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Old 08-23-2008, 06:00 AM
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Default Fall Play Scenarios... Dump Obama Start Martial Law

Fall Play Possible Scenarios

The fall of Barrack Obama has begun, just read the sudden prepositional statement being put forward in the media everywhere - "Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgment and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realizing -- that Barack Obama is not ready to be president." The greater question becomes - is something larger going to be orchestrated this fall? Listed are some possible scenarios to milk over the public...

A. Staging a False Flag to make the Statement that - 'Only McCain has the frame of mind to deal with the 'terrorist type event' that has transpired on our nation. 'Sources' indicate that this was a deliberate provocation from Iran... If they attempt this one then they REALLY think the public is that stupid. If they are not getting enough dirt on the issue, then they can hammer negative links to Obama until they get him pounded down.

B. Deliberately create a 'public fiasco' making it look like Barrack Obama was 'cheated' out of his presidency. It will be made public on purpose with some deep root operatives coming forward to make statements on the major media outlets like 'I was in the department they were deliberately destroying his ballets and not counting his votes.' The whole idea is to encite rage in the public - followed by some operatives burning down a few warehouses and the media making fake statements like 'Even the police have sided this time with the corruption and are now no longer enforcing the streets.' Then people will be somewhat encouraged to join the situation while the police and other enforcement units are ordered to 'stand down nation wide.' Then the operatives and the few hoodlums will run amok shooting and burning down everything in site for a couple weeks. (Blackwater will do ANYTHING for a couple G a day/man) After the public is 'broken down by the chaos' then nice favourable articles will come forward with statements like 'Well McCain will save us, he has the police on his side....' Then the police are released in a brutal crack down, and McCain is played the hero while making elite pre-prepared statements like 'We need this police presence at all times, it is peace of mind and good for our society.

C. Stage scenario C, and drag it out over months while the plunge protection team that probably owns 75% of the US Stock Market simply dumps their stock, and a bunch of banks 'this report in Bank X has just closed their doors and have thus far refused depositors their money... This makes it the 13th bank to refuse to honour their deposits..' The monetary system fails and suddenly nobody has access to money to buy food. Trucks are ordered to stand down, while produce rots in warehouses, while people in the cities are starving... For once in 10 years the mexian produce pickers get a well deserved vacation..

Watch for statements like "Well it is just not safe for the trucks to run, our CNN Correspondant (aka Operative) himself witnessed 12 semi-trailers burned out and abandoned on the side of the road, on the route from... We need a new leader who can deal with these issues, and Barrack Obama's team has released no statement to the financial situation at this time... McCain's team on the other hand has stated in the strongest terms that they will restore order and get the food trucks running again.. Back to you Ms. Bimbo anchor desk..'

Meanwhile the police are ordered to stand down, and the gasoline pumps are shut off. This paralyses the people inside the cities, and allows the quiet pre-staging of military around all the cities for when 'our hard-core McCain comes to the rescue.'

Then finally after three weeks of this some food is let out (after half the cities are just TRASHED), and after martial law is declared. The media releases statements from some totally brainwashed individuals who got to stay in a couple of the 'up-town fema camps.' get to make some public statements like 'I'm so glad that FEMA was here for me, and the government stepped in.'

So here you go, are they gonna do it this fall or not?

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