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Old 04-17-2005, 12:56 PM
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Default The Order part 1

The Order, 322, The Russell Trust, and Skull and Bones are different names for one of the most powerful groups and concentration of establishment power in United States History. Yet outside of recent white-wash efforts (The Skulls movie and Alexandra Robbins Secrets of the Tomb) most people have never really heard or understood the power of the Order. The Anglo-American networks of power Exposed by Dr. Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, are International Bankers and Political affiliates that are represented in England by the Cecil Rhodes block collectively known as the Milner Group or just the Group, with it's front organization The Royal Institute of International Affairs; and in the United States represented by the Order and it's front organization The Council of Foreign Relations. This is the Hidden Hand behind world events in the 20th century, The Hidden Oligarchy that controls our government and the destiny of this nation. To fully understand the unparallel influence of the Order in our country we have to understand the story of the premier authority on the Order the late Anthony C. Sutton.

Anthony Sutton was an engineer of steel plants who worked in London, who then went to the Army during World War 2, upon leaving the Army he attended the University of Southampton and obtained an Honors degree in Economics in 1951. During the next few years He worked as an Engineer for a British steel company and then on to Canada. He was then hired in New York as assistant manager for Hoyland Steel, to work out of California. In this position he visited all the major production factories in the U.S., the reason why this is relevant to our story is best explained by Mr. Sutton himself;

"My experience was the opposite of the prevailing perception of Soviet Technological power. My assessment was that the USSR in the 1950s and 1960s was a backward technically dependent economy, without a support infrastructure."

"I Spent considerable time in the UCLA main library and the engineering library where I located a wealth of material supporting my idea that everything Soviet had come from the West. I even found the original contract Averell Harriman signed with the Soviets to develop the Georgian manganese deposits. UCLA libraries also held several series of journals in Russian and English on 1930's construction by Western firms in Russia."

"In 1963 when I gave a lecture on Soviet development to the faculty, I made the blunt statement that Marxist central planning was not viable without outside help. One could feel the intense disapproval in the audience. By the early 1960s, it was clear my perception of the Soviet Union as a technically backward and dependent economy was highly unwelcome to everyone else."

"By 1966, I had completed the first volume of Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (1917 to 1930). It took about 8 years, using my own funds (except $400), and with the facts consistently pointing away from academic and official statements and assumptions. Soviet technology was western technology-period."

Anthony Sutton was initially told by Henry Regnery that the manuscript was " An extremely important manuscript but not commercial." Sutton contacted Alan Belmont (former FBI assistant director of Domestic Intelligence), Belmont suggested Roger Freeman read it. Belmont then sent it to ex-Russian engineers for evaluation. The Russians were definite: "Sutton is right." Roger Freeman told Sutton that "they" (I.e., White House or CIA) didn't know about "the early period." Sutton then completed two further volumes by 1971. Volumes one and two were brought to print rather quickly, but Sutton had to concede to the editors to remove anything about the Soviets using our technology in any military application. Volume 3 was delayed by the publisher, Alan Belmont was now giving Sutton "a blank wall" as to the release of the 3rd volume. Anthony Sutton commenting on this situation explains...

"We had a war in Vietnam, and I could daily see the product of U.S. and European technology killing our men in Vietnam, while we were still supplying technology for Soviet plants to manufacture weapons and supplies for North Vietnam. I considered this immoral and lunatic behavior. Further, I had personal experience of war in Normandy, in Belgium and the Rhine Crossing in March, 1945. Active war is not pleasant. Its cold, dirty, dangerous. My concern was with men on the ground in Vietnam rather than armchair academics and politicians who probably never been on the dangerous end of a gun, but who were making technological decisions without knowing technology. In particular, I was horrified at State Department statements directly opposed to materials in their own files."

"I decided to do an end-run around whomever was delaying the third volume"

Sutton then went to another publisher and in 6 months he published National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union (available today as, "The Best Enemy Money Can Buy"). releasing information that was withheld; I.e., the military end-use of technology supplied by the West, by the Soviets. Sutton then received a call from the director's office (Glenn Campbell). He found a group waiting that consisted of Alan Belmont, Dick Staar (CIA), Stefan Possony and a few others. Campbell immediately launched into an attack, stating Sutton had plagiarized the text of National Suicide, and that he had no right to produce such a book.

Sutton replied; "1-I cannot plagiarize my own work; 2-Hoover itself had asked for Military sections to be removed from Hoover volumes, thus releasing the material; 3-We had men killed in Vietnam, and I had every right and duty to draw public attention to this if our policies were aiding the enemy; and 4-Tell me if I am wrong in a single fact., No one ever did."

In 1970 Sutton had exchanged correspondence with Colonel Samuel Clabaugh, who at one time had been U.S. Military attaché in London, a friend of Averell Harriman, and formerly with OSS and CIA. For 18 months they exchanged letters and had personal meetings, Clabaugh could not make Sutton cease. Sutton comments on this...

"I was quite clear and definitive: our policy is suicidal, developed by the naïve or self serving. I remember repeatedly making the point; if I am wrong, someone will challenge me, but all we have is silence. No one dares challenge me. I know the technology, and I am right."

Sutton went on to publish Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and FDR, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. In Wall Street and the rise of Hitler he quotes Carroll Quigley's work and also concludes from his own research that a power Elite does dominate the United States. But it would not be until the early 80s until Anthony Sutton could piece all the pieces together.

"After 16 books and 25 years in basic research I Thought I heard it all...the world was a confused mess.
My works generated a seemingly insoluble puzzle-Why have we done this? Why did we build up the Soviet Union, while we also transferred technology to Hitler's Germany? Why does Washington conceal these facts? Why have we boosted Soviet military power? And simultaneously boosted our own? In subsequent books, The Wall Street series, I added more questions -but no answers. Then a year or so ago I received an eight-inch batch of documents-nothing less than the membership lists of an American Secret Society. Glancing through the sheets it was more than obvious-this was no ordinary group. The names spelled Power, with a capital P. As I proved each individual a pattern emerged...and a formerly Fuzzy world became crystal clear."

Anthony Sutton had discovered the existence of The Order, and finally a pictured emerged he was able to tie this American Order with the British Based Group, exposed by Carroll Quigley. This Anglo-American Establishment, this concentration of Elitist power is the biggest danger anyone can imagine, and World Government is their goal. This series of articles will expose the American branch of this conspiratorial network...

"Both the Group and the Order are unwilling or unable to bring about a global society by voluntary means, so they opted for coercion. To do this they have created wars and revolutions, they have ransacked public treasuries, they have oppressed, they have pillaged, they have lied-even to their own countrymen"

The Republic is on the verge of being consumed into a New World Order, and unless the American Republic wakes up to this terrifying reality, Liberty will be exchanged for safety, and slavery will become freedom.

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