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Old 02-28-2010, 03:34 PM
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Default How We Become - Like "They?" Want:

How Do "They?" Get Us To Become Like "They?" Want Us To?
It all goes on unknowingly to us.

More so than not, we are already had to be somehow by "them?".

"They?" are there messing with us before we are even born.
"They?" continue with us even after we are gone.
'They?" are well into able to see how life will unfold.
Their gozo world has us assimilated up into how "they?" want us to be.
We are incorporated up into established world around.
We are not wanted to - live on and become.

"They?" have us like they want us to be - by the time we finish school.
Somewhere between grades 8 to 12.
Trade Schools, Universities and Colleges:
are for people that get more - out into the world.

"They?" do not - work us into - Society - by the schooling.
The schooling is for the working world.
The working world - is not Society.
We - the people - are the Society - just like "they?" want us.
We go along with the way things are - we are locked into it.
We have - no way out - as we - live out our lives.

We are not "schooled" for the working world, by the end of school years.
Females appear to be the exception of this.

The majority of students - finish school - between grades 8 to 12.
Females are prepared for the working world by the end of grade 10 to 12.
Most females don't enter the working world.

Further education is where prepared for the working world comes into it.
For those that go - more - out into the world - in their lifetime.
Still - the schooling - isn't what's - predominant.

Schooling - preparing us for the working world - takes a backseat -
to what - is really going on.

What, is really going on?:

We, are being, worked into "society". The working world - is not Society.
We are worked into Society, by the time, our schooling days are done.

Those of us, that are done school by grade 12:
don't really climb the ladder - in the established world.

Those of us - that go to a Trade School - don't climb the ladder, further.

Those of us - gone to University or College - climb no further.
(these statements - are along the lines - of - most - of us)

However: Society is not the - working world.

The Common Denominator:
in schooling - is ourselves - not the school system -
for working us - into Society.

We - unknowingly - for the most part - affect one another -
into - Society - which is ourselves - to be.

Just like "they?" want us to.

Throughout the whole schooling system - there we are. One to another.
Affecting one another, unknowingly, to how we will be, in this life.

"They?" accomplish this by us, one to another, unknowingly, to us.
How we affect one another, through our school years, is how we'll be, in life.

Our life course, has been decided, by us, one to another, by the time,
we are done with our school years.
We - are steered - right into it.

"They?" over-ride us, and see, that we become, like, "they?", want us to.

For the most part, we are there, unknowingly, through it all, to each other.

"They?" have their ways - from above and beyond us.

"They?' really do know "everything".

We know nothing, "they?" don't want us to, know anything.

Whenever it comes to, knowing anything, to ourselves:
all around us - knows nothing - including ourselves.

"They?" really do know "everything".

We all end up - worked into Society - even the "outcasts" of Society.
The working world - is in relation to - how - it will be for us - in Society.

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