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Old 08-10-2017, 03:23 PM
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Smile The Law Of Divine Justice


The madness of the war had engulfed the nations. Over the earth, oppression and violence roamed at large. The situation was in disarray -confusing and ominous. How would all of this be resolved? Many distressed faces were turned toward the Master. In the afternoon, a conversation about the international situation was initiated again.

The Master said:

"The entire contemporary world is built upon a false foundation. Each nation is a part of a unified organism: humankind. Each develops specific virtues and abilities. Each nation represents an element in Nature - and for this reason - has its own mission in the world. Each nation receives specific cosmic energies, transforms them and passes them on to the others. For this reason, each has had its place and significance throughout the entire existence of humankind. Each nation must give birth to an idea which will benefit humankind.

"At present, people think that they are the only factors, that everything depends upon them. This is not true. A Divine Factor exists which people have overlooked. A Law states: every act of statesmanship must have Divine Approval; that is to say, it must recognize the Divine in the world. Each nation and every man must respect the Divine Justice in the world. In addition to this, Divine Justice requires that we respect each and every being, protecting those rights which it has and providing for each all conditions for his development. Do not damage the little flower! When you read a book, would you tear out its pages? All beings in nature are like the letters on the pages of this book. You should not erase a single letter - not a single word - in the book, because the meaning will be lost.

"Every breach of Divine Justice brings its consequences. This is true for the individual - as well as for the collective-life. Not a single secretary of state or statesman is exempt from this Law. Do you know what repercussions a statesman who has acted unjustly can expect? When he passes on, he will incarnate as an ox, and this ox will be taken for slaughter. As soon as this ox has been slaughtered, he will enter another ox which will be slaughtered as well. After that, he will enter a rabbit which will also be killed. He will remember all this very well. When he comes to earth again as a man, he will say, 'Have you been an ox which has been slaughtered or a rabbit which has been shot?' After that, he will never violate the Law of Divine Justice.

"It is written in Nature, this Law: each nation which executes representatives of another nation and thus deprives them of their bodies must - after that - give them new ones. That is to say, the executed people must reincarnate into this nation. The Jews who were massacred by the Germans will reincarnate in Germany, and - in this way - the spirit of the German nation will be radically changed.

"The nations must be prepared for the application of Divine Law. Intelligent statesmen are needed who will apply Divine Law in the world instead of writing other laws.

"All nations will become more prudent, because the Law now comes from the opposite direction. Intelligent statesmen are needed in order that the many misfortunes - the great adversity - which the nations suffer can be avoided. And yet, because this is not happening, God now moves in the opposite direction. The nations are growing in intelligence and will not wait until their rulers become intelligent.

"If you follow the way of the new Teaching, you will discover the method for paying off your old debts. The Power of the new Teaching lies in its ability to pay off all debts. If you accept the new Teaching, no debt will remain unpaid. By 'old debts', I refer to karma. The European nations suffer because of their karma. They live under its weight. When a nation listens to the Ideas of the White Brotherhood, it prospers. If it does not, it is unable to prosper. With Russia as well - if they listen attentively to the Ideas of the White Brotherhood, they will prosper.

"The trend now is towards the unity of all nations. All nations must come together. In addition to this, the well being of all nations needs to be taken into consideration, and not only that of the one. A Law states: in every nation something good exists. When the nations unite, this good quality will flow through all the nations. The good qualities which the British, the Germans and the Russians possess will flow into the other nations and a new vital current will be born. The bond among nations will give birth to the new man, the new human character.

"Nationalism has come to its end. Hatred should not be fostered among nations. Nationalism is obsolete. Some say, 'A great nation.' This is not correct. Some nations wish to be great in order that they might rule over other nations. This idea belongs to the old culture. The purpose is not for one nation to be great, to be great in territory. Because all nations are represented in one organism, one great nation will look like an overly developed leg. One leg is well developed, while the other remains short. We will then have an abnormal organism. This will cause friction, suffering, and conflict.

"Russia is the link between the East and the West. She is the mediator between Europe and Asia. This is one of her assignments. That which we idealize in Russia is the Light, which comes from the White Lodge. The Bulgarians need to connect with Russia and with other nations as well. Every nation needs to serve God. This is 'the new' in the world: this is the future for every nation. That nation which does not serve God will pay. The Bulgarian nation is not being sent to work for the greatness of Bulgaria, but is being sent to fulfill God's Will, to serve God. No longer will great Serbia exist, great Bulgaria, great Russia, great Germany, great England. No one great power will exist, and yet there will be nations which will serve God - that is to say, which will obey God's Law. Every nation which serves God will have God's Blessing, will receive great abundance, will become an advanced nation.

"What does it mean to serve God? To serve God - in this case -means the following:

'To apply the Principles of Divine Justice.
To abstain from violence.
To have mutual cooperation among nations.
To serve, not dominate. '

"It is not the quantity which makes a nation great, but the quality. Every nation which does not wish to serve God will be deprived of its wealth and will disappear from the earth; it will disperse, as did the Jewish nation.

"The greatness of a nation lies in its service to God. A nation is then strong, and no other power will be able to challenge it. It will always - and under any conditions - be victorious. It will have inexhaustible bounties from God at its disposal.

"The Advanced Beings who come from Above - the predecessors of humankind - will assist those nations who serve God well, but those who do not wish to serve will not be helped.

"No single nation will be a ruler. The one who thinks that he can be a ruler is on the wrong side. At one time, large animals lived on earth. But what happened to them? The Lord destroyed them. All the ones who want to dominate the earth at present - He will do away with and send them off to some place else. For this reason, it has been said, 'The meek shall inherit the earth.'

"Imagine that one hundred people owe you money. They will ruin your entire life. It is preferable that you forget about them and that you expect nothing back from them. Otherwise, if you should bring these one hundred people to court - one per month - how many months will you be arguing with them, how much trouble will you have? You would receive back one thousand leva and still, you would have to spend more.

"A man comes to you and tells you, 'I have nothing. I cannot pay.' If he has nothing, leave him alone. The Turks have a saying, 'Pay not that which you owe. Take not that which you are to receive.' This means: let there be an international reciprocal forgiveness of all debts."

One brother asked, "When will the new come to be made manifest on earth?"

The Master said, "By buffalo-wagon, one travels very slowly. It is faster by a horse-wagon, faster yet - by car, with even greater speed -by airplane, and faster yet - with the speed of light. You are asking, 'When will things improve?' If you travel by buffalo-wagon, the improvement will come very slowly. But if you move with the speed of light - in a very short while."

Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)


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