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Old 03-17-2008, 04:15 PM
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Default The United States Citizens Military: Quarterly Report On The Silent War

Quarterly Report on the Silent War

It is not at first important to know who one's enemy is, it is only important to know the weapons and tactics one's enemy is using and then take the appropriate defensive and offensive measures. -- Military Science Manual
I think it is safe to say today that the vast majority of the persons involved in the counter-conspiracy, namely the warriors in the United States Citizens Military fighting against the Silent War have become liberated from the shackles & chains of the brainwashing glass tit known as television. Americans are simply turning their televisions off and eventually trashing them.

Citizens in great numbers are again waking up to their own neighborhoods & communities. Individuals are again opening their doors and homes in patriotic & neighborly association that is completely organic in nature and not at all the same order as the regulated, programmed, and manufactured social outlets of the fascist corporations & media conglomerates.

Movie theatre profits are in serious decline as are newspaper and magazine sales. Enlightened citizens are realizing that they have in past times been fed a plate full of social programming. The days of American citizens passively sitting around and listening to or watching television & radio are over. Americans are remembering the tough-minded, rugged individualism of their forefathers. Americans are taking action in their communities in a collective & unified stand of patriotic resistance against the globalist elite who have waged an unjustified & atrocious mass genocide campaign against the American citizen.

The people are speaking out and what they are saying is sweeping across the nation & globe like a tsunami blowing away the globalist cabals to their very foundations.

We think it an apropos word picture to say that it is as if 100,000,000 invisible machine guns are now simultaneously pointed at the CFR, UN, FED, and members of elitist secret societies. Americans have thrown down the gauntlet and are fighting back in a revolutionary spirit that has not been seen in nearly 200 years. Yet now we see the citizen's military fighting back with the same psyops weapons that were the property of top secret military intelligence only a few decades ago. The time of the awakening is now in full bloom. United & committed American mind and silent weapons warriors from all walks of life are lighting the beacons, sounding the alarms and organizing themselves and their labors in a massive, unprecedented, and sustained silent warfare against the globalists.

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion. -- Alexander the Great
We take a moment here to look over the vast army of patriotic Americans fighting for the cause of liberation from the tyranny of globalism. These tough men and women make us proud to be Americans and we are proud to stand with the United States Citizens Military in the struggle. We believe that the forefathers would be proud of our efforts.

The revolution of the American people is a brilliantly conceived strategy inasmuch as the globalists have no concept whence they are being attacked and therefore any defensive measures they take are counteracted and useless. Millions upon millions of invisible bullets & warheads are raining in and converging upon them simultaneously from a thousand different angles by the citizen warriors. These are sweeping through companies, agencies, and every facet of the globalist cabal. Nor are their underground bases immune from our invisible bunker-busting smart bombs. The U.S.C.M is now capable of invading them even underground through satellite, radio, internet, mass mailing technology, and even video broadcasting.

One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine... -- From a Soviet Junior Lt's Notebook
Perhaps even better is that the citizen warrior is no longer being misdirected, deceived, or demoralized from the propaganda houses and social programming devices of Hollywood & mass media. Nor should any think that the U.S.C.M. is an entity that may be quantified or seen visibly. One does not 'join' the U.S.C.M., one is born into it by virtue of his American citizenship. Therefore, the U.S.C.M. is a massive & powerful Silent Army made up of Silent & Invisible warriors who may or may not know one another but who all work toward the same ends.

The battle cry of the American citizen warrior is thus becoming clear:
  • Remember Vietnam!
  • Remember Desert Storm!
  • Remember Waco!

Day after day, week after week, year after year do the American patriots fire their invisible bullets at the globalists -- bullets from guns becoming increasingly more accurate & deadly. Through editorials, local newspapers, blogs, youtube, etc...etc... do the warriors fire their weapons of mass description. This helps enlighten other patriotic Americans to know that now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Yet these warriors are not falling for the misdirection tactics of the enemy by being herded into and confined to pre-planned conspiracy sites or propaganda outlets owned and operated by the enemy combatant. No, they are launching out on their own and setting up their own meetup sites, community groups, forums, video information sites, and blogs that cannot be misdirected and used by the enemy. The citizen silent warrior simply can no longer be deceived by peer pressure tactics and brainwashing that come from Hollywood and especially from the tyranny of the Associated Press and White House Press Corp..

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both. -- Dwight D. Eisenhower
The United States Citizens Military -- United we stand in Strength, Honor, and Liberty! Now it is time to watch this eagle fly and see how it rips to shreds the globalist snake. Especially encouraging to the U.S.C.M. is the fact we now are receiving help and aid in the war effort by our enlisted compatriots in the United States Military. Many among the ranks of the enlisted have become fully aware of the globalist coup d'etat of the secret societies and are fighting alongside us for the cause of American liberation.

Yes, NSA, CIA, NAVAL INTELLIGENCE, Airforce, Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Reserve, and Dept. Of Homeland Security all have ranking officers and officials who are fighting in concert with the U.S.C.M. to overthrow the globalist treachery against the felons and thugs who are committing the Silent War terrorism from Washington D.C. We commend and support our friends in the United States Military who fight with us against the unspeakably vile, wretched, senseless, treacherous, murderous, worthless, bereft souls who perpetuate the Silent War against the American people.

Indeed, it is a bright day to see millions of Americans
  • Getting rid of their televisions
  • Getting rid of video games
  • Using the internet to create positive & powerful weaponry against the Silent Weapons of the Enemy
  • Using mass email lists to educate & inform their fellow citizens
  • Setting up community silent war outposts, vigilance alliances, and information warfare militia
  • And keeping themselves in hearth & home by being responsible self-funded soldiers who are independent special agents in the war effort using their talents & gifts to identify, neutralize, and destroy the globalist enemy.

We all now realize that the globalists must be destroyed. Yet now we know how to counteract the aureole of peer pressure created & manufactured by the globalists through social programming. The globalists are finished. Their demoralization against the American citizen is failing and will fail. Americans are remembering God, Duty, Country, and Community in a big way.

The commander of the forces of a large State may be carried off, but the will of even a common man cannot be taken from him. -- Confucius
We encourage and extend our friendship and thanks to the members of the U.S.C.M. We are proud to stand with you. We will organize, we will engage,


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Old 03-28-2008, 10:31 AM
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Default Re: The United States Citizens Military: Quarterly Report On The Silent War

i think people are just turning off their tv's and buying less magazines and things because they're more absorbed in their computers and doing things online. it's more personalized, and is helping even more in the fight to segregate everyone from everyone else, and create anti-communicative-communities. in 20 years society will be a bunch of people enclosed in their own little bubbles, too a far greater degree then what we've already seen in the last 10-15 years, oblivious to what once was.

though, personally, my t.v. is gone, for obvious reasons. i hate the machine just as anyone who stops and thinks. i hope what you're saying is right!
i HOPE the fight is won/one by the community!
9/11 Cover Up! -
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