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Old 10-02-2008, 08:48 PM
summerops77 summerops77 is offline
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Default *CRITICAL WARNING* - Signs of a Coming Code Red Shutdown


Help from the public is required if you have noticed any of the following events inside the Continental US.

A. Persons taking photgraphs of structural buildings in your city, blank walls and structural photographing that seems abnormal.

The reason behind this is a forum poster has noticed two photographers taking photos of structural buidings in his city. He found it strange that one in particular was interested in photographing the library wall - which is blank. Most people would not put this together, however if a dirty nuke or false flag nuclear event was to be detonated in a city by a rogue government agency, they would send out operatives to photograph buildings for 'before and after' photographs. Thus these buildings would be documented before the event, and then again after the event - with the anticipation that some pieces or part of the building would remain standing. That also gives us an approximate direction of the detonation, and a distance (its not going to be detonated right there otherwise there would be no 'after' photograph.)

I just noticed something odd. =P

But it gets more interesting / scary:

Rumors about banks or Government , post them here.

Wide rumors are circulating of a '1 week banking holiday emergency.' that is coming. However if a emergency is declared why is the Bank of America already receiving pre-made signs? That means a PLANNED EMERGENCY.

What is is more strange is that apparently two grocery chains have received the following pre-made signs - this is unconfirmed.

Rumors about banks or Government , post them here.


It is very important to note that most gasoline stations have 'charge accounts' with their gasoline providers. In otherwords they run a 'tab' - and they can continue to supply gasoline (independent of a bank shutdown or NOT). The only thing that would stop gasoline deliveries is a code red shutdown. If you are not familiar with a Code Red shutdown it is the complete halting of all vehicular traffic in between cities, and is the standing secret orders in place by Emergency Management of FEMA. Combined with the prepositioning of troops in the US - which have been planned since September 8th, this is a deliberate coincidence on coincidence.

Again if you see people taking pictures of structures / walls / buidings for no reason, and the above postings turn out to be true and not rumor, then we have the makings for a possible false flag event.

Three to four dates have been tossed around Oct 4, 5th, 7th, and the 13th to watch.

Please warn EVERYBODY - They only do this if they can get away with it.

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