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Old 08-03-2006, 02:39 PM
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Default Atlantis = The Civ that God destroyed with the flood

This is a great article with great knowledge. If the elite get their way Atlantis will rise again. A time of wickedness, a time of humans possessing the powers of magic, genetic monstrosities walking the earth etc.
http://www.watch.pair.com/atlantis-rising.html (click to read full article)

Jewish Kabbalists believe that the ancient civilization which God judged was advanced far beyond our own due to the enlightenment of its inhabitants by an extraterrestrial race of gods—those fallen angels who mated with human women in Genesis 6. So far advanced were the Atlanteans, say the Kabbalists, that they functioned as demi-gods, possessing knowledge of even manipulating the weather. Which begs the question, if the ancient “gods” of Atlantis could control the weather, how was an inferior Demiurge able to destroy their civilization? The answer to this enigma, according to the Kabbalists, is that the Atlanteans disregarded the wisdom of the great initiated teachers, the Ascended Masters, and, preferring power and materialism to the transcendent state, brought destruction on the world!! (See: The False Gospel in the Stars: Virgo)

According to Jewish Kabbalist, Ellie Crystal, the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant was an inferior Ark that had been modeled after an original “Ark of the Covenant” in Atlantis. This original Ark represented a covenant between the fallen angels and mankind.

“When the Anaki first arrived from their home planet, they brought with them a crucible called an Ark of the Covenant. This Ark contained a peculiar pulsating crystal infused with a living light. Under guidance, it emitted rays of force. It was constructed so as to become an instrument, a device, a store-house, containing the power to generate the very highest creative cosmic frequencies, capable of transforming matter into pure energy-force and energy-force into matter. It was called an Ark of the Covenant because it possessed the potential of harmonizing its divine potencies with the material frequencies of Earth, a covenant of love and peace between the Sons of God who brought it and the sons of men, the Earthborn. Thus it was the manifestation of a promise that the Sons of God would never forsake the Earthborn sons of men. The covenant was the pledge of eternal guidance and vigilance.” (Sirius, Anunnaki, Pyramid, Ark of the Covenant)

The ancient kingdom of Atlantis had ten regions. The agenda behind the Templar’s discovery of the New World was to recreate, not ultimately a New Jerusalem, but a New Atlantis also with ten regions. If this sounds like the global redistricting program of the Beast described in Bible prophecy, that is precisely what it is:

“And the ten horns...are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast.” (Rev.17:12-13)

The blueprint for the Rosicrucian experiment to reproduce Atlantis was outlined by Francis Bacon in his 1627 volume, The New Atlantis. Because the Rosicrucians were descendants of the Templar Jews, the centerpiece of this project was, of course, rebuilding the Temple of Solomon!—

“[Elias] Ashmole and William Lilly founded a Rosicrucian lodge in London in 1646 based on the utopian ideal of the creation of a new Atlantis, which symbolized the golden age before the Fall when humanity was spiritually perfect, and the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple as revered in the Templar tradition. Ashmole and Lilly may have been influenced by the beliefs of Sir Francis Bacon, who was the Viscount of St Albans, and had written The New Atlantis which promoted the Rosicrucian manifesto.” – (Occult Conspiracy, 25:57)

The Necronomicon by Abdul Alhazred, “a mad poet of Sanaa, in Yemen,” is a “Book of Dead Names” about the ancient demi-gods of Atlantis who were drowned in the Great Deluge. This original Necronomicon disclosed that the wicked angels taught humans how to control the natural elements. Also revealed was their ulterior motive: revenge.

“For as Abdul writes of The Necronomicon ‘civilizations were destroyed because of the knowledge contained in this book.’ This is the deed that must be avenged, the memory of which slumbers in the blood of their human offspring – just as they slumber beneath the Earth, waiting for the day that the stars will be right again, and their descendants will perform the rites which will bring them up from the depths to reclaim their kingdom, and the Age of the Gods will begin anew: The New Atlantis, the New Jerusalem, the New World Order.” - 922


“The Merovingian Signature of the Hurricanes” presents evidence that mankind has developed the technology to control weather and that the U.S. government is presently using this technology for ethnic cleansing. To demonstrate the precision with which the modern weathermancers are able to control hurricanes, at the same time revealing their identity to their fellow occultists, Part II noted that the path of Hurricane Jeanne formed a perfect letter “P” in the Atlantic Ocean. At the time we figured the “P” probably stood for “Prieuré.” The next year, a satellite image of Hurricane Wilma showed a letter “S” in the eye. Weathermen said this was unusual, but we were not surprised. The “S” was for “Sion”!!!

Prior to Jeanne's landfall, a mysterious sword ritual was conducted by a Charismatic group called Transformation Florida, which belongs to the U.S. Strategic Prayer Network directed by Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce. The sword ritual calls forth the chaotic spirits from the four corners of the earth. Parents should be advised that weathermancing is being popularized among young people along with vampirism:

Druids – Taken – Angel in Shadows
“Ones with nature, they are not formidable in healing or offensive magic. But they are capable of summoning beasts to their side, and sometimes altering weather at their command. They also have some healing magics and are enable to summon spirit weapons instead of being allowed to be equiped with weapons. A lot of them are hand to hand fighters and use martial arts skills. They are marvelous fighters and once they upgrade they become even more formidable. They upgrade to the Werewolf Class and the Weathermancer Class.”

The Rosicrucian delusion of godhood extends far beyond weather control to the total manipulation and transformation of nature. According to Prof. Amerio Romano of the Academy of Lugano, Switzerland, as cited by Suzanne Rini, medieval alchemy (magic) evolved into modern technology:

SCENE II. Ancient Egypt
Enter Hermes Trismegistus aka Ham

It is alleged that after the Deluge, the Atlantean Ark was transported by survivors to Egypt where it is now hidden in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. This so-called Atlantean Ark of the Covenant will, according to Kabbalist legend, one day “levitate” the missing capstone to the top of the Pyramid!!

“When the massive structure was first constructed, the final portion to be levitated into place was the gleaming gold and crystal capstone containing the original Ark of the Covenant, brought from Atlantis. [Atlantis is a parallel grid program running at the same time as our reality. If you connect with it - your soul is experiencing in both realities at the same time.] This Ark and capstone graced the very summit of Knut [the Great Pyramid]. Once this floating capstone was so placed, the Great Ones created several lesser Arks.

“The voltage of a second Ark was integrated into the structure of the open granite sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber. Since granite is saturated with minute crystals, it was not difficult to charge the initiatory coffer with incredible cosmic force. [The Ark - in this instance – is an energy generator for the EM program]. Hence the uninitiated unprotected sons of Earth were not permitted to touch the Ark because of its radiating voltage, placed there by generated cosmic rays. The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore protective garments. But they were themselves charged with cosmic power.” (The Ark of the Covenant)

So the search for the Ark of the Covenant and the quest for the “Holy Grail” are really the search for the lost “Ark of Atlantis” which, according to this account, will function as a super duper flux capacitor and “levitate” the missing Capstone onto the Great Pyramid of Egypt! This lying wonder will supposedly connect mankind with the lost civilization of Atlantis. As explained by Ellie Crystal, “Of course, gold is highly conductive, and the gold plating must have been instrumental in the functioning of the Ark as a machine.”
http://www.watch.pair.com/atlantis-rising.html (click to read full article)

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Default Re: Atlantis = The Civ that God destroyed with the flood

. . . dugga dugga
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