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Old 01-28-2012, 03:43 AM
Martin Timothy Martin Timothy is offline
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Default Blacks with second hand shoes in Canberra and in Brisbane Au

See the shot of an aboriginal woman with a shoe .. brings to mind video of an aboriginal youth hurrying thru evening shoppers, clutching a pair of used sneakers, he had taken them from the body of a sleeping white man, he and another black had attacked and killed.

He never went to court, his companion got two years. I intend to pursue a capital case against both black assailants, and the lawyers, judges and politicians who prevented justice, the same ones indeed who perverted justice at every level, re the murder of Hoera te Kooti.

The murder of Katherine Schweitzer - She said Jews sent her family to Auschwitz
We have similar cases against white killers, with police and politicians not least for the murders of Jews Steven Goldsmith & Katherine Schweitzer.

Snuff porn in Brisbane, the Mossad link!
For snuff porn shot on the bank of the Brisbane River, on the grounds of Queensland University..

911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo
While presenting solid evidence that Brisbane is a center for international terrorism!

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Old 01-28-2012, 03:44 AM
Martin Timothy Martin Timothy is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 724
Default Re: Blacks with second hand shoes in Canberra and in Brisbane Au

As for blacks..


Click the link it shows Martin Luther and Coretta king, in a snipers nest Dallas Texas 22 November 1963, at the killing of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Mrs Kennedy had invited them both into her home just weeks before, which proves the folly of treating blacks like human beings - they act like animals and that by God is how I treat them read on..

Blacks in a group fifteen strong attacked and beat to death Hoera Te Kooti a sixty two year old local man, the whole incident was recorded in security video, only one went to court and he was acquitted, his fancy pants lawyers prevented the jury from seeing the footage with black hands going thru the motionless man's pockets.

Not long after this at the local taxi rank, a group of five blacks jump the queue and the sh*t hits the fan, one female gets in front, another comes up on my right, another my rear and two a man and a woman cut me off from the left, from the right, "look at this **** ... thinks he's white,"

I am in fact mixed race .. she is screaming filth to my front, while two close in from the left .. just then a police vehicle pulls up opposite and they slink away like curs into the night .. they were from the same gang that murdered Mr Te Kooti who was of the sea faring Moldi people of New Zealand.

Christmas day 2007 blacks numbering seven strong attacked and kiled a white Australian man playing sand lot cricket with his kids .. the whole thing hushed up. Rockhampton Queensland 2002 black boy calls at white household wants to meet white teens, bludgeons both to death .. his prior schizophrenia was quoted when the government announced there would be no charges.

April 2007, the body of Rene Peter Ulz was found on inaccessible private property at the bottom of high cliffs at the Brisbane suburb of New Farm, darkies frequent that place and it is common for them to throw white people from the cliff tops.

New Year 2006 security camera footage shows a gang of thugs variously described as of Middle Eastern origin, numbering about eighty strong, converge upon and batter to death an Australian man, on a public thoroughfare in the Sydney suburb of Cronulla .. they had a video on You Tube with themselves partying with the security video playing in the background.

I am gonna hang 'em, and I despise blacks for not decrying the Luther Kings treachery, brings to mind the false Moslems bleating about alleged discrimination for the outrage of 911, which is Ziomossad propaganda that tacitly accepts the Zionist line that OBL did it, when it was Jews!

Ron Chapman was an aboriginal Painter & Docker in Brisbane, he was beaten then thrust to his death, from the upper floor balcony of flats in the Brisbane suburb of Kangaroo Point, his is only one of maybe some hundreds of murders that accompanied the 1993 de registration of the union!

The entire aboriginal delegation of some dozens of members, including Frank Currie who tossed his head when I saw him at a funeral, after I was reported as a "Union Grass" in a Sunday newspaper, after I went to the police in relation to Chapman's and numerous other murders.


His sons Basil and Russell took off runnin' at the suggestion that they should join the campaign to seek justice in relation to all these matters, Ken Currie stared from a distance then slunk away like a dog with his tail between his legs, while I was handing out flyers in a public square in Brisbane, that similarly had details of what went on in the union!

Bob Anderson who claims to be an aboriginal "elder," when he is nuthin' but a chicken livered scab, and his loathsome son Paul, who had abandoned his trade as a plumber to gain unionized employment on the docks, whose racism against white Australians is legion, similarly took off runnin' both re the killings and in response to the campaign to prevent deregistration of the union!

Chapman's entire family encompassing the Burns clan, father sons and nephews took off runnin', while Don Burns appropriated the murdered man's car, and Chapman's brother took his by then de unionized job as a scab!
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