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Old 01-02-2007, 10:05 AM
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Default How a True Master Works

How a True Master Works

"Many established spiritual leaders, teachers and gurus are, to the perceptive observer, conspicuously falling today, and so exemplify to the children of the New World that blind and unintelligent submission to external authorities is inherently dangerous and strongly inadvisable. The real and qualified spiritual teachers in the Aquarian age will not gather disciples around themselves."

From the book: The New Call, Download it here for free: http://www.thenewcall.org/book_download.htm

The following discussion concerns just one of the many false spiritual masters who are arising all over the world today in line with various prophecies for these times, but who demonstrates the same general life-example and activity as all the others.

The letter 'T' that is used to denote the leader in this particular text stands for 'Teacher', and is not an abbreviation of the actual name of the person.

Q. It is clear that T has achieved the Goal. He is a fully Awakened soul.

A. Firstly, may I just say that to focus upon personalities is not the way to find Truth. However, in this case we may learn something valuable by scrutinising the methods and activities of T.

This teacher of thousands has some very good and useful things to say, and it is evident that he speaks from experience and some realisation. However, vibration speaks louder than words.

Additionally, if he is a fully enlightened soul, a Christ, why does he allow all and sundry to come to his feet? True Masters never work in this way, for mixed and tainted magnetisms create a negative synergy through which no pure streams of divine energy may pass. Indeed, the opposite necessarily eventuates; it is a universal law.

Q. Compassion. The true Masters are about compassion, forgiveness, and absolute OK-ness with whomever shows up...this is the Aquarian Age now. They are not attached to anybody getting it or not getting it, being recognized or not recognized, being seen or not being seen, being heard or not being heard. We just continue to show up, one moment to the next.

A. Sweet but only partly true. A Comforter is compassionate (like the Dalai Lama), while an Awakener upsets everyone with his uncompromising and cosmically-compassionate focus.

Please consider that humanity's world-ego (together with all its delusions, fears and karma) is of far less importance to the Logos than the planetary Life and the solar system. Some advanced spiritual Teachers are here today for reasons and purposes that are way beyond the ken of the average man. The man of the masses believes that the level of a spiritual luminary may be gauged by how good he makes them feel. This is wrong understanding. A true Master/Avatar will make the ego-self feel very uncomfortable from the start!

You have much to learn about true, holy work, but first you must acknowledge in humility and honesty that you presently know nothing at all. When the scripture says that at the time of the Coming again of Christ He will come in Power, it is talking about Shiva (divine Will Force) accompanying the Lamb of God, on a worldwide scale.

Even in Jesus' time, although the Piscean Avatar taught the multitudes (mostly in parables, for the man of the masses cannot understand and so realise the naked Truth as T attempts to teach), he was honest with those who were not ready to go the Way, and he told them, often with a scolding, to begone!

Jesus was the Lamb of God but he was also a divine militant; a bit of a Shiva, if you like!

Q. Jesus, before becoming Christed, was the most awesome of transmitters of his era. He spoke on many levels, each heart receiving exactly what grace it was to receive from him.

A. So why was he crucified if everybody received his grace?

This is the time of world transmutation. The Reappearance of Christ is a collective phenomenon, the Aquarian Passion Play is being enacted by the Group-Avatar. Jesus attempted to prepare the Way for today's unparalleled Grace. However, few have really understood this in the last 2,000 years, and ignorance is still rampant everywhere in the world. That same ignorance also seeks a guru or spiritual superior in the hope that he or she will guide them to the final Portal.

Jesus - an Essene and therefore a Gnostic - also gave esoteric Knowledge to those with ears to hear. T, however, does not give Knowledge, but proceeds to simply point to Truth, a Reality which so very few can actually reach in their present state of selfish grasping and ignorance. Therefore, T subtly misleads his students into believing that they may attain Truth without passing the necessary preliminary trials and initiations (which they can never do before the attainment of Right Understanding or True Knowledge of the Divine Mysteries). Yet Knowledge leads to Wisdom, and we may not pass through the Christine Gates without it.

The whole essence of truth cannot be transmitted from mouth to ear. Nor can any pen describe it, not even that of the recording Angel, unless man finds the answer in the sanctuary of his own heart, in the innermost depths of his divine intuitions.

How are those innermost depths to be sounded, so that knowledge of reality may be won? Through training, discipline, and self-born wisdom. Such training and soul-discipline is the distinguishing mark of the Mystery colleges, which since their inauguration have been divided into two parts: the exoteric form commonly known as the Lesser Mysteries, open to all sincere and honorable candidates for deeper learning; and the esoteric form, or the Greater Mysteries, whose doors open but to the few and whose initiation into adeptship is the reward of those whose interior nobility enables them to undergo the solar rite.

The first tenet of Lord Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path is Right Understanding. How many followers of T have Right Understanding, or are even approaching it? We have observed only pride and delusion in all those whom we have met so far who follow T, and sometimes even occult possession. This pattern is also replicated and demonstrated by the followers of multifarious other false spiritual teachers worldwide. No true Master would be party to such a fiasco.

All true Masters and Avatars preach the Universal Doctrine and energetically transmit Gnosis. Such a powerful transmission cannot be received by the uninitiated; it would burn them like a fire. Masters, therefore, always work within inner and outer circles of trained initiates, reflecting the divine structure of the universe (as above, so below). This they do in order that divine energy may be stepped down and transmitted safely in the world and to humanity. If you review your esoteric history (if you can find an undistorted version), you will observe this pattern again and again.

May I encourage your further intelligent investigation into these ideas. Not in order to judge or condemn personalities, but in order to understand unchanging esoteric principles; principles that do not cease to apply to the Path simply because a teacher has achieved a far greater intellectual understanding and psychic realisation of the fallen, dualistic universe.

There is nothing more important for you at this time than to seek higher than you have done to date. We must be uncompromising and unconditionally consecrated to the Truth - for itself - in order to find it.

Q. I know that T is fully Enlightened as are numerous others. It is so clear, so very obvious.

A. When you say 'know' do you mean Know? If so, then you are saying that you know some fully liberated (Christed) beings, for there is no true Enlightenment beneath Christ-Consciousness. Did you ever consider the spiritual verity that 'it takes one to know one'? Therefore, if you can recognise a Christ, then you must also be a Christ yourself. Is this the case?

Q. But why are you so anti T? Have you sat with him yet?

A. I use T as an example only. Many of his followers aver that they have no schedule because T told them that Divinity has no schedule. This is not true. If Divinity had no schedule, then why is there a Divine Plan?

I do not require to sit with any teacher to recognise if he may be true or false; there are other methods by which to discern the truth. Plus the caliber of the students alone reveals much about the quality and spiritual level of a teacher.

Q. This is not my experience of T. I have some serious differences with his so-called 'followers'. He doesn't consider anyone who meets him to be a follower. The 'followers' construct the label themselves. T and I have had an in-depth discussion about this, and his position is that he is only pointing people who meet him towards their own experience of who they truly are. Not at all unlike what you are speaking about.

A. Any truly enlightened Master knows how futile, worse, how dangerous and karmically-loaded it is to throw 'roses to asses'; the genuine Master knows precisely how the self-grasping of the masses distorts his teaching, and this is why true Masters always work in the background on dark planets such as Earth and through inner and outer circles. They do not invite all and sundry to sit at their feet. This is especially the case today with the unprecedented level of lower psychism and glamour in the world, and this is my query with regard to T's activities.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Already his 'followers' are becoming proud and complacent in their belief that they have found their guru who will lead the way Home. This attitude is decidedly Piscean, and will lead to disaster in the Aquarian age due to the new and adjusted laws which are becoming progressively more applicable to planet Earth as the planetary deadline approaches. Like so many others, T's efforts are being corrupted and used to serve Lucifer*. This is also how all true religions become crystallised and dead. This is how imitation spirituality is born. But worse, this is also how a conduit is constructed for evil forces to enter this world. Now, why would an enlightened Master want to have anything to do with that?

* A personification of the collective selfishness and pride.

If T wishes not to compromise his focus, then he will, sooner or later, be coerced to retreat from the public arena and to work in necessarily-closed circles, as has been demonstrated by all Masters and Avatars in the past. The alternative outcome has already been repeatedly demonstrated by so many fallen gurus.

The Gnosis (the Truth) is not for the masses; they are simply not ready to receive its Liberating Power. This is not elitism; it is basic esoteric fact, born out across history, and it is no different today.

May we assure you that the real Christine Work, the Work of Divine Radiation, is not occuring in the public arena presently. If it were, then those servants who were a part of such a Holy Work would receive the same blows as all true Gnostic orders of the past, e.g., the Hermetists, the Essenes, the Manicheans, the Cathars, the Bogomils, the Albigenses, the Classical Rosicrucians, etc., etc. However, today the Christ comes in POWER; He is not here to be overtly crucified again this time around, for the whole planet must and will be redeemed at the end of this major world-cycle. Christ is being accompanied by Shiva today, that is to say, Monadic Will Force. For if Christ were to come again only as a Lamb, he would be devoured once again and evil would continue to rule this planet.

Here is the esoteric explanation of what I am attempting to convey: once a number of people are intelligently and selflessly focussed upon the Solution, an invisible group-aura or radiatory field is constructed upon the inner side of life. This constitutes a tiny part of the divine matrix through which the evocation of Divinity may be realised on Earth, and this is how the 'New Heaven and New Earth' will manifest. However, if any one negative thought or fear arises amongst any of the people involved in such a work, then a chink appears in the light-latticework, a fissure through which destructive energies may infiltrate and contaminate the work, and it is thus that the whole building process may be jeopardised.

This is often the case with well-intentioned groups due to spiritual compromise born of personality sentimentality. No self-seeker may be a part of any truly divine and, therefore, liberating work. And T has surrounded himself with selfish seekers.

We listened to T's talk, at least until the vibration fell through the floor and we got a headache!

T certainly has some insight on what is controlling the mass-consciousness on this planet (and, indeed, in the whole of the fallen universe).

I have made the study - theoretical and empirical - of the nature of evil (theodicy) my personal speciality over the years, having earlier recognised the extreme lack of understanding of this phenomena by humanity, and even its utter repudiation by the very ignorant.

Just for the record, we found in T's talk (as in all the others that we have read or heard of his) a severe lack of divine inspiration. True divine inspiration (which is an energy emanating via the Soul) always results in profuse weeping (or retaliation/fear) in a world of darkness and corruption, and none of us may claim that our subtle bodies are free of the gross debris belonging to the etheric sewer called planet Earth, for until Transfiguration, our auric fields are constructed of the same matter.

You may wish to review the recording of T's talk yourself and pay thorough attention to what happens after the inspired gentleman in the audience says: "We require a greater intimacy with Divinity".

Note T's response and the general vibration of the rest of the satsang. You may wish to replay this part several times and scrutinize what actually occurred at that point in the satsang.

If you recognise that which we all did here, you will be onto something which is very little understood in this world (euphemism!); you will have realised a vital clue to something very important which has been thwarting your soul to date.

Q. Yes, I think I see what you are talking about: the truth of the matter flowing very nicely, and then an insertion or deflection at the point you mentioned. Like the actual energy of Divinity was too much to handle at that point for T...very interesting.

A. You have it!

T's satsang became progressively darker, both topically and energetically, after that point, especially when he started to talk about himself and the third-eye relationships that he has with his pupils. This is how Lucifer works. Divine messengers always reach for the heart first! They encourage the soul of the seeker to remember themselves from within. They always inspire divine aspiration, not mental cogitation. The more urgent attempt made by T to stay in control at that point in the satsang and to keep the group vibration down to a manageable level, is a dead giveaway, and always shows itself when the essence and energy of the simple, living Truth is invoked.

After that lovely, innocent and sincere gentleman in the audience said: "We require more intimacy with the Divine", T's vibration changed - most subtly to the casual observer - as he demonstrated a controlling attitude. His vibration (and consequently that of the whole group who were looking to T as the enlightened guru-figure that they believe him to be) then continued to decline as various unholy energies and entities were brought into the group. T continued to struggle within - again most subtly to the uninitiated observer - to regain his composure, but once the fissure had been widened, even T could not prevent the rest of that satsang from darkening. The majority of questions asked by the group, particularly during the rest of that satsang, were galvanised by unholy entities infiltrating the minds of the people, and T encouraged this by answering and so perpetuating the lesser vibration in the group. Negative synergy! Any true Master would have walked away much earlier or remained silent until a true, spiritual invocation was made. This is the danger in reaching out to the masses; a danger that enlightened Masters understand well and is, of course, the reason why they do not expose themselves to the general public as so many false teachers do today.

Let us explore this further, for it is an important and pervasive pattern that is repeatedly demonstrated in the world of false spirituality, and so warrants our keen scrutiny in order to understand.

What is happening when an innocent declares an impersonal truth (like "We require more intimacy with the Divine") and then is assured that such an essential and sweet verity is wrong because the innocent only wants that contact for himself?

We were ready to invoke Divinity with that innocent as we listened to the talk, but T intercepted and endeavoured (probably unconsciously) to convince/program him into believing that he was desirous for self. That is definitely not what we saw and felt. Despite the excellent yet nonetheless intellectually dry advice that T was giving up to that point, the highest point (vibrationally) in the whole satsang was when that innocent offered the whole group, including T, a real opportunity to invoke Divinity right there and then, without the need for any further mentation.

Divinity cannot be invoked by the mind!

The fact is that when we innocently speak of Divinity with a pure and yearning heart, then Divinity is instantly invoked from holy Spheres. No intellectualising is necessary. Indeed, intellectualisation is one of the greatest impediments to experiencing the Divine and so inviting it into this world to bless humanity.

"When two or more people come together in my name I will be there with them." - Christ. However: "In the time of the end even the wise will be led astray." - Jesus. And: "False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect." - Matthew 24:24.

Lucifer knows that today humanity is becoming more and more intelligent, or at least intellectual. The forces of darkness understand well, therefore, the vital requirement for thinking mankind to be provided with more and more intellectual truth in order to keep it interested.

As we say in our first book:

Lowly-evolved and unscrupulous entities bearing sinister ambitions recognise how easily they may outwit unsuspecting human beings. Many of these wily disembodied spirits are no great fools, and they understand well that the dissemination of alluring teachings may seem spiritually authentic and dependable to the unwary on account of the truth that lies at the base of them and which is intentionally allowed to slip through their falsifications. For it is the little bit of truth in an error that gives it its appeal and strength, not the great wrapping of falsehood that overlies the scrap of truth, and many teachings being given out today are gross embellishments or distortions of basically sound contemporary facts.
T's work is decidedly intellectual. Even though his advice is sound and mostly true, and his presence psychically stimulating, there is absolutely no divine energy in his transmissions, and there never will be.

Most people in the world at this time respond positively only to teachers and teachings that arouse their imagination and stimulate their illusions. The unadorned Truth, however, does not do this; if it did it would only present yet another impediment to real spiritual emergence.

We have been similarly warning the na´ve for many years to be careful of a well known yet false Avatar, and that the warning signs would, in these times, become progressively clearer as we approached the planetary deadline. Of course, today the 'Avatar' in question is being seen by thousands of previously devoted adherents and there is great scandal reverberating worldwide now regarding his activities, and the same will ensue with T. Watch.

I hasten to add that T himself does not suspect who he is working for, and he does have some genuine spiritual contact. However, as mentioned above in the quotation, Lucifer purposefully allows something of one's true Soul-impulse to slip through the personality of a teacher in order to keep his group interested.

There are so many false teachers out there today who are saying all the right things and even wielding very convincing psychic energies that uplift the people (in this respect T is not nearly as powerful as some of them, including the well-known 'Avatar'). Taking this false Avatar as an example: he speaks always of Love and Service. However, while he is telling the masses what they want to hear and what their minds know to be true, these soldiers of Lucifer are actually perpetrating something far more sinister behind the scenes! T is party to this and, we feel, has no idea what he is really doing, for he seems sincere for the most part, yet thoroughly misguided. "The path to hell is paved with good intentions."

Once we come to understand the new and adjusted laws of this age and the blueprint for the Aquarian Passion Play we will not ever be fooled by the most convincing and earnest but unenlightened teacher or group in this realm of confusion that is called planet Earth. The way in which T works with his pupils reveals much to the educated and God-loving aspirant. This is what we have been hinting at in our earlier communications with you.

Right Attitude leads to Right Knowledge leads to Right Recognition leads to Right Livelihood leads to Perfect Holiness.

T's intellectual application of truth is creating yet another false religious group, just like so very many other teachers and their groups, today and historically. Lucifer's preferred platform for his work is the intellect - the lower conceptual mind - and Lucifer ever uses the tools of imitation.

Time will prove us correct in all this with regard to T, even if you are presently incredulous at what we say.

Q. Right. I was wondering about these things when I initially heard about T, but let my intuition slide...but that was before my recent realisations that were catalysed by my contact with you.

A. Never do that again! Your pure Intuition (issuing forth from the divine Soul) is your most precious possession. It is your passport to the Blessed Land. You must use it first and foremost, and only utilise your intellect for verification and conceptual expression of the Living Truth in the lower worlds of illusion - for others.

Q. Some history about T's talk: the first question of the satsang was asked, and there was a long period of silence for 45 minutes before he began to give an answer, according to a friend who was there.

A. Did you know that Hitler (working with and for evil entities in the hidden spheres) often turned up one hour or more late for his speeches to thousands of waiting and anxious German people? When he arrived at the podium he would then wait in silence before speaking, some times for many minutes. Do you see how this builds up desire and anticipation in the audience, while also eliciting weariness? A perfect environment for invoking luciferic forces. Remember Paramahansa Yogananda. He would not waste one single second in invoking his Soul and the Christ-Spirit for his beloved humanity in his talks and satsangs. Why wait when God's grace is here and now waiting to pour through any sincere human being? Why delay and so prolong the agony of mankind's separation from God?

Q. Yes, I also see now very clearly, it's amazing how clear, matter of fact. Thank you for your honesty.

A. If you are truly grateful, then please demonstrate it by helping us to reach out to all candidates for harvest with the very Good News.

Q. K also feels that T has compromised himself; in other words, in exchange for a high level of 'enlightenment', sold a part of himself out in order to become a teacher of fools. Seems to make sense, although he would not believe it, I'm sure.

Upon our psychic investigation of T, I kept hearing the name Yourka, pronounced 'Why-yurka' or 'Why-yorka'. This was a powerful presence. Apparently when T was 6 months old, this being merged with him in agreement for the exchange of knowledge and power so this being could be a part of T. Yourka came in as a flash of light; wham it was done.

T's job is to authoritatively preach 'Truth', and in so doing encourage deference from his students and thus create a certain level of powerlessness in them, Piscean style, so that there would be a huge mass of people and energy to have and control by Yourka.

I could feel the energy of this being. It is very seductive; I did not permit it to enter. I felt and saw enough, but I could see how someone who trusts T would think it was his energy and accept it blindly.

The more advanced seer with whom I was working checked to see if there was still an energetic connection between T and myself. "Don't you know!?", she said. "There was a very thin, ever so thin, cord running through the top of your head all the way throughout your genitals. So thin it was almost undetectable. Removed!"

A. The above feels correct regarding T. The above also explains why T shifted down in consciousness during his talk when Divinity was threatening to be invoked.

"At the time of the end even the wise will be led astray."


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