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Old 12-19-2009, 01:39 PM
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Default Re: I have suffered from depression and need to talk.

I appreciate what your are saying and I have already seen my doctor and waiting to get a letter off a councellor regarding an appointment. I accept any negative comments on here and have only had one, have had very few comments altogether yet lots of people have read my post (which often happens). I got 2 positive ones also, one 2 lines and one a page or so which was a real surprise. Things got a bit on top of me and it would be nice to try to find like minds which is really difficult when you are studying conspiracy theories and are looking into stuff in this world on a more open level. Also, I try to take a step "out of the world" and try to look at it as it is and just ponder possibilities.

The fact that people have such conflicting opinions says alot, even with much research and information. Instead of just admitting well they are just that-opinions (options we think are right) and we shouldn't latch onto any particular one because who bloody knows-we know so little about our world and race etc. Just cos it fits in and thats how we feel which is often convenient and how we would prefer things were, not necessarily cos they are like that in reality.

Obviously conspiracy theories throw a spanner in the works and people are very reluctant to change an opinion especially when it has a negative aspect and challenges their view of the nature of reality etc. and is not in the majority of mind sets. I think THAT in itself says a lot about the intelligence of the human race. Its like not allowing yourself to think and reason properly. I'm not saying believe in it all, but people even seem to have a block even in just looking at the stuff. We are creatures of habit and very influenced by other people to the point of it not being helpfull in all kinds of situations, this seriously needs looked at, we could be so much more intelligent as a race. Anyway thanks again for your post it was a wise one.

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