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Old 09-23-2009, 06:37 AM
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Smile Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Well done Redman for your voice of reason... of course relgion is one of the biggest conspiracies on the planet, and whilst I take the points raised about some of maxwells claims, I'd far rather believe him than soe of those who claim to refute his points, as they tend to be creationists, Nuff said!

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Old 10-25-2009, 10:42 AM
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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post
Ok I couldn't help it because I wanted to expose how else you've been lying to people about Jordan. You imply that he keeps teaching that the mystery religions is the true one in some inspirational moment you had. I'm not even going to go there. What Jordan was saying about SOL-OM-ON if you watch his other videos is that King Solomon OF the Bible didn't exist. In his other video he explains who the real Solomon was - an agent of the Rome. You quote the news saying they have forensic evidence of his body or - what-ever. Lets trust the news? And so you can't find a conotation between Ohm and the sun, so Jordan must be incorrect - because YOU couldn't find a conotation. I googled the words Ohm Sun and found something calling Ohm: the sound of the sun. Perhaps sound emits from the sun? Just because you can't find some 'factual' information handed to you on a silver platter doesn't mean Jordan is wrong. Then you go saying, 'well that's ok because he's lying about that," no - you are. And back to the light switch. People were getting 'on' their horses? Do you not remember Bill Clinton saying, 'that depends on what the definition of is, is?' I think it has something like 18 different meanings. You're calling Jordan stupid? Your video attempt to debunk him, though it has fooled a lot of people, is really a load of poop. That they anticipated the light bulb? What is wrong with you? Ok this time I've really had enough. Poop that is.
I just watched it, to be fair, he does show Maxwell to have some seriously flawed information there.

But what worries me is he could not debunk what Maxwell taught about 'sun' worship and 'astro theology' in the bible. Read thse notes I made in watching a 2 hoour 20 minute presentation:

Time 28.46
Subject All our western religions developed in the Northern hemisphere – not southern.

Time 30.12
Subject 6,000 years ago the greatest enemy would could ever face was darkness. Consequently the greatest gift was the sun. the bringer of light and giver of life.

Time 32.45
Subject God’s sun belongs to God. And God’s sun was ‘the light of the world’.

Time 33.04
Subject God’s sun is in the sky. Another word for Sky is heaven. God’s sun resides up in heaven.

Time 33.36
Subject In ancient Egypt the sun was referred to as ‘our risen saviour’. God’s sun is giving its energy to us. God’s sun is giving us life through its life.

Time 35.03
Subject Sun in morning called ‘new born sun’; or Horus. Horus was the risen saviour, the risen one. Horus rising = Horizon. God so loved the world he gave his only begotten sun (there is only one sun)

Time 36.17
Subject Horus the sun walked across the sky in 12 steps. We took the word Horus and came up with 12 Hours.

Time 37.24
Subject Sun brought light into the world. Light in Latin is Lucius (Luke Skywalker!).

Time 37.50
Subject In EgyptSet the ‘prince of darkness’ came out to rule the world at night, at sun-set.

Time 38.10
Subject The evil that ruled over the night. Devil is simply evil with a ‘d’ in front of it. God is from the German Gut = Good. Simply the word good with one less o.

Time 38.45
Subject The basis for all religion throughout the world is basically the war between daylight and dark.

Time 40.00
Subject Jesus is a metaphor, a symbolic metaphor for something. Ancient Greek name for Horus was Iesus. You can interchange ‘I’ and ‘J’. So Iesus becomes Jesus. And Jesus is the sun which is why we worship on ‘Sun’ day.

Time 40.50
Subject Jesus said he would leave this world (in the hands of the prince of darkness) and come back. The sun comes back every morning.

Time 47.45
Subject Abraham’s first name was Abram. Ab = Father and Ram = the Ram, the constellation of Aries the ram.The children of Israel worshipped the golden calf. The Golden calf was the sun in the age of Taurus (the bull).

Time 50.00 – 53.10
Subject Jesus arrested at the temple at night time for sedition. The choice to choose enlightenment/life or ignorance/death/darkness. Temple = mind/brain, Golgotha = place of the skull. Jesus (enlightenment) dies between 2 thieves (1: regret for the past and 2: fear of the future).

Time 53.13
Subject Crown of thorns. When the sun sets, on the horizon, you can see its sun rays. These rays represent a crown of thorns. Sun rays = crown of thorns.

Time 54.13 – 56.42
Subject The numbers 13 and 12. Zodiac has 12 houses. Both the Old and New Testament is nothing more than astrology, or Astro-theology. Kingdom = zodiac. I need proof/evidence that kingdom means zodiac.

Time 58.00
Subject Job 38: 31 - 33
Job 38:31 "Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades or loose the cords of Orion?
Job 38:32 Can you lead forth the Mazzaroth in their season, or can you guide the Bear with its children?
Job 38:33 Do you know the ordinances of the heavens? Can you establish their rule on the earth?” Mazzaroth = zodiac. God is saying where were you when I created the zodiac?

Time 59.50
Subject Lord comes from Lard. Lard is grease, grease is oil, and oil is Kristos. In Greek Kristos is where Pillsbury gets cooking oil called Krisco. Krisco is Christo and Christo is Christ. Oil congealed is called Lard.

Time 61.30
Subject The church says Astrology is evil because they don’t want you to know what they know. That they/we are guided by the zodiac.

Time 61.50
Subject Why did Jesus feed his followers with 2 fish? Because the 2 fish represent Pisces. The pope’s mitre/hat is a fish mouth.

Time 62.10
Subject 1st day of summer the sun is directly overhead in our northern hemisphere. The constellation that begins summer is called Leo. Sun called the Lion King. So the Lion King is the sun in the constellation of Leo the Lion. The Lion of the tribe of Judah. Consequently 3 months later, the sun enters into autumn or the fall (the ‘fall’ because the sun was standing straight and is now falling). Each day from the 1st day of summer the Lion King (sun) moves 1 degree southward every day until it hits (3 months/90 days later) the 90 degree, it is now passing over the equator. Heading south. 3 months later, and 90 degrees more, the sun ends up at the lowest part in our southern sky. For 3 days once it reaches the lowest part, it’s called the winter solstice 22ndrd it rises at the same degree, and on the 24th, same degree. So for 3 days the sun is dead in its tomb. 25th December the sun moves 1 degree northward, so the sun is moving again. The sun is born again: It is now beginning its northern journey back to the northern hemisphere. As it gets to that half way point again we call it spring, because he was a lion king in summer, he was fallen in autumn, he was dead in winter, but now he was springing back to life in spring. December. 23

Time 65.35
Subject In the ancient world when people died (like the sun died in December), they say ‘he/she passed’. We say the same thing ‘he/she passed away’. Means death/dying. Ancient Egyptians say ‘he/she passed over from the east of the Nile to the west of the Nile’. Into the next world.

Time 67.00
Subject Ancient peoples thousands of years before Hebrews existed celebrated the 1st week of spring and they called it the ‘passover’. The passover is the sun passing over the equator on its way back to the northern hemisphere. And once it reaches the northern hemisphere at the Passover it’s in the constellation in the ancient zodiac of Virgo – so he is born of a virgin. The 1st week of spring was called the Passover because the dead sun of winter is now passing over into a new life in spring. Christians who want nothing to do with Jewish customs call it the resurrection.

Time 68.50
Subject 1st week of spring sees the Christian Easter sunrise service. Celebrating the rising of the son. Sun rise? Sun worship? Easter = Ishtar.

Time 69.55
Subject Sun in morning = new born sun, sun at mid day, 12 noon = the most high because sun is at its highest point.

Time 70.15
Subject 3 different positions the sun holds in the life of men: new born, full grown and old dying man (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Trinity is nothing more than the sun and its 3 phases in man’s life.

Time 72.50
Subject 360 dots (or degrees) around a circle. You can divide the circle into 4 quarters. The quarters represent Matthew, Mark, Luke and John Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). Circle on a cross because the cross is the cross of the zodiac (N,E,S and W) and the sun dies on the cross (Zodiac).

Time 76.40
Subject Judas kissed Jesus not to identify him but to betray him. Judas represents the 1st month of Fall/Autumn. 1st week of fall/autumn is the constellation of Scorpio. Scorpio is the ‘backbiter’. In the ancient world had 2 stingers, when the sting, the cut looks like human lips. Hence the kiss of death. Scorpio gives God’s sun/son the kiss of death and now he is going to fall/die into winter (Sun dies on the cross).

Time 80.18
Subject 1st week of spring (passover/easter). Cana (now Israel/Lebanon) in the ancient world celebrated easter/passover but called it the marriage feast of Cana (celebration of spring). The marriage of God the Father and Mother Earth. The Father would impregnate Mother Earth/Nature with the sacred fluid, bringing life to the earth (ancient Hindu called this fluid rain). Mother Nature (Mary) asks God’s son/sun (Jesus) to draw water (which the sun does), so it can rain on the grapes and thus make wine. Turning water into wine at the great marriage feast of Cana.

Time 83.25
Subject Heavens to the Phoenicians were known as the temple of God. Heavens declare the temple of God. In my Father’s house are many mansions – this is incorrect. The original says ‘In my Father’s abode are many houses’. 12 houses of the zodiac. Last supper = last passover meal. Moses brought the age of Aries (the ram). Last passover represents the last year in the particular sign and the next year begins a new sign = the age of Aquarius?

Time 85.52
Subject Why be baptized? When born you came out of Mother’s water (waters broke). So born again is being born again from Mother Nature’s water.

Time 86.30
Subject Last days and end times of what? Last days of the age of Pisces (2 fish – Jesus is called the great fisherman). What is the new age?

Luke 22:10 He said to them, "Behold, when you have entered the city, a man carrying a jar of water will meet you. Follow him into the house that he enters

The man with the water pitcher, the house of the man with the water pitcher? This is the house of Aquarius. The symbol of Aquarius is of a man carrying a pitcher of water. It was unheard of for a man in the ancient world to carry a pitcher of water. Women did this. We are leaving the 2,000 year age of Pisces and entering into the next 2,000 year period: the age of Aquarius.

To be fair, half the movie is just Maxwell lecturing (I.e. not actually debunking anything), but what the producer does show, is that we should not take everything Maxwell says as truth. No way.

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Old 11-04-2009, 02:45 PM
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Default Re: Jordan Maxwell Exposed

Originally Posted by Heyoka View Post
Well done Redman for your voice of reason... of course relgion is one of the biggest conspiracies on the planet, and whilst I take the points raised about some of maxwells claims, I'd far rather believe him than soe of those who claim to refute his points, as they tend to be creationists, Nuff said!
Altough I agree lots of religions (most notable the abrahamic) are created by the illuminati Jordan Maxwel is a complete idiot. He is constantly spreading disinformation. Never listen to him everything is just one big mistake. Rather to research our your own.
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