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Old 04-25-2006, 04:34 PM
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Default ISRAEL - THE ZIONIST STATE [Harbinger of World War III]

ISRAEL - THE ZIONIST STATE [Harbinger of World War III]

Zionists want to establish their Kingdom of God, Holy Land or Jerusalem on the material plane without achieving it first spiritually, the true Torah Jews warned these sadly mislead Zionists from the begin... unfortunetly its obvious that trying to establish a "Kingdom of God" by slaughter and butchery will fail.

The reason for failure: lack of spiritual virtues, Love, Wisdom and Truth, and therefore not possessing the spiritual Jerusalem, which is highly recommended, for having a physical Kingdom of God, as told by the true Torah Jews.

The result will be, tremendous suffering for the "jewish people" in Israel, as we see it daily in the news... because of the repercussions caused by the law of cause and effect...

The Rothschild Banksters know exactly why they dont live in Israel, the very ideologues and financiers of Zionism and therefore the state of Israel are not willing to suffer, they prefer to live far away from Israel, in Switzerland, Europe, the U.S...

I wish them all Love, Wisdom and Truth of Eternity...

Again, for all who think i am an anti-semit, i have to state here that i love the real jews (the torah jews) like i do love the Zionists, but that doesnt mean that its forbidden to criticize Zionists, which in my opinion are not true jews.

The Zionists are in the same manner sadly mislead like George W. Bush which claims to be a christian while killing thousands of people!

These highly intelligent politicians, banksters, weapon manufacturers, etc. are atheists which just use religion as a cover-up to follow their agenda for crime, profits and power...


[Harbinger of World War III]

It has been said by insiders from many quarters that three world wars will be necessary in order to complete the long-laid plan for World Dominion.

After WWI, the Versailles treaty - of which the measures against Germany guaranteed a second World War - M. Clemenceau boasted that 'we are carrying the war on into the peace'.

"Full Responsibility for the First world War, lies squarely on the shoulders of the International Jewish Bankers (its not the Torah jews, its the Zionists which hijacked Judaism for their evil agenda). They are responsible for millions of dead and dying". -- U.S. Congress - Record 67th Congress, 4. Sitting, Senate Document nr. 346)

"The bolshevik Revolution in russia was the work of Zionist planning and Zionist dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New world Order. what worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world." -- The American Hebrew Magazine, 10, Sept. 1920

"By using the new atheist exile politics they [the Zionists] provoked and increased anti-Semitism in Europe which led to the Second world War. . . The worldwide boycott against Germany in 1933 and the later all-out declaration of war against Germany, initiated by the Zionist leaders and the World Jewish Congress. . . " -- Rabbi Schwartz, New York Times, Sept. 30, 1997

On April 27, 2002 an article in the Arizona Daily Star carried a report with a statement by Ra'anan Gissen, a senior adviser to Ariel Sharon.

WWIII Is Coming 'Whether They Like It Or Not' - Top Sharon Aide

"The Terror attacks on September 11 and extreme turmoil in the Middle East point to one thing - World War III, a spokesman for Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said Friday during a visit to Tucson."

"We've been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not. I'm sure". [Gissen stated]

In the first half of this chapter of Douglas Reed's book, Controversy of Zion, we're given a detailed -- almost microscopic -- look behind the scenes at the manipulations, threats, bribes and murders committed in order to secure the vote by the United Nations, mandating the 'state' of Israel as a homeland for the so-called Jews. He describes the 'contest' between Republicans and Democrats -- their fawning promises of capitulation -- before the upcoming presidential election to garner financial support and votes from the Jews.

Many people died in their attempts to sound the warning, including Mr. James Forrestal, U.S. Secretary for Defence, when he failed to heed the warnings of Bernard Baruch to 'back off'.

The second half of the chapter draws a gruesome picture of the bloody terror in Palestine that began simultaneously with the UN mandate. This a MUST READ, even for those who believe they know the facts. Reed's research appears to be indisputable and verifiable.

You'll read statements by many people in high places who feared for the future of the world if the mandate was passed, and they predicted it would lead to a third world war.

First, a couple of paragraphs from the preface to explain the twenty-two-year gap between the completion of this vital book and it's publication, which can be purchased from Omni Christian Book Club. You can find ordering information in our Resources section, at the bottom of the page. Here's the preface excerpt:

". . . The disappearance into almost total oblivion of Douglas Reed and all his works was a change that could not have been wrought by time alone. Indeed, the correctness of his interpretation of the unfolding history of his time found some confirmation in what happened to him when at the height of his powers.

"After 1951, with the publication of Far and Wide, in which he set the history of the United States of America into the context of all he had learned in Europe of the politics of the world, Reed found himself banished from the bookstands, all publishers' doors closed on him, and those books already written liable to be withdrawn from library shelves and 'lost', never to be replaced.

"His public career as a writer now apparently at an end, Reed was at last free to undertake a great task for which all that had gone before -- his years as a foreign correspondent, his travels in Europe and America, his conversations and contacts with the great political leaders of his day, plus his eager absorption through reading and observation of all that was best in European culture -- were but a kind of preparation and education that no university could provide and which only the fortunate and gifted few could fully use.

"Experiences which other men might have accepted as defeat, served only to focus Reed's powers on what was to be his most important undertaking -- that of researching and retelling the story of the last 2,000 years and more in such a way as to render intelligible much of modern history which, for the masses, remains in our time steeped in darkness and closely guarded by the terrors of an invisible system of censorship. . . " IVOR BENSON, Durban, Natal, August 1978

Benson goes on to tell of Reed's three-year period of research and writing the book, with the Epilogue being added in 1956, then, the book gathering dust for twenty-two years, until it was finally published in 1978 by the Dolphin Press, Durban, Natal, South Africa.

Knowing this, dear reader -- knowing how desperately you are NOT wanted to have this information -- I hope your desire for truth and understanding is strong enough that you will get the book and read it from cover to cover. It does, indeed, lay the groundwork for other smaller gems written by various authors -- several of which are posted here -- that help us to at least begin to grasp the breadth and depth of an International Priesthood's insidious, centuries-long plan for World Dominion.

This is not to say that Doug Reed is infallible, for, being human, that would be impossible.

We've given here a few excerpted quotes from the chapter as it so pertains to today, reminding you it was written fifty years ago. Many of Reed's statements appear to be prophetic. Actually, he saw the 'writing on the wall'. We've broken the chapter into two parts as it's among the few longest chapters of the book and we present it to you, with love.

-- Jackie --

January 27th, 2004


* . . . everyone connected with it will be hunted down and put to death
* . . . this means that even the Zionist state set up after the Second World War by no means fulfills the intention of those who made the Balfour Declaration, and that further conquests of Arab lands have yet to be made by war.

* As in American elections, so in this British one of 1945 the power to "deliver the votes" was shown. Mr. Churchill had gone far in "arming the Jews" and in privately committing himself to Zionism, but not far enough for Dr. Weizmann.

* In England at the mid-century, control of the press was virtually complete.

* They depict what will inevitably happen one day, but that day has been put back to some time after another ruinous era in Palestine, which will probably involve the world.

* Then he [Harry Truman] turned his gaze on domestic affairs and the next Congressional and presidential elections. In these, he knew (and said), the Zionist-controlled vote was decisive.

* The "activists" (as they prefer to call themselves) were left with power to ignite a third world conflict when they pleased.

* Very large sums were obtained from Jewish contributors and they would be influenced in either giving or withholding by what the President did on Palestine".

* If American troops in the 1950's or 1960's [or 1990's or in the 21st Century] find themselves in the Middle East, any of them who have read Mr. Forrestal's Diaries should know how they come to be there.

Continue to read:

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Old 04-26-2006, 05:00 PM
sablefish sablefish is offline
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Default Re: ISRAEL - THE ZIONIST STATE [Harbinger of World War III]

SeC.. I liked your preamble to the article.. I like the subjects that you post about.. How could anybody suggest that you are some kind of paid NWO misinformation type?.. That's probably what he is.

Or maybe he's just pissed that you get to live in Switzerland.. How did you manage to do that, and have so much time on your hands to pursue global mysteries and puzzles?.. Thank goodness someone does.

Cheers to you from Washington State.
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Old 04-26-2006, 05:42 PM
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Default Re: ISRAEL - THE ZIONIST STATE [Harbinger of World War III]

I said a paid agent provocateur and I stand by it. I don't care if you read SeC's articles, it is my opinion that an ad agency is paid for its promotions and SeC is an ad agency.
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Old 04-26-2006, 06:14 PM
sablefish sablefish is offline
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Default Re: ISRAEL - THE ZIONIST STATE [Harbinger of World War III]

Well whatever he is selling.. I am buying.. Even if he is trying to draw out the people who know that they are running against the grain of the NWO.. Even if it is a just setup to find out who hates the NWO..

I don't care. I like his attitude, and posts... Has he has drawn me out for scrutiny from some government agency?.. I don't care.

I think he is a good guy.. If he is an ad agency guy at least he understands the issues.

Good for him and the guy who hired him.
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