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Old 05-12-2016, 03:16 AM
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Question The Rocket Thrust Equation Doesn't Work For Space

Here is the rocket thrust equation.

F=qVe + (Pe-Pa)Ae

where q is the rate of the ejected mass flow, Ve is the exhaust gas ejection speed, Pe is the pressure of the exhaust gases at the nozzle exit, Pa is the pressure of the ambient atmosphere, and Ae is the area of the nozzle exit. The product qVe, which we derived above (Vrel dM/dt), is called the momentum, or velocity, thrust. The product (Pe-Pa)Ae, called the pressure thrust, is the result of unbalanced pressure forces at the nozzle exit. As we shall see latter, maximum thrust occurs when Pe=Pa.

The problem with the equation lies in (Pe-Pa). Pa is atmospheric pressure, greatest at sea level, dropping the higher we go, until it reaches (supposedly) zero in space.

If you plug this truth into the Pa part, then the equation says that rocket thrust gets greater as the rocket heads towards space..which is illogical..

And if maximum thrust occurs when Pe=Pa, then what about when Pa = 0 in space, maximum thrust will be achieve if there is 0 exhaust pressure too.

Makes no sense, therefore it must be a lie. People who collude to perpetuate a lie, as defined by the bible, are satanic.

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