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Old 04-27-2010, 01:34 AM
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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I don't consider that which David Icke writes to be work.

Clearly, I haven't read any of what he's written.

Proud of it, as well.
Good to see your so open minded. There's hope after all.

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Old 05-14-2010, 06:03 PM
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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

David Icke is a Flake and Piece of Drunken SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
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Old 01-13-2011, 01:48 PM
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Default Re: Who Is David Icke?

The reality is that David Icke is creating chaos, because he has no solution which requires that people take responsibility for their "being" in-formation. There is no such thing as being loving without taking responsibility, whether it is with your children...or your spouse...everyone else on the planet...or the planet itself. The ancient scripts called it "exercising just stewardship". This is why we are not "human beings"...we are "human doings". We are what we do...and the "doing of anything" reveals the "being". Again, the problem is choice, and we get to choose everything....whether we choose to be happy or sad...compassionate or mad. This, again, is in practically all of the movies....choice.

Since THE MATRIX movie release in 1999, the word Matrix has come to mean a trap or web …a technological program of slavery and control. Although you may sense this is true, most people don’t know “what it is”. The reason you don’t know is because you have never been shown the Real-World matrix. For instance, the Movies are (most likely) named after a Mathematical Program created in 1958 by Wassily Leontief.

Who was Wassily Leontief?

Leontief was born in Munich, Germany in the year 1905.

He was a mathematician who used an 81x81matrix of quadratic equations to solve for every variable of input and output data in the United States economy. For this he won a Nobel Prize. Since that time…a basis software program was created and runs inside the IRS and global banking computers. That program is called the LEONTIEF MATRIX.

This Mathematical Matrix is about an energy transfer using current-See and your Account-ability. Therefore; banking becomes the primary [accounting] business on the Planet and involves regulation by treaties and global agreements.

These agreements create the rules that control most of the details of your life…where/when you work; how you get food, water and energy to use.

Remember--Neo was told he was born a slave and most people when shown the Real Matrix; they do the same thing that Neo did….they either reject it or want to revolt.

But, THE MATRIX was not about remaining a slave and Revolution was/is not the Solution. THE MATRIX movies were about changing the agreement and then separating from THE MATRIX in peace.

And that is what you must do, CHANGE.

The MATRIX was all about the right of self determination. Zion was "allowed" to continue in Peace along side the "system". That system is for those that CHOOSE to fear, and hate, and live in anger....and not to accept the responsibility of love, peace, and honor. The "system" must by design be "chaotic" because it is based on the emotions of chaos...greed, avarice....WAR. The war is "internal" and is then manifested externally. Living with love and compassionate is simple...not always easy. But, then again, people's perception of the problem, is the problem. The 'REAL-it' is that "love is easy, it is simple". Fear is that which confuses and makes things "complex". So, in response to that "the universe" built the United State's military industrial COMPLEX. It is the "united state of being(s)" that "like" or choose the complexity of War, because their don't want the "responsibility and simple" choice to merely "respond correctly" and "fix" the problem or their own problems. So they "choose" to have someone else "fix it for them"...and that is what the United States is doing...fixing it for them. I know it is not seen this way....but (in my opinion) from a "universal" perspective....there is now an overload of people that have chosen "not to love" and have chosen this complexity to have the military industrial complex "take care of them" and "fix it for them"....and therefore the failure to choose love and choose responsibility is going to get them a "ticket off the planet". They have "fed this beast" and it is going to devour them.

This may include me, as well. We don't have much time to "build something new"....but I/we are going to try.
"To be controlled in our economic pursuits means to be controlled
in everything."

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Old 02-11-2011, 10:22 AM
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Smile Re: Who Is David Icke?

I was a big fan of David Icke for a while, but I now despise him because of his forum. The people who run the David Icke Forum are a cult.
If they do not like you they will find a way to ban you.
They are experts at it and I didn't realize what was going on till it was too late. They decided they wanted to ban me so......
They had a shill post a negative comment insulting the users on a thread I started. He said that we were all trolls and that the thread was BULLshit and needed to be removed. Rather than get mad like he wanted, I joked about him on the thread and posted a picture of a piece of shit on his profile.
Rather than delete it himself, he whined to the Technical Advisor, who is a complete prick, EX SHEEP. I got a message from EX SHEEP saying I had a three point infraction for posting 'filth' on his page. He sent me a PM threatening to smash my teeth. I reported it to the mods. They did nothing to him. I had posted a comment in the thread stating the fact that he had threatened me. I then received another message from the mods saying that was another 5 point infraction for discussing that he threatened me and I was banned. So he got away with threatening me and I got banned.
It is obvious they orchestrated the whole thing, knowing how I would respond and then giving them 'reason' to ban me.
It is so obvious in retrospect. Really though, who gives a shit ??
It is a blessing in disguise. Now I will not waste any more of my time on his forum, which he allows them to use his name in hopes of making money by charging for a monthly email newsletter and his ridiculously priced new book which I paid over 50 dollars for and now wish to use as firewood or kindling.
Sure it was not David Icke himself who attacked me or banned me, but he allows these people to represent him and they have turned me against him.
I don't beleive his sob stories about how he doesn't make money doing what he does and that he has been ripped off by con-artists. That serves him right. He is much a con man himself despite any truth he reveals.
He is a shill and it is sad I looked up to him for so long. At last I have awaken and realized he is bad news. The Alex Jones Forum is possibly even worse.
I was banned on my first post there in 2008. It did not contain anything that I could imagine would warrant banning, they probably just disagreed with me which is reason enough to them, being whiney babied that can't tolerate different views.

Every 'new' book or DVD he comes out with is always just a re-do of his previous work. He ran out of material and that is why he now has his insane theory about the moon being a spacecraft that reptilians use to control the earth !!

David Icke is now a fiction writer, perhaps he always has been ??

Orchestragic Synchronicityrrany
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