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Old 09-13-2006, 09:19 AM
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Default A mother's love is sacred - Damian Marley

Part 4 / 4th Press Release
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley

Tony Blair: noun 1. politically insane 2. asshole
SOCPA: bullshit 1. gag order 2. of political insanity

Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain. How insane is that for a democratic foreign policy?

- anti copyright Statement of Charity Sweet - Part 4 of 5
FREE bonus lyrics, to get you in the mood... for a stroll down reality lane

7896 words
my opinion/my mind/my heart/my words

the SOCPA grapevine song anticopyright Charity Sweet acknowledging Marvin Gay; paraphrasing with apologies

oh, I bet you wonder how I knew
about your plans to make us blue
with some other guys I think I knew before
between the two of us, God
we love them children more

it came as a surprise, I must say...
when I found out yesterday. Don't you know......

I heard it through the grapevine, not much longer would free speech be mine
oh, I heard it through the grapevine... and I think Ton'y's done gone and lost his mind, honey, honey, yeah...........

I know a woman ain't supposed to cry
but these tears I can't hold inside
losing my voice would end my life, you see
can't you see that's just how much free speech does mean to me.

do you plan to arrest me here?
for the songs I love so dear? Don't you know...

I heard it through the grapevine, not much longer would free speech be mine
oh, I heard it through the grapevine... and I think Ton'y's done gone and lost his mind, honey, honey, yeah...........

SITTING ON THE DOCK OF a 'crock of shit' anticopyright Charity Sweet acknowledging Bill Withers; paraphrasing with apologies

sitting in the morning sun....
I'll be sitting when the evening comes.
watching the shit roll....
then I'll watch 'em roll away again

sittin' on the dock of the bay
watching the tides roll away
sittin' on the dock of the bay.....
wasting time.........

I left my home, Nova Scotia
headed down San Diego way
I got everything to live for
looks like everything is going our way

sittin' on the dock of the bay
watching the clouds roll away
sittin' on the dock of the bay.....
wasting time.........

looks like, somethin' s' gonna change
everything can't remain the same.....
I can't do, what them people tell me to.......
so I guess I'll just remain the same.

sitting here, resting my bones
oh.. this corruption won't leave me alone
three thousand miles I roamed
just to make this dock my home

sittin' on the dock of the bay
watching the bullshit roll away
sittin' on the dock of the bay.....
wasting time.........

Dear Sir: anticopyright Charity Sweet acknowldeging peace - my letter to the editor: to any and all newspapers

i remember when it was humankind
i remember kinder days when i was blind
swimming in the lakes, building castles in the sand
what has happened to my fellow man?

i remember having friends, no enemies
i remember singing songs and climbing trees
now i'm all grown up with wings to fly
how i'm longing for those days gone by

i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future
f*ck your lies, your alibis, don't play me for a fool
my mind is strong and you're just wrong; what you're doing ain't cool
i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future

I've been questioning the changes that i've seen
the lies, the news, the global californian dream
the rat race we've become, the lust, the greed they sell
apathy, pornography, a childhood living hell

i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future
f*ck your fear, my mind is clear - let's talk morality
your game is blame, the world's a shame - who sets molester's free?
i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future

I've been dreaming of a page for history
where the truth is told and our minds are free
if human kind could free some time to think and get a clue
a hollywood production of corruption would shine through

i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future
f*ck your greed, your gm seed, you cannot modify me
f*ck your wars - you corporate whores - learn to live and let be
i believe in love and the truth, dear sir
i believe in hope and the future

i've been wondering just what does this all mean?
why have we been livin' sir's orwellian dreams
sir best beware, true people care - dear sir can't we be friends?
why should our history be your mystery?

dear f*cking sir has lied again!

(or ... ) dear sir: please don't lie again.... Amen XXX

The 'one-faced' people and the 'two-faced' people
... the two races of society
... with two sets of rules of law?

Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain. How insane is that for a democratic foreign policy?
Tony Blair: noun 1. politically insane 2. asshole / SOCPA: bullshit 1. gag order 2. of political insanity
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley


Mr. Tony 'the war criminal' and Mrs. "muppet" Blair
a.k.a. George 'bushy-boy's playmates - the Puppets
Hell is as long time a blazin'.
10 Downing Street
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley
London, England

George 'Bush-y boy'
A.K.A. THE warring HILL-BILLY, with his eyes set on Canadian land/resources/utilities/politics and cheap Mexican labor
The Whitehouse of Blackened Hearts
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Washington, D.C.
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley

sir ian 'the Joker' blair
Commissioner of the Police of the Metropolis
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Scotland Yard
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley
London, England

'super-corrupt' Superintendent ian terry "t*sser" who loves to torture peace protesters
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.
Caring Cross Police Station
Charing Cross
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley
London, England

district judge(s?) Evans
Horseferry Road Magistrates Courts
What crawled up your ass(es) and died? What is that awful smell?
Is it the stank of of corruption and bullshit?
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly.
The choice is yours.
a.k.a Westminster Magistrates Courts
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley
You need to be sectioned, you arseholes.
London, England

district judge right
a.k.a. Judge 'witch-faced' B*tch
"You call yourself a woman?
You should be repected for your participation in the gagging of free speech?
Stand up, sit down - for you?
Oh, great supporter of GENOCIDE.
'Into the docks you go...'
waa waa waa...
Kiss my ass, you evil 'cow'. You are unfit for purpose.
We have a name for women like you, here, in Chatham - 'jook': slang whore (rhymes with book).
You, most certainly, are one of Tony's many corporate, legal whores who lies spread-eagle on a bench of justice 'for sale'.
Do the words, liberty, democracy, and free speech mean anything to you, you whore?
I guess that makes Toady your pimp. Ewwwwwwwwwww... "
- Charity Sweet exercising and 'flexing' free speech.
Please exit immediately of your own accord or be thrown out publicly. The choice is yours.

Horseferry Road Magistrates Courts
a.k.a Westminster Magistrates Courts
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley

Barabara Tucker is a wonderful mother and a beautiful person whereas Judge Wrong is an evil, b*tchy, sad, ugly excuse for a woman. WTF? You believe 'because i can...'

"BECAUSE I CAN... "??? - judge right

is reason to SET BAIL CONDITIONS DENYING Barbara Tucker FROM ATTENDING Marleybone COURT, BEING A WITNESS FOR BRIAN HAW AGAINST THE METROPOLITAN POLICE FOR THE GRAND LARCENY OF HIS EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE AGAINST TOADY??? You sound like that vulgar Mr. Vogler from the Dpg who attempted to section Babs. You are both morons, indisputably.

You sad cow. You feel you have the right and the power and the might to place bail conditions on a person, anywhere in the country, outside the 'designated area', for committing the crime of free speech within the 'designated area'?

Barabara's crimes and Brian's crimes are all non-arrestable offences so why do you insist on imposing the severe penalty of - JAIL - through your despicable twisting of the law and justification as 'breaking bail conditions' regarding a matter that should not even be being discussed in a Magistrate's courtroom with such small minds making such important decsions affecting decent people's lives.

Barbara Tucker notified you assholes, back in March unless I am mistaken, ages ago, of her right to demonstrate free speech as per Toady's SOCPA bullshit and yet her notification still hasn't been acknowledged or accepted. She has played completely by your rules, and she has been nothing but victimized ever since, for what is not an arrestable offence - free speech?
Are you a sadist?

Does DJ Evans pull your strings on one side while Toady tweaks the other???

What's up doc? Why the switch up venues for Tuesday, Sept 12, 2006 Kangaroo convention from the court Babs was attempted to be barred from attending through bail conditions(???) back up to the Horse Ferry Road and why the short notice? Just what exactly are you corrupt morons cooking up for tomorrow???

P.S. Wed, 13, 2006 - They switched up again, late evening, the case was again altered to be heard at Marleybone Courthouse... what a steaming crock of shit. Oh what a tangles web you weave, when first you practise to decieve. On Monday, Barbara challenged her bail conditions and witch-face changed her conditions from not being allowed at Downing Street and Parliament Square to only being allowed in Parliament Square, in all of England?

Effectively, Barbara could be arrested for breaking bail conditions if she is known to be anywhere else in the city of London, other than Parliament Square or even, anywhere else in England; completely disregarding her alternate home address in Redding and her rights as a human being. How many times must the powers of this land stomp all over her human rights? How many times?

Judge Right you are one sad, stupid b*tch.

"BECAUSE I CAN..." ???

So says democracy and Barabara Tucker's honourable barrister.

"PISS OFF you evil cow!" - so says me!

I think you are attemping to bully and instigate, if not create the conditions for an offence that will place Babs and Brian in jail, before Thursday's real 'KANGAROO COURT' proceedings where Barabara and her barrister will argue ABUSE OF PROCESS - your personal specialty - you corrupt, freak of justice. Is it you and Toady's dream and desire to wipe free speech from the pavement of Parliament Square and from outside the warmonger's gates - 10 Downing Street, as well as all England?

And you are stupid enough to think that we, the people, are not going to speak out regarding your corruption and gross abuse of legal processes within English law and democracy.

Hell is a long time a blazin'.
London, England

The Home Office
The lights are on? Is anyone home?
Have you all completely lost your marbles?
Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain? How insane is that for a democratic foreign policy?
What in God's name are you doing and what the hell are you thinking?
I understand it is your practice to incarcerate refugees, including women and children, and I also understand it is your policy to allow them freedom should they provide evidence that they have been tortured, in their native countries.
Why, in God's name, was a black man with no fingernails - they were all pulled out in his country of origin as a form of torture, not asked if he had been tortured and why was the box regarding said question of torture circled NO? Why, when he was finally asked if he had been tortured, after a good doctor took up his case and intervened on his behalf, did he put his two hands on the desk with not one fingernail in place as a response? Wasn't it obvious? Are you folks thick as shite?
www.medicaljustice.org.uk - that what!
"A mother's love is sacred" - Damian Marley
London, England

c/o Caring Cross Police Station
Charing Cross
London, England

c/o Belgravia Police Station: S.O.S.
Where I understand there are some good men and women of honor, real 'coppers' and 'bobbies', please be an independent eye witness, willing to testify in a court of law.
London, England

c/o Victim Supportline: S.O.S.
Victims of crime - support and advice in London
Criminal Justice System
P.O. Box 11431
London, England

"The 'War on Terror' promotes a racist culture of suspicion towards migrant and Muslim communities. It generates and manipulates fears to justify a perpetual state of war. 'Terrorist suspects' are created by several means:
- by redefining terrorism in broader ways, blurring any distinction between anti-government protest and organized violence against cilvilains
- by placing entire communities under suspicion of associating with such 'terrorism'
- by using 'intelligence' obtained by torturing detainees abroad
- by waging psychological warfare through disinformation and mass-media scares about 'Al-Qaeda'
- by using anti-terrorist powers to detain people (especially refugees) for suspected activities which could just as well be handled under other laws"

c/o www.statewatch.org S.O.S.
- for material on legislation, please visit
? the Terrorism Act 2000
? Anti-terrorism Crime and Security Act 2001
? Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005
? SOCPA - Serious organized Criminal protection Agency

c/o email:
"Subject: tucker - is the use of 6 x 4 (plank of wood) to protect myself - reasonable force -YET???" - Barbara Tucker

Mr. Brian 'THE peace-maker' W. Haw
Parliament Square
London, England

The 'amazingzingly beautiful' Barbara Tucker
Parliament Square
London, England

Steve 'The True English Gentle Man' Jago
Parliament Square
London, England

Chris 'the extraordinary, true English, brilliant pacifist' Coverdale
Wimbledon, England

extraordinary, brilliant minds of justice high-lighting the libertines of our times
via email

extraordinary, brilliant libertarians and up-holders of liberty, peace, justice and free speech
via email

- an 'old-school', young, 'real' reporter of reality as the facts support, without political bias
you anti capitalist, you.
indymedia u.k.
london, england

Queen Elizabeth II
Please bring home 'your' army. Please return 'our' nation's sons and daughters immediately and safely; home to English soil. Please.
Buckingham Palace
London, England

Princess Diana's boys XXX
c/o Kensington Palace
London, England

The Independent newpaper
London, England

The Guardian newspaper
London, England

The Evening Standard newspaper
London England

The Sun Newspaper
London, England
The British Law Society

Judge Which-face?

"Is this Westminster-gate?"
- Mr. Brian W. Haw

"How can this court case possibly continue, your honor, when the police have stolen almost all of my evidence? How can this trial possibly continue?"
- Mr. Brian W. Haw

"How many times must a man beg for justice, from a judge, in a court of law, in England? How many times must he repeat himself? Abuse of process. Abuse of process. Abuse of process.
How many times must I repeat myself, repeat myself, repeat myself in writing, before we, the people, are heard and understood? We demand peace. We demand justice. We won't accept anything less. We peacefully stand for true democracy, not anarchy and terrorism - that's your job. Idiots."
- Charity Sweet

"oh I wish I was a punk-rocker with flowers in my hair...
in '77 and '69 revolution was in the air
I was born too late, to a world that doesn't care
oh I wish I was a punk-rocker with flowers in my hair."
- Sandi Thom, Canada; from the album 'Smile... it confuses people'

It's poetry; the lyics above have many meanings and yet the simplest is the easiest to digest. The 'flowers in her hair' gives reference to a hippy mentality which is purely peaceful - love. The punk-rocker mentality is of an English based 'f*ck you' - 'I am gonna do what I am gonna do' nature. Put together, they meld into a peaceful individual, not out to break the law, merely expressing clearly what is on their mind - love - through action and art - nothing illegal - only crimialised by the government, and not willing to stop for anyone or anything, as they are harming no one.

Is it a crime to express the truth, in creative, artistic ways, in a peaceful manner, in public? Is Sandi Thom a serious organized criminal for writing a song and is said song, her thoughts put to melody in harmony with varying instruments accompanying her voice, a security risk? Give me a f*cking break...

Maybe you have to be Canadian to understand her mentality or just young enough at heart to get in tune with her music. The new 'gag' of Tony'y political police farce and henchmen is gonna to be trying to accuse the peace protesters of being 'anarchists' - solely out for destructive purposes. Calling us crazy didn't work as it didn't wash over very well with Joe Public and a member of MIND so now it's 'the peace protesters are Anarchists, bent on destruction', so says Toady and his Metropolitan police farce of London.

Anarchists? NO... that would be them. Like Pete of Big Brother, we wouldn't hurt a fly - it's not in our nature. We are demonstrating for peace in case anyone failed to notice???

Verbal assalts are our only means of defense against those who sport very big automatic guns and very bad attitudes and like to get very physically involved in subduing peaceful protest. Reasoning just doesn't seem to work with these idiots. Shaming them publicly, is what we do best and, most probably, is why they take such pleasure in being violent to us, once illegally detained.

They ask for it and we give it. My mum taught me that if you dish it out, you have to be able to take it. No one can shovel shit out their mouths like some of the idiots, enforcing Toady's SOCPA legislation, we have been dealing with lately - lacking common sense is putting it mildy; hell bent on physical violence and blind denial of that behaviour would be a more appropriate description of the Charing Cross gang of thugs, the Dpg and the cPs.

We would not destroy or steal the property of another, unlike sir 'weak link' and his 'weak-minded' crony - Tony. It 'kind of' goes against the principles we all believe in - those not dissimiliar from the Bible. The Metropolitan police are a different story altogether and a very different kettle of fish. We all have clean track records in those areas whereas I hear, here, like Canada, it's a matter of 'what officer doesn't have a complaint against him of assalt or has been accused of being a racist idiot' - bog standard corrupted policing forces.

It's common practice for Canadian police, especially known to myself, in Eastern Canada, to steal evidence and to plant evidence... how pathetic is that? It was explained to me that corrupt Nova Scotian police officers are known to carry a gun with the serial numbers rubbed off, under the front seat, in their patrol cars, should the need arise for them to plant a weapon on someone they just shot, wothout just cause - that was explained to me by a radio presenter and son of a Justice of the Peace, in Canada.

Honestly... same shit - different country?

Is the very same thing is happening over here? How difficult must it be for the good officers of the law, to work within such abhorant corruption? As bad as it is for a good teacher to work in a school system where there is a peadophile ring - Halifax Regional Municipality Schoolboard, Halifax a.k.a. HRM, Nova Scotia, Canada? The Maritime Provinces, the land of the loyalists and what used to be known as Lower Canada.

Can you imagine a school system having paedophile insurance? Sound insane?

Nova Scotia is... so much for tourism Mr. Senator, ex-premiere of Nova Scotia: Buchanan you dirty, filthy nonse.

If it weren't for Buchanan's buddy, ex Prime Minister Paul Martin who just so happened to collude in the September 11 bombing of New York as I reported to the New York Police and Inspector Augustus Augustus(how could I ever forget that name?), of the FBI, you'd be in the 'clink'. Ex-PM Paul Martin was also caught with some $70,000,000 worth of cocaine strapped to the bottom of one of his shipping line boats, as reported in the local media.

Was he arrested by the R.C.M.P. - our federal police? Hell no. And people wonder how the drugs get into our communities - democratic, politically-corrupt government. The town of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is our main center for cocaine distribution. When I was a child, their was an army of police inpectors searching the containers that come off the ships that enter our harbour, for illegal drugs. My, how things have changed...

My English mate worked at the secret location which everyone in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia knows as ******** where all containers of a suspicious nature, are inspected for Weapons of Mass Destruction - WMD's. Apparently Halifax checks all containers that are to go onto the U.S.A., as well.

One fine day, in their compound, there was a container with rocket propelled this and super machine gun that and grenades - all sorts of toys for the U.S. army boys. Now if I was a terrorist, which I am not, what would it have taken for me to access said goodies?

The container was left out in the backyard. There were no guard dogs, no security surveilance systems, no patrolling night watchmen... no barbed wire, just a six foot fence. The only thing I needed to access that container was the ability to climb a six foot fence (easy-peasy) and a pair of normal average everyday pliers to break the seal on the container. These are supposed to be security measures against weapons of mass destruction?

Of course I called up my local radio station and told them of this idiocy. Rick Howe, or Rick the pr*ck, as I call him poo-pooed me, as usual. Co-incidently, two weeks later a container was stolen directly from the port and not from their secret hiding spot. Chappie drove in, past two security check-points, stole a container and drove out past two security check points, as also reported in local media. What does that tell you? Unfit for purpose springs to my mind.

They also have two sniffer dogs at the secret location. One works and the other doesn't. Or, you could say that when they want to find something they bring out the dog with the good nose and greater sense of detection of drugs. The doggie with the no sense or detecting abilities is brought out when? When they want to slide something through???

Their idea of Security, considering all the fear-mongering they spread in the media, is a joke; that is the first point I am trying to get across to you; the second point being that drugs are consciously allowed into Canada by government. I would be foolish to think that England is any different considering the apparent consistencies I have witnessed between the two countries - it is a pattern, I keep noticing.

Ex-PM Paul Martin's response to the Canadian people and the R.C.M.P. was to go ahead and charge him. He felt secure in the knowledge that he had enough money and enough friends on the bench to drag the case on indefinitely and financially break the country. Canada, as a country, would go broke before he did in the pursuance of criminal charges of cokaine distribution on a mahousive level, by our Prime Minister, through his corrupt legal system of injustice.

Isn't it funny that it was also Martin who came to the rescue of ex-Premiere Buchanan, when the good R.C.M.P. were closing down on him and his paedophile friends, and rewarded him with a Senatorship and $70,000.00 per anum, for the rest of his disgusting life, for molesting the boys of the Shelburne Boys School, along with many, many other children. How sick is that?

Mind you, another ex-Premiere of Nova Scotia - Regan - was accused of raping 7 women. These seven women went to court, were raped once again by the crown persecution system and a mistrial was declared. They went back again and yet again, another mistrial was declared. They went back a third time and another mistrial was declared. Financially depleted of all assets, as was planned, and having lost all hope of ever recieving justice, the women gave up the fight. Martin knew full well what he was talking about and was well aware of what he was capable of doing in collusion with his corrupt buddies.

People all over the world think Canada is such a 'nice' place. Reality check: media black-out.

From England, I watched hurricane Juan rip up the eastern seaboard of the United States. Once it hit Canada - did it hit Canada? Nothing was reported globally, not here in England, anyway. Imagaine my surprise when I returned to Halifax, only to find that hurricane Juan had indeed hit my hometown. The eye of the hurricane entered the second deepest harbour of the world, a Naval port, and ripped the shit out of the city. The name Juan was retired due to the devastation it caused in Halifax. Why didn't I view this from England when it was all happening? Media Blackout?

Halifax also had White Juan, a few years back - the same year if I remember correctly, as our media named this particular disaster. There were snow drifts of 14/15 feet. I had to crawl with my daughter el-commando style, on our stomachs, over the snow to get milk and bread to survive. The government declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY, for quite some time. Over 150,000 people were without electricity for over one week - no heat, no access to food, in the dead of winter and the worst blizzard that had ever hit Halifax, Nova Scotia - HRM.

Imagine my surprise when I called, at that time, over to the English media and they replied they had no knowledge of said catastrophe, that winter. I requested that they check 'the wire' for the story and nothing was to be found. To convince said reporter of the BBC, I asked him to go to the internet and look up my local newspaper, the Chronic Snail (The Chronicle Herald) - our only broadsheet newspaper, and the front page of said event - he was shocked. His response, "Is their a media black-out?" Apparently so.

Did you hear about the mad cow diease scare in Canada. No, you wouldn't have heard about it from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The nurse I spoke to, detained by government, said, "It's insane. They have the whole ward on lock down. None of the doctor's or the nurses are allowed to leave the ward. We are locked inside the ward, literally. We're not allowed to speak to anyone. I could get in so much shit for just talking to you." They were held captive for one week solid. Did government think that none of their family members would notice their absence?

My mate went to all the 'Regan the rapist' hearings and his response was "They couldn't have been lying. There were just too many of them and they were all saying the same thing. Regan - hell was made for mother-f*cker's like you. May you burn in hell, you b*stard of a rapist.

Ex- PM Martin, even more curious, was Finance Minister before he was PM. Him and all the finance ministers - G8 - met in Halifax, Nova Scotia the summer before 911 New York and the summer after and haven't been seen there since, to my knowledge. I assert that they went there to cook up 911, work out the financing of said operation of state sponsored terrorism and then met the summer after to congratulate themselves. How sick is that?

How do I know, what I know, you might ask? I have eyes to see and ears to hear and a mind to put the puzzle pieces together of what many just cannot envision - the truth. I also like to talk to folks, in general. I'm a people person. Today's government is really ugly and the corruption runs all the way down 'from' the top - not 'to' the top.

Phil Verge made a cup of tea and a bowl of popcorn, 20 minutes before 911 and sat down to watch the show. How sick is that? His brother is part of the 'privie'(sp?) council who advices the completely-corrupt Nova Scotia government how to proceed. Is it co-incidence that their father was a grand poo-pa for the Masons?

The New York police told me they had recieved thousands of phone calls from people such as myself - people who knew about 911 BEFORE it happened, people who feel guilty for another's crime and their own inability to do anything to alter the shape of future events; people who now know that democratic government is the assailant of government sponsored terrorism against it's own people.

Will there be an inquiry into the same shite of 'who' perpetrated 'what' onto the civilians in London? Are they really going to incriminate themselves? Highly unlikely...

I met a few of ex-Premiere Buchanan's victims who were paid off for un-investigated claims and given a gag order to account for their sexual abuse as children; crimes committed against children by Buchanan, personally, and his cronies, and covered up on his behalf, at 'whose' request - by said cronies, of course. Crimes stemming from the Shelburne boys home are indicative of collusion within the Nova Scotia judicial system of government bodies and a bunch of nonses. Or are they one and the same?

As men, the Shelburne boys stood up and sued the government for child molestation. As reported by an independent Judge from Quebec - all claims went un-investigated and each and every claim was paid off, complete with gag order. Next, the teachers all came forward and sued as some felt they had unjustly been accused of paedophilia. Same shit - different day. All teachers were paid off and issued a GAG ORDER. And that is how the school 'nonse' insurance works.

When your child is molested at a school in Nova Scotia, CANADA, you recieve a cheque from whichever b*stard insurance company (most probably ING: Ignorance Never Gives, the bank with no branches and no records of corruption) is happy to provide such insane insurance and... a GAG ORDER. Then, he/she is moved onto the next school, the molester, that is, the perpetrator of the crime, while you and your child suffer in silence. That is kind of making a whore out of that child in my mind - democracy's whore - the molested child - complete with an insurance pay off. Sick!

God as my witness, I am telling the truth. I caught two of the bastards and started crowing very loudly in Canada. As a mother, how could I say nothing? How could I not challenge such perverse corruption? I sang out loudly, right to their faces.

Surprise, surprise... I was banned from the Nova Scotia legislature under the Protection of Private(?) Property Act and from the school, under the same act, with the 'nonse' for a principal: Mr. Brownlowe. Being the ex-Mayor's son, he had a certain pull in that hick, shit-hole nest of 'nonses' - HRM - and just slithered onto the next Junior High school, preparing to groom his next victims. The other shithead was Mr. MacGuiness, who thought he could 'perve' on me when I was in his grade 8 maths class, oh so many years ago. He made me feel so 'uncomfortable'. Thinking of it, even now, gives me the heebie-jeebies. That filthy, filthy disgusting creature of a man should not be allowed anywhere near children and should be locked up, if there was any justice in this world.

I certainly remembered him when I found out he was principal of my son's elementary school, upon our return to Canada. I questioned him specifically as to where his boundaries were. The cockroach scurried from the light of truth - protected by government.(?)

Curiously, my son's grade 6 sex education literature was... 'Hey it's o.k. to be gay.' That's fine.

'Experiment with your sexuality on both sides of the fence' to an 11 year old child?

Encouraging children to experiement sexually, at 11 years of age, with homosexuality?

I don't f*cking think so... smells and smacks of grooming to me in political-correct speak. Of course, MacGuiness was moved on even before the school year ended, caught out, bang to rights, by me. Has anything changed? Do these men still have their jobs working with children? Yes, I am sad to say, they do.

In Canada, social services are happy with 12 year old children having sex... they have no key issues. "Kids are doing it anyway..." Does that make it right and proper to attempt to legally lower the age of sexual consent to 14 and eventually to 12?

As a society, do we want 12 year old children having sex and therefore possibly having children of their own, at that age? Is that what I want for England's children, Canadian children or any child, for that matter? Do I f*ck.

Why is it that EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, AS A SOCIETY, ENGLAND HAS 'NONSE' JUDGES, serving up 'justice'(?), sitting on the benches of democracy, just like in Canada? I would call that a pattern and it may very well be a conspiracy; regardless, I have a mathematical mind and I notice the patterns. Funny enough, the patterns of change I see in England, I have seen in Canada and in the United States as I also lived in San Diego, California for six years. Co-incidence? Pattern or conspiracy. I'll vote pattern lest they call me looney and try and section me for being a whistle - blower.

The Nova Scotian politicians came up with Bill 109 a few years back - whistleblower legislation that the Canadian Mental Health Association cited as very Nazi, by nature. Canada chose a different angle than Tony's SOCPA gag order of free speech to silence the public whistle-blowers, albeit familiar in these crazy times: to mandate the questioning/Nazi interrogation of the sanity of any and all whistle-blowers, by corrupt government doctors, and have them sent off to the funny farm, A.S.A.P. Isn't that what the DpG attempted against Barbara Tucker at the 'gates of hell', a week ago last Sunday?

Idiot-face 'vulgar' DpG 'guppy-brain' Vogler accused Babs of needing sectioning for standing peacefully with a banner at the gates of hell. Babs notified the corruption of her intent to protest as per their insane legislation and her demonstration has not yet been authorised... since March? But she has been bullied, threatened, harassed, illegally detained and tortured at the hands of Tony's minions.

Who is the nutter, here? Using his best 'vulgar' DpG logic, DpG 'muppet' Vogler determined and explained that it was very possible, that someone was going to assalt Babs and therefore, 'she' needed to be sectioned to protect herself from the imaginary percieved threat of that DpG guppy-mind. Sounds like Toady's train of thought on imaginary Moslem terrorism here in England - victimize and criminalize the innocent, target the Moslem and the peace activist.

Are the Dpg and Osama mates? Are they a terrorist cell? Someone please call SO13 or SO19 - the anti terrorism units of Scotland Yard - or MI5 please.

Who is doing the terrorizing and criminalising of whose communities? Our government. Farcical...

The O.J. Simpson trial, another farce, is just the tip of the iceburg that is pretty much global systemic police corruption and institutionalized racism. Where I come from, the politics are very, very racist, as are the politicians, the police and those in power. Remember - a fish is rotten from its head on down.

Two 11 year old children were strip-searched, in a HRM school, by police, in front of the principal, I believe, without their parents present for a $5.00 note that was appently stolen - worth about £2.00 in English currency. The police officer, in question was appropriately accused of being racist as there is no way in hell she would have tried to get away with that shit against white children. Oddly, she sued because "her feelings were hurt" for being called a racist and won $250,000.

Am I the only person in the world who is able to see the gross insanity of that situation? What about those two little girls? What about their parents? What about justice and democracy?

I find a racist idiot easy to spot - I guess you get a sense for these things in life. Racism is a sure sign of ignorance in my books.

Speaking of idiots, racists and lunatics - what about this Masonic cult?

Wakey-wakey folks! I know the monster I am calling out into the public eye. They are not the very 'nice' people they portray themselves to be, by way of the outer circle of projected kindness; the Shriner's and the do-gooders and the church-goers who are always to be seen in the front pews, every Sunday; those who generally, sometimes even unknowingly, cover up for the dirty dogs at the top - those who hold their infamous secret.

A fish is rotten from it's head on down. That is a fact. Corruption starts at the top and is filtering its way down into society, in case anyone failed to notice.

Mr. Perry Mason - what is your secret or do you want me to rat you out? Piss off and crawl back under the rock you crawled out from. Leave the good folks alone and especially, their children. We, the parents of humanity, have a particularily nice holiday planned for the cream of your crew, the elite - NONSE island. No breeding rights for you, Mr. and Mrs. Eugenics. I digress... back to theft.

I repeat...

The police have stolen the evidence and property of Brian W. Haw; notably needed for your (apparently and hopefully not) 'kangaroo' court of breaking exactly whose illegal conditions and his curious trial which also happens to be a gross abuse of legal processes.

He previously displayed, openly and publicly, said evidence of GENOCIDE and retained his personal legal property against the above noted 'JOKER' and the above noted government/war criminals, for almost 5 years, until it was needed for these and other trumped up, ridiculous charges imposed by sir ian blair on behalf of Tony a.k.a. THE War Criminal, and somehow (clandestine dawn raid involving 78(?!) police) stolen by said policing farce, in collusion with and on the behalf of our muppet/puppet/dictator Prime Minister - Tony 'the Toad' Blair.

2 + 2 = 4 in any language. A + B = C? C'a va? Tu compris? Est-ce que tu as une mal a la tete?(sp?)

Beauty may only be skin deep and in Tony's 'case of insanity' and in this insane 'law' suit against Mr. Brian W. Haw and free speech, within these duly noted 'special' circumstances - ugly is straight through to the bone! Does 'abuse of process' ring any legal bells or set off any landmines of understanding? Does anyone understand what 'advanced disclosure' means? The tainting of evidence and the event of a mistrial has both been known to occur in English law and therefore exist in reality and do aptly apply in this case, specifically.

"Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not steal."
- God, the Christian Bible

I think it's high time for a bit of morality and getting back to the basic tenants of the Bible within a democracy that is based on the Bible, as its ultimate book of law. England is a Christian nation, I believe. Isn't the Church of England - the Anglicans - Christian? Kind of makes you wonder when they are holding a big party in the College Gardens of Westminster Abbey for the politicians and the bomb-makers, BAE, the ones who build the bombs that kill the children. Weren't the Anglicans once accused of being in bed with weapons dealers? Did I not see, with my own two eyes, that fact verified for myself?

Sister Elizabeth: what the hell is your church thinking and what have you been doing? Partying with the bomb-makers and the politicians who have publicly stated, 'people must die.' It makes me want to throw up...

"Jesus loves the children - all the children of the world
red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight
Jesus loves the little children of the world."

I doubt Jesus, the man who through out the money-lenders from the temple, would approve of your little BAE bash with those big marquis and all those damn gold lawn chairs (I have never seen the likes before and hope I never will again), sister Elizabeth. Maybe the Anglican church needs to go back and re-read the Bible and the ten commandments - specifically. Start with the basics... so you don't get confused again.

In times of desparation, almost all will cry out to God for help - even the atheist. "God, please help me, my child. God... why?" God gets blamed for a lot of things, too. "God, why didn't you change things?"

Does God have the power to change the minds and hearts of free men? Can God force you to act of His accord? No.

We are all free men to follow our own hearts - where ever that may lead us. I think that is why He gave us free will - to stear our own boat and be responsible for ourselves and to ourselves. We are each responsible for what we do and say and how we act. Those are the simple facts. We are also responsible for each other, as any good family member should behave - humanity is my extended family.

If and when God does choose to intervene, that is what us mere mortals call a miracle. Will a miracle happen? Can the truth come to light... for all its ugliness, by the Glory and through the Grace of God?

I believe in miracles. I have seen many. How fortunate am I?

In my past, I have fractured five vertebrae, been completely paralised and went on to wear a back brace for a year, and now, I am fine as kind. I have danced with the death-causing disease Lupus and God willing, I am still here and healthy as a horse.

I believe that I see what others overlook. It is the simple things in life that matter and God works his miracles in the most beautiful ways. He just shines a light and things happen. The sun rises and flowers open; every dawn brings a new day; mother's and father's concieve children and participate in the miracle of childbirth and the joy of watching a child grow... and life goes on. Humanity will overcome this devilish spirit of corruption - this I believe with all my heart.

My God is the God of a second chance. My God always forgives. My God is always loving. My God wants me to learn and be better for the experience of life. In this modern day and age, finding these humane qualities within humanity, is a miracle, in itself.

When I think of God, I think of my children and how much I love them and what I wouldn't do for them. If that is the way I am towards my children, how must our Heavenly father feel and behave towards us? He loves us more - unconditionally, no matter what, eternally. There is nothing that He wouldn't do... except for make our decisions for us.

Jesus came to teach, not to dictate. That's what the Bible taught me. God gave each living soul a free spirit/free will and, hopefully, a mind and a voice, coupled with two eyes to see and two ears to hear.

I am teaching my children to stand on their own two feet and be responsible for their actions and their emotions. I am teaching them to think for themselves and have compassion for others. I am here to guide them into adulthood; a life of their choice and of their own making. N.B. The children in Palestine and Iraq have little choice and no voice that can be heard, over here, regarding their futures.

Could God be a parent to all religions - a shining example of love and understanding? Could we follow that example?

Maybe it is humanity that needs to take responsibility for the decisions made by humans. War, for example, is a choice made by man - or a certain few men. I am certain more warring would not be God's choice or His answer for the world's turmoil.

God didn't give much of the life on this planet a voice box capable of speech and a mind capable of forming thoughts: the ability to communicate; just us, I think - humanity. And we are the ones who are ruining the environment upon which all life depends upon? That is insanity - irrational, to say the least.

When is a time for talking? When will the fighting end so we can talk, reasonably and rationaly?

Sometimes, children need to learn for themselves, the difference between right and wrong through experiencing the consequences of poor decision making skills, stemming from a lack of reasoning ability usually coupled with a lack of life experience; war is 'dead as a doornail' wrong.

Back in 1991, the child mortality rate in Iraq was 1 in 5, under 5. The sanctions we, G8 nations, brought upon the foreign state of Iraq, are what surged the death rate of children so high, back then. Is that reasonable or rational or moral? What are we now doing or turning a blind eye towards - sanctioning the Palestinian children and those of so many other nations.

Iraq: 1 in 5, under 5 dies - that was then. What about now? Genocide is the only word appropriate for the state of the Iraqi children or lack thereof.

Today, the world's most dangerous highway is the road to Baghdad, Iraq. Children line the highway with one shoe, no shoes - orphans of all ages, begging for water and/or food. The Iraqi children are literally on the front line of this illegal war - this statement beggars belief.

Out of the kindness of their hearts, our soldiers, those who illegally occupy Iraq, generously give what they can of the meagre rations that they have been given. Our soldiers have shown great kindness on that dangerous highway. They have shown great compassion for the Iraqi children. Will you? Will you show comassion for the soldiers?

A chap in the army has recently switched over jobs to picking up the wounded, in helicopters, in Iraq. Yesterday, he picked up a five year old child and the child was severely burnt - we all know burns are known to be the most painful of all injuries to suffer.

The pilot said, "It is awful." The children run over as soon as he lands and beg for water. The children have learnt the English word for 'water' quickly, in their own homeland, since Saddam left power/was deposed illegally - regime change is another illegal act we, G8 nations, carried out in Iraq.

If I remember correctly... "Kibit mia" is Chaldean, the Christian language of Iraq, for "I want water." Maybe we should learn their language as it is their country we have invaded and are systematically destroying. There wasn't a water shortage under that mad man Hussein - just us. How sad is it that life was far kinder to the Iraqi peoples under that lunatic's leadership? What does that say about us?

"Water. Water. Water. Water. Water..........", the Iraqi children cry out for.

The soldiers give what they can...

I am so ashamed of the government of this country.

I am, alternately, so proud of the compassion some of our soldiers are showing to some of their children.

'It' just shouldn't be happening - GENOCIDE - the wanton destruction of other nation's children and their families. We need to go into Iraq and dig wells for those children... and for the Palestinian children too, and many other nations. F*ck drilling for oil and bombing the shit out of children's homes and communities for some sad b*stard's sadistic pleasure and for their monetary gain.

Very few soldiers enjoy killing children and that was a statement that should never have to be said. Will you show compassion for our soldiers who were ordered to murder? My heart goes out to them. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes, over there, for all the money and gold and silver in the world... not as a soldier of an insane dictator, as part of an illegal occupation, under insane conditions, watching so many children suffer and die, needlessly. It must be heart breaking for most soldiers to witness, I imagine.

When will humanity ever learn that war is wrong - killing is wrong? Stealing life is wrong. Stealing the life of a child is beyond wrong. And still God forgives even the murderer, should he have a change of heart. God knows our hearts - that is a miracle - such great unconditional love for all of humanity, even for those who refuse to believe or have faith in a God of unconditional love; all are still loved, regardless.

I bet God is crying a river of tears for all the children and blessings He sent to the earth that have been destroyed, shamefully. War and destruction are synonymous - the anithesis to life and creation.

The earth does not belong to an evil bunch of liars. The earth was created for all the world's children to live in peace, in a loving, beautiful, hospitable environment - like no other in our solar system. It's not supposed to be a living hell for most children and a bed of roses for the elite few 'adults' who govern democracy unjustly. Illogical. Irrational. Unreasonable.

Logic? Who says Pluto is no longer a planet so all the science books need to be re-written? Science was the only subject these morons could not dumb down within the school system of Joe public's education. Demoting PLUTO is their best chance for a mass burning of all science books and the world as we understand it to be, scientifically. The depth of their insanity boggles my mind. The greed and ignorance they exhibit goes far beyond any reasoning.

As I re-read these pages, I am shocked to know and understand the world, as it is - my life experience of it. My father was a mason and a slum-lord. When I was in grade 8, a girl in my school, in grade 9, used to live in one of my father's rooming houses(bedsits). He also used to sleep with her as payment of rent. Dear old Dad also bought off a judge for three counts of murder - my mum never lied to me. Later on in life, I met the friends of the family that he had killed and I felt guilty for the crimes my father had committed.

'I' felt so ashamed of 'their' complete inhumanity and corruption. Now, as an adult, I feel no shame, only complete blind rage towards those who perpetuate insanity onto and into the lives of just common, average, everyday folk. My dad, the mason, was a violent man by nature and a murderer amongst other things. I guess you could say that I am the progeny of a mason that has gone 'Pete tong - wat went wong.' I have a conscience and my mother's heart - a heart big enough for all humanity when coupled with her courage, strength and wisdom.

As I was quoted by a good officer of the HRM police when battling the schoolboard in a courtroom of corruption: "She said she wasn't going to stop". Yes I made that statement and yes it is true.

The bent judge also said "I don't want to hear the facts."

My response? "Do, what?"

His response? " I don't want to hear the facts ... right now."

He never heard the facts as I was effectively silenced, in that courtroom.

I will not be silenced nor shut up unless 'they' place a bullet between my eyes. So if you idiots plan on 'Dr. Kellying' me, get on with it. I have everything to live for so don't bother with suicide bullshit in association with my name. The public won't buy what you might be selling. They have been informed otherwise. The only people who want to see my ass six feet under are those I am crowing about in this statement, dispite the fact that I am a mother of three wonderful, beautiful, intelligent, compassionate children.

The children of this world are worth fighting for - until my last breath. I grew up with violence, abuse and privelage - I am not speaking 'out my ass'. I grew up on a street of Doctor's and Lawyer's, politicians and money. I am not threatened, at all, by men with guns, corrupt politicians, bent judges or the powers that be. My only weapon, and the only weapon I need is - the truth, and a voice to speak up or sing out, as whichever the case may be. God is on my side and 'has my back'. This I know 'for a fact, Jack' and that's all I need to know.

"How big is your brown envelope, your honor?"
- Mr. Brian W. Haw, Mrs. Charity Sweet, Mr. Steve Jago and Ms. Barbara Tucker, in unison.

Your Honor, I repeat myself for the last time: please grow some English 'bollocks' and throw this 'B.S.' case out of the window and into the rubbish heap where it belongs. Please dismiss all charges against Mr. Brian W. Haw and return his personal property and legal documents immediately, accepting that a theft has taken place - no joke, whatsoever.

Until the application of the conditions, let alone the justification for the conditions is argued in the High Courts of this land, punishing Mr. Brian Haw, in the meanwhile, let alone incarcerating him, in the mean time, is completely out of the question due to an obvious corruption and gross abuse of the legal processes.

"It's too late for two-faced apologies."
- Damian Marley; Bob's boy from Jamaica, the former and present-day American slave colony.

Please show your one true face and do what is right and just by democracy, courage and truth, your honor.

Please shame the devil and tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, your honor, as you are sworn to God, on the Bible, to the people and paid by said people to uphold the rights of the children and the people above and place them firmly before the interests of the government and big business - the greedy and the few - the War Machine.

Westminster Magistrates Court
London, England

ken livingstone
As Mayor, please speak out for the people of this great city of London. Please speak up for peace and free speech. Please.
* All note: please make sure everyone listed receives advanced disclosure of this statement.
Mayor of London
London, England:

I ain't knock, knockin' on Heaven's door -
I am rattling the GATES OF HELL...
singing out to the rooftops for justice
@10 DOWNING STREET: the home of the second rising / third Reich.

God, help us, please. XXX

The War Crimes Division of Scotland Yard
Knock, Knock.
Is there anyone there, please? Can you help, please? Please?
I am begging for your help.
Scotland Yard
London, England

Royal High Courts of Justice
"We, the people, demand justice for all humankind."
S.O.S. to any good folk - please help
London, England

The House of Lords
S.O.S. to any good folk - please help
London, England

The Houses of Parliament
S.O.S. to any good folk - please help
London, England

The 'vulgar' DpG – The Diplomatic 'plastic' Protection Group
S.O.S. to any good folk - please help
London, England

The 'crooked' cPs – The Crown Prosecution Service/persecution system
S.O.S. to any good folk - please help
London, England
September 10th, 2006

Dear Sirs:

I cordially invite you to take a walk down reality lane with me.

Shall we?

If the corrupt arseholes didn't like the first three parts, they will certainly be distressed by Part 4 and ...
Part 5 is sure to be the knock out blow!

??? - unedited version released due to severe time restrictions placed by Westminster Magistrates Court. They are attempting to sweep free speech under the rug A.S.A.P. - S.O.S. ???

"Who took all Brian's stuff, mummy?" - my daughter

"The police." - me

"Why did the police steal all Brian's stuff mummy? That was naughty."

- my seven year old daughter. She saw how large the display of evidence of Genocide had become the day before the dawn raid in which it was illegally taken and this was her first comment to me, the next day, when approaching Parliament square, from some twenty to thirty feet away. She knows right from wrong. Do you?

Forever seeking that story of "The 100th Monkey" of kindness within the reality of the psyche of all humanity - peace to everyone, everywhere, always. And the world... could be a better place...

- a mom and member of humankind

Kindest Regards,

Charity Sweet


anti copyright Charity Sweet acknowledging the persistent efforts of Princess Diana Spencer, Steve, Babs, Chris, Maya, Mark, rikki, Eric, Code Pink, Maria and Brian and many more enlightened reasonable logical minds

[size=medium]Freelance brain owner[/size] R U Darwin\'s monkey?[size=medium] HumanKIND = God\'s creation[/size]
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