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Old 03-04-2005, 12:27 PM
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Default Tony Bliar - pants on fire!

Political Poison

MIDDLEEAST.ORG - MER - Washington - 3 March: Oh how we hate to quote the British Prime Minister Tony Blair. He has been so disingenuous and deceptive in his alignment with Washington, as so many of his own countrymen and fellow Europeans know so well. Not to mention he is the modern-day inheritor of all the duplicity and chicanery the British Empire has engaged in for so long in the 'modern' post-Ottoman Middle East. True, in comparison to George Bush he appears a man of intellect, culture and historical understanding; but that's a much longer story for other days..

But gee Tony, sure took you a long time to notice! The poison of which you finally speak obliquely has been seeping out and oozing around ever since you Brits occupied Palestine, back in the days when some of today's Israeli leaders were wanted 'terrorists'; back in the days when your country promised the great majority of Arabs in Palestine that nothing would be done to jeopardize their rights; and certainly nothing to take away their country, put them on reservations, and subject them to the longest modern-day military occupation in 'modern' history.

By the way, Tony, the poison of which you speak now in 2005 has been sickening the world body politics for a very long time now -- where have you been all this time and why this confession so late in the day? Had you and yours (read Americans) not done what you have done for so long now the poison wouldn't have spread so far, the dangers would not be so great, 9/11 might well not have come, and the 'terrorists' of which you speak certainly never would have had all the support they quite clearly do in so many places.

But as they say, Tony, better late than never!. Except where're all waiting now for you and yours (read Americans) to prove that your contrition and and repentence are real -- you know...actions rather than words!.

But serious Tony, seriously now, do you really think with all the lessons of historical realities to stand on many are going to actually believe you so easily? Rather, not hidden all that well between the lines actually, sounds in fact like you're continuing to worry much more about you and yours than about those who have so seriously suffered for so long because of what you did, and didn't do, in so many decades now past

And oh yes Tony, those decades now past by the way are what have brought us all to oday's oh-so-dangerous, oh-so-bloody, present.

Closing Remarks to London Meeting on Palestine - 28 February 2005

"I also want to make one other point, which is you know why is it so important for us here, for us here not just in Britain but in Europe and elsewhere, to give this support? I described it recently as the single most pressing political challenge.

"There are many other challenges that we face, debating some of them at the G8 later this year, but I'd describe this as the most pressing political challenge for this reason. Right round the world, in Britain, in Europe, elsewhere, not just in Israel, in the Palestinian territory, in the Middle East but right round the world this is the issue that causes as much misunderstanding, division, concern, worry as virtually any other in the whole of the international community and if we are able to make progress on it, that is relevant and of interest of course primarily to the Palestinian people, to the Israeli people.

"It is also a major part of ensuring the security and stability of countries like Britain, of the European Union, of the whole of the rest of the world.

"You know much of the poison that we want to take out of international relations has swirled around as a result of the failure to make progress on this issue.

"The benefit, if we are able to succeed, will not just be felt by the Palestinian people or the Israelis, vital and primary though that is, it will be felt by all of us. That's why it's important to do it.

"We had a reminder last Friday in the terrorist act in Tel Aviv of how there will be people who try to disrupt this progress.

"The best answer we can give from the international community is to make it clear that these terrorists who want to destroy the possibility of people living side by side in peace are not going to succeed. They are not going to succeed in Palestine; they are not going to succeed anywhere else; they are not going to succeed in Israel.

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