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Old 05-30-2016, 09:28 AM
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Default Who wants to fight the devilís masons?

Who wants to fight the devilís masons?

Do NOT waste your time trying to change the views of a freemason, a co mason or an eastern star mason (lower case for low life). It is a 100% puppet for the synagogue of satan (knesset). It has been programmed to lie and persecute non-masons from an early age. It is trained to be a prolific liar. It is either rewarded or bullied. It will perform 24/7 for the cause. It will destroy Christianity from within. It has no conscience. It has no empathy. It has learned to laugh as it kills. The mason is no longer human and has become a free tool for the ruthless bankers who need another planet (Mars) to store their plunder.

How do I know this?. I grew up with my 7 brothers and a sister, all of their minds were stolen by mormon masons, jehovahís witness masons, eastern star masons, orange order masons, co masons and freemasons.

Our son was murdered by the masons because I ran a free support group for victims of freemasonry.
Your enemy is probably your best (pretend ) friend, who has sold their soul for the crumbs that fall from the Rothschildís (generic name for evil bankers) tables. All of these criminal elite puppet masons are traitors to God and mankind because they know exactly what they do. Mankind is clearly in terminal decline and you have willingly allowed the devil and his donkeys to deceive you (checkout the masonic bible on you tube).

The Scottish masonic police and the Scottish masonic crown office covered up our sonís murder and we have comprehensive proof (we recorded them lying). We cannot get a solicitor in Scotland because the law society (SNP) here is 100% masonic. No lawyer will touch our case or they will be put out of business. I know we wonít get human justice, I trust in Father, the Beautiful Bible tells me to (smile).

Not only are the masons worshipping the devil, these dense things pay membership fees for the privilege. You see, the rich people really know how dumb the working classes are. What can I do if the non-thinkers have a smartphone in one hand and a TV remote control in the other hand?. The Internet is a gift from God, research the truth of what you are a part of. If God is real (and He is), then the Lake is real (and it is). I know ye wonít listen as we both reap what we sow, ye have a choice, the AKJV tells ye so. And I donít care what ye think (Glaswegians use the word ďYeĒ), there is nothing that man can give me (except get the low level puppets off my back). It is not good to make God angry.

I see a man who looks like me, He is standing on a rock above the Lake. He has a small yellow card with your name on it. He can raise it upward or drop it from His hand. This is your eternal decision of your soulís destiny. God gives you a choice, let the good be good or the bad be bad (research evil number 11).

It does not have to be like this. I have made you Godís Police, your role is to expose and eradicate corruption. Do not listen to one word from a despicable mason, think Bush, Blair and Duke of Kent.

You know who I amÖÖ.

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Old 05-31-2016, 12:11 AM
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Default Re: Who wants to fight the devilís masons?

I am ready.
Perform random acts of kindness on strangers who are in need.
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Old 05-31-2016, 06:50 AM
Ban Freekmasons Ban Freekmasons is offline
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 405
Default Re: Who wants to fight the devilís masons?

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
I am ready.
You are a good man and you know Truth.......
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