is able to confiscate much of what people produce they are able to control people's behavior, where they live, at what and how they work, and even what they think by forcing people to support their education system which is principally one of indoctrination and to make the mind control more complete they operate state run news services to control and sensor information and manipulate public opinion.

Taxes create social conflicts. As people's earnings are taken from them and put into a pool, the budget, the political system creates a condition where different groups fight it out to grab as much of the loot as possible for their own interests. The entire society grows more divided and belligerent, and less like a genuine community. It becomes fragmented into special interest groups who regard one another as oppressors and oppressed. They view their fellow human beings as either exploiters who have too much and they therefore should be used as cash cows to milk as much as they can get from them; or, conversely, they see those in the lower social strata as parasites, leaching off of the earnings of the productive.

Once a bureau is created, its personnel becomes a tenacious political interest group, entrenched in the power structure and strategically better able to defend its funding and make a case for expanding its role. For, who knows more about the urgent need of increasing a bureau's funding and staff than those who carry out its activities? The bureaucrats have better access to the information needed to lobby the legislators for more money, they use their expertise in a way that gives them advantages in the political process over other citizens who would wish to roll back the bureaucracy. Bureaucrats will testify that the public "just doesn't understand the importance of their agency or know how serious the problem is." They will also form alliances with other agencies that have mutual dependencies and they will make their argument in ways that could threaten the politician's office, such as; saying, that if the agency's budget isn't expanded there will be severe cutbacks in programs which are located in a particular District and that Congress member would be blamed for its reduction by the voters who are dependent on it.
By adopting programs to redistribute large amounts of income, the politicians guarantee that the state will become more powerful and invasive in other ways. Because the politicians themselves are the most menacing interest group in society, nothing good can come of this development, and much evil does come of it. As James Madison warned more than two centuries ago, "one legislative interference is but the first link of a long chain of repetitions, every subsequent interference being naturally produced by the effects of the preceding".
In the confiscatory society the public is not only poorer but less contented, less independent, more pugnacious, and more politicized. Individuals take part less often in voluntary community activities and more often in belligerent political battles. Genuine communities cannot develop in the pestilent environment of redistribution politics. A society that allows the government to redistribute income on a large scale sacrifices not only a considerable amount of its earnings but it also surrenders much of its liberty in being able to organize consensual communities and enjoy the right of choosing how to spend one's earnings to serve one's values. The loss of liberty doesn't stop there, with the control of large amounts of money by the government comes the control of how people live; social engineering, political decisions about the culture, how people spend their recreation, how they are entertained and endless other choices are made by the state instead of the individual or by families or voluntary communities.
With the state politicization of charity, the redistribution system chokes out genuine virtue. Redistribution of income by state coercion is a theft. Its supporters attempt to disguise its true character by claiming that the democratic process gives it legitimacy, but this justification is felonious. Theft is theft whether it be carried out by one thief or by 100 million thieves acting together. It is impossible to base a just and righteous society on the institutionalization of theft.

The idea that taxes are necessary to pay for the so called "free rider" who would benefit from the positive externalities of government order, police, fire protection and defense and wouldn't pay for the services if they weren't forced to do it is completely fallacious. First of all the so called services are not services but are in fact crimes against human rights imposed by tyranny, and making people pay for it is extortion, nothing but a protection racket, like the mob runs. No form of taxation can ever be justified, in a legitimate government like Librademia all government operations and services can be paid for without taxation. Taxation is a racket to feed the corrupt political mobsters who hunger after more power and they use taxes to further manipulate people's lives. No people who live freely and independently and respect others rights are "free riders", legitimate free government demands consensual organization of society where governmental services, including police, emergency services and defense are paid for in ways that are described in the essay on private funding of independent governments. It is the duty of the government to protect innocent people who respect other's rights and by doing so create the environment where individuals can enjoy freedom and opportunity. The blood sucking parasites of the state and their hired thugs are the "free riders" working off of the toil up other people.
For the innocent to have to pay for the crimes of the guilty is absolutely morally wrong.
The state's own employees are the "free-riders"; the politicians and bureaucrats, the over bloated budgets, the police and military don't earn their money in a competitive free enterprise system, they are a monopoly and like all monopolies they are very wasteful and worst of all they place the burden of paying for crimes not on the guilty but on the innocent. The military has become a huge jobs program (welfare for mercenary terrorists) they spent most of their time on military bases not dong anything of value and eating up large amount of money earned by honest hard working people who are actually contributing something of value to the world; but that's when they do the least harm. Instead the money that's being wasted on the military should be used for real human rights defense of freedom.
After the Soviet Union collapsed members of their over bloated military found that there wasn't enough money in the budget to pay all of their salaries, many left the military and in a report that was on CNN, they told of current military members who had taken second jobs to earn enough money to live. Some were even officers who were driving taxis, working in a warehouse or a factory and one officer had started his own business. These were active members of the military who had nothing to do except hang around bases and train in terrorism, so they were given extra time off to earn enough money to live, since the state was unable to pay them. For possibly the first time in their lives they were actually earning an honest living by doing something of real value that serves other people and contributes to the betterment of the economy and the conditions of other people.
As taxation is used to support the state's police and military who are the main thugs that carry out the armed robbery so as to increase their power so they can steal more and by doing so rob from people more of their ability to govern and protect themselves, thus, taxation is a self perpetuating larcenous racket.

The right to work is, to start your own business and to keep the rewards of your labors must be protected. You have sovereignty over all of the things that you own, such as knowledge, talents, skills and other resources including your property. You have the right to do with it as you choose.
The produce of your work belongs to you and no one has the right to take it from you.
All forms of taxation or any scheme to use coercive measures to extract money from people against their will is forbidden throughout Librademia. Civilzens, residents and aliens doing business in Librademia cannot be forced or coerced into paying any form of taxes or be billed for services that they don't want or use. Taxation is unjustifiable and unnecessary and is only used as an expediency by immoral people with a criminal mentality who find it easier to commit armed robbery then to operate legitimate governments that provide services that people actually want and for which they are willing to pay. There are many ways to pay for the operation of government and its services without taxation.

Private funding of Independent Governments, Librademian Revenue System, Poliverian Revenue System

by Gregory Flanagan

1 - Ayn Rand; Atlas Shrugged: p. 313
2 - ibid; p. 977 (Voice of John Galt)



"Taxation of earnings from labor is on a par with forced labor. Seizing the results of someone's labor is equivalent to seizing hours from him and directing him to carry on various activities."
Robert Nozick, Harvard philosopher

"Our forefathers made one mistake. What they should have fought for was representation without taxation." - Fletcher Knebel, historian

When Malcolm Forbes was asked if he was afraid of terrorism he replied;
"I think the terror most people are concerned with is the IRS."

"Power corrupts, because it attracts the corruptible. And the incentive system of a governmental monopoly is truly perverse. Imagine a state official who controls a million dollars in tax money. How is he motivated to spend it? In a competitive market he would be motivated to spend it in such a way as to please his customers."....."But if he is offered favors or bribes by special-interest groups, then he has an incentive to divert that money to their favored cause; after all, it isn't his money, so he has nothing to lose." Roderick T. Long, Why Objective Law Requires Anarchy (Formulations, Autumn 98)

"The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets."
Will Rogers

"Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."
Mark Twain

"If a thousand men were not to pay their tax bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood. This is, in fact, the definition of a peaceable revolution, if any such is possible."
Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

"who will not think that robbers and pirates have a right of empire over whomsoever they have force enough to master, or that men are bound by promises which unlawful force extorts from them. Should a robber break into my house, and, with a dagger at my throat, make me seal deeds to convey my estate to him, would this give him any title?" ........ "The injury and the crime is equal, whether committed by the wearer of a crown or some petty villain. The title of the offender and the number of his followers make no difference in the offence, unless it be to aggravate it. The only difference is, great robbers punish little ones to keep them in their obedience; but the great ones are rewarded with laurels and triumphs, because they are too big for the weak hands of justice in this world, and have the power in their own possession which should punish offenders.".........
"It remains only to be considered whether promises, extorted by force, without right, can be thought consent, and how far they bind. To which I shall say, they bind not at all; because whatsoever another gets from me by force, I still retain the right of, and he is obliged presently to restore."....... " he that forced a promise from me ought presently to restore it- i.e., quit me of the obligation of it; or I may resume it myself- i.e., choose whether I will perform it. For the law of Nature laying an obligation on me, only by the rules she prescribes, cannot oblige me by the violation of her rules; such is the extorting anything from me by force. Nor does it at all alter the case, to say I gave my promise, no more than it excuses the force, and passes the right, when I put my hand in my pocket and deliver my purse myself to a thief who demands it with a pistol at my breast."........."and also till they are allowed their due property, which is so to be proprietors of what they have that nobody can take away any part of it without their own consent, without which, men under any government are not in the state of free men, but are direct slaves under the force of war."
John Locke, Second Treatise on Government
from www.libertocracy.com

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Default Re: All Taxation Is Theft

I originally posted this on Dec 9, 2004.
Quit your government job, I'm tired of carrying you. Also, refuse to attend a government run university as a "student", they're just brainwashing you with socialist ( theftist ) lies. Start your own business instead.

The biggest contribution a person can make towards halting the NWO juggernaut is to quit their government job. Morally speaking ALL TAXATION IS THEFT and therefore any one who collects a government check or contract ( a PARASITE ) is stealing. See: http://www.libertocracy.com/Webessays/taxation.htm . Their entire check is stolen money and they pay no taxes because the "taxes" they pay are just a return of stolen money to the MAFIA GOVERNMENT. People must learn that government has no money and that any money it does spend means that some other hardworking father/family somewhere in the laissez-faire, voluntary sector of the economy must cut back on nutritious food, clothing, shelter, self-defense, charity, self-healthcare, self-education AND NUMBER OF CHILDREN ( preventing a life that would have existed is the moral equivalent of murder ). These cutbacks cause that family to break down and when it happens to many families it is called a social breakdown.
People need to understand that there is a spiritual law that says Laudable Designs When Achieved Through Coercion Become Demonic. This means that if a person has even a good project to achieve, it will fail and costs will far exceed benefits, if the means used to achieve that goal ( like taxation ) involve forcibly interfering in anothers life.
And people who say they believe in the God of the Bible should know that after they die of old age ( hopefully ) there will be a spiritual judgment day. That each person will be judged by their thoughts, words and deeds and the intentions and motivations behind their thoughts, words and deeds. Rewards and punishments will be handed out. So people must realise that their crimes of prospering from the stolen loot called taxes will not go unpunished and that justice will be established by God ( your Creator because you did not create yourself by an act of your free-will ).
Again, to hinder and hamper the NWO agenda people should stop assisting with that agenda and quit their government job because they ARE hurting other people. Actually it is not a real job but is literally JOB WELFARE. Any goal or project can be achieved better by people organizing voluntarily like in a real capitalistic business rather that people organizing coercively like the SATANIC STATE does.
And, just briefly here, another major blow to the NWO agenda would be for everyone to stop using any of their so-called money. The system in place now should be called legalized counterfeiting and is probably the main component in advancing the NWO agenda. But now there is an alternative to this debased currency that people could start gradually using and promoting. You can read about it at www.libertydollar.org .
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